Билеты Моссана по цене 45–100 долларов США на его новое шоу «Нечеловек», в котором представлены новые подробности о мумиях. «Но зачем им это делать? Зачем им представлять мистификацию? 🙄» История старая как время $$$

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Одна из вещей, которую я обычно читаю в ветках этого раздела и темы о поддельных инопланетных мумиях. «Почему они пошли на все, чтобы устроить мистификацию?» Дело всегда в деньгах. Эти ребята – профессиональные мошенники. Но в случае с этим парнем дело еще и в его гигантском эго. Моссан теперь занимает «подтвержденную» позицию, заявляя при каждом удобном случае и в интервью, что работа всей его жизни того стоила теперь, когда «Пентагон подтвердил инопланетную жизнь» (т.е. слушание Груша). Совершенно очевидно, что он использовал момент, чтобы обновить мумии и получить прибыль всеми способами. Многие из вас, ребята, не понимают, что именно так работает компания Maussan. Чем популярнее он становится, тем больше прибыль. Он не только скоро начинает свой новый шоу-тур, но и собирается запустить целый телеканал, сделку, которую он заключает среди всего этого цирка.

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44 комментарий для “Билеты Моссана по цене 45–100 долларов США на его новое шоу «Нечеловек», в котором представлены новые подробности о мумиях. «Но зачем им это делать? Зачем им представлять мистификацию? 🙄» История старая как время $$$”
  1. In Mexico he is a joke, he has been involved in hoaxes for more than 30 years, never has taken accountability for any of them (promoting them or talking about them, not that he is involved in the hoaxes)

    People should stop supporting him.

  2. I bet the dummies here that still believe him are going to fly in and pay to watch the dolls.. This ticketed event was just a matter of time. This is not his first rodeo. He has made a lot of money from defrauding dummies his entire career. I guess he is a smart business man, I’ll give him that, although it doesn’t take too much to deceive these people.

  3. Hey, you know…

    Grifters gotta eat and pay their bills, too.

    It’s just that grifters are kinda like the big CEOs we all love to hate because they pay their bills off of the gullibility and denial of the most desperate and vulnerable among us.

  4. I wish there was a way for the true believers with a brain to bulk block anyone who believes in the mummy’s. Anyone old enough to remember Serpo at least remembers that one was a lot MORE believable than this — Doty was a master compared to Maussan.

  5. Doesn’t matter. You could put on a rubber gorilla costume right now with a tag at the top and a zipper running down it, have a buddy record you walking through the woods with it, and people on Reddit would be oohing and aahing about the incredible new Bigfoot footage going around and trying to downvote and report naysayers.

    It’s frankly bizarre 🤷‍♂️

  6. And we’re supposed to belive this clown is in possession of alien bodies? Alien bodies that if real would probably be worth BILLIONS of dollars? What an absolute joke.

  7. One of the most frequent arguments I keep seeing in favor of these things being real is «well, they’re not trying to make any money from this, so it must be real durrr»
    I hate to say I told you so but….I fucking told them all.
    Morons. Maybe now they’ll ease up in their mindless defense of this clown turd.

  8. «This is how Maussan operates».

    I’ve more or less followed Maussan over the years, and I do admit that in the past he has promoted things that were of questionable origin and authenticity, but I also hate this trope of «oh he’s charging X amount of money for this conference/talk, he must be a grifter».

    There are people that are grifters in the space, but for other reasons. Charging for your work does not make you one.

    Do you expect him to pay out of his pocket for the venue, trips and hours dedicated to investigation, etc, to make it possible, out of the goodness of his heart? as a labor of love?. There may be people that do this type of research as a hobby for no pay, and do other things for money, good, but if you are going to dedicate your life to being a UFO/UAP journalist and investigator (which is very welcome by the way) I would be glad if you found a way to somehow monetize your work so that you can keep doing it for the benefit of everyone.

    Maussan is not rich nor does he live in opulence. I guess he does fine. So if he decides to host a talk where he speaks in detail about the mummies and the findings (I’ve watched all there is to watch, I’m a native Spanish speaker) and charges and entrance fee, that’s fine. I would even probably go if I was in Mexico City on those dates.

    Edit: Grammar.

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