Являются ли люди первой цивилизацией или раньше существовала продвинутая цивилизация?

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Являются ли люди первой цивилизацией или раньше существовала продвинутая цивилизация?

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  1. When the info presented in the first min isn’t accurate, it makes it really hard to keep watching. The pyramids shown are not 100’s of thousands of kilometers apart as the earth is roughly only 40,000km in circumference. The attention to detail matters if you want to be taken seriously.

  2. Funny how the only depictions of pyramids being made (south america) indicate the gods building them as their thrones and places for priests to meet with them. Egypt has no depictions of pyramid building at all. The oldest depictions of them have them already as ancient structures. The only attribution of any of egypts greatest creations in modern archaeology is a bit of ancient graphiti that says “KAF” on the sphynx which has been ridiculously attributed to Kafri… which is about the dumbest and most arbitrarily contrived line of logic in archaeology. A King would not graffiti Kaf on their grand creation with only the first syllable of their name but would rather emblazon their legacy within a cartouche. The amount of details completely wrong in the first minute of this video makes it not worth my time to finish

  3. Thumbnails like that freak me out.

    Imagine actually seeing an alien close up. All the colours and the detail and the anatomy and you instantly know it’s real and that your life can never be the same again.

  4. Reptile people living here peacefully, humans land here from somewhere else, beat the tar out of reptile people and force them underground. Then they fight amongst themselves and forgot over time that we came here from somewhere else.

  5. A while ago I watched a documentary, it stated that if we happen to go away tomorrow bthe earth would take back everything, there would be minimal almost 0 foot print of us ever to have existed in 1 million years there would be so little that even if another more advanced civilization was to arise they would have 0 knowledge of us. Most of the bad stuff that we have now is plastic and nuk waste. And for all we know it’s not harmful to that civilization 1-2 or 3 million years from now because they developed to meet their needs of survival at that moment.

    Let’s not forget the earth is billions of years old.
    After Pangaea started breaking apart it could have swallowed cities or entire civilizations little by little.

    It would be nice to think we are unique but we just can’t imagine anything else.

  6. My money is there was another before, certain species have had near half a billion years to evolve and devolve and start anew. My opinion is the brain of certain species reached a size of complexity to leave earth, dimension, or time. Either that or went underwater or underground but the uap/ufo phenomenon is just that, the precursor species reaching out because we are tampering. Just my two cents lots of commas

  7. If someone else was here first, where are they & where is their stuff? If they left, why didn’t they come back? It would have been easier to come back before we evolved.

  8. Frankly I doubt ours was even the first human civilization.

    There could have been any number of intelligent spiecies before us, if they never advanced passed bone tools it’s entirely likely that there’d be no evidence that they existed for us to find at all.

  9. Before Adam there was the الخن and الحن who disobey god so he sent the Jin as a punishment


    Reptilians are the first civilisation of earth they hate us because we the the pets of other species

  10. I’ve always thought we could be the aliens here. We seem to be strangely ill equipped to withstand the weather conditions on this planet without the use of external resources, and our negative impact on the ecosystem and non stop population growth reminds me a bit to when they introduced the european wild rabbit in australia. I know that there’s absolutely no proof we aren’t from here, but it is an entertaining thought nonetheless.

  11. i’m just sayin:

    1. we have no idea how many species of dinosaur there were, only which ones we’ve found frequent fossils of,
    2. all the dinosaurs supposedly disappeared pretty much at one time,
    3. it was so long ago ruins of cities and infrastructure would be undetectable,
    4. nearly every culture has tales of ancient intelligent dragons making deals with legendary figures,
    5. disguised reptilians infiltrating human power structures is a popular myth/conspiracy theory worldwide even in modern times, and
    6. artificial climate change perpetuated by the world’s elite is expanding the tropics and set to change the earth’s climate to something much more closely resembling its state 65 million years ago than what has been heathy and conducive to human dominance.

    i’m not saying it means something, but i’m not saying it doesn’t mean anything either

  12. An advanced civilisation that didn’t use any form of plastic, no processes that produced gaseous carbon forms, no evidence of use of radioactive materials, no structural remains, no discarded materials…. no. No there wasn’t an advanced civilisation before us.

  13. It is certainly possible. Given enough time, entire non-human civilizations could have evolved, risen, fallen, gone extinct or nearly extinct, and been entirely erased by time (other than the discovery of anomalous objects) before humanity. Some of these beings could have survived long enough for humanity to become aware of them, giving rise to some of our stories of Gods or monsters or current sightings of aliens/UFOs.

  14. Human souls were possibly more advanced than now. The earth wipes ensured that the entities who run this realm can hide the DNA manipulation over aeons. Most humans are nothing but android robots carrying out processes/task for the few to enjoy this realm. Wouldn’t surprise me if we are the actual aliens who got tricked through some advanced technology to reincarnate to please the alien prison wardens. Or they transferred our souls from some other reality and earth is a seeding station.

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