Стивен Грир «Tic-Tac производится Lockheed Skunk Works, и я могу показать вам объект, с которого он был запущен, у нас есть его фотография».

Во-первых, я знаю, что доктор Грир здесь неоднозначная фигура. Давайте отложим в сторону его предполагаемые мошенничества, связанные с CE-5, или его личные качества. Остановимся на самой конференции. 10–12 июня он проведет конференцию «Раскрытие информации 2.0», цель которой — представить новые доказательства на основе показаний разоблачителей. И он опубликует 5 терабайт данных, свидетельствующих, даже с подробным описанием точных мест, где хранятся внеземные корабли и где они реконструируются в искусственные БРЭМ (транспортные средства для воспроизведения пришельцев). Основная цель — раскрыть скрытые знания о системах свободной энергии, которые держались в секрете Промышленным военным комплексом. Доктор Грир утверждает, что эта технология была получена из разбившихся внеземных кораблей с 1940-х годов, и она может положить конец мировой бедности, глобальному потеплению и загрязнению. По словам Грира, значительное большинство (70-80%) наблюдений НЛО (он имеет в виду наблюдения передовых кораблей) можно отнести к искусственным кораблям. Создан на основе разбившихся инопланетных кораблей, которые военные уничтожили с помощью активной боевой системы, встроенной в радарные купола. Знаменитые НЛО в форме Tic-Tac, свидетелями которых стали пилоты ВМС во время инцидента с Нимицем в 2004 году, были созданы компанией Lockheed Skunk Works. Он упомянул, что предоставит фотографии, демонстрирующие места, где запускаются эти корабли. ​ Интервью и временная метка претензии Tic-tac

[https://youtu.be/3ja4jEhBXWo?t=2155](https://youtu.be/3ja4jEhBXWo?t=2155) Давайте сохранять непредубежденность и участвовать в конструктивных дискуссиях, пока мы ждем конференции, чтобы пролить больше света на эти утверждения.

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  1. Let’s see the data, till then I’m going to reserve any judgement. I don’t have a positive view of Greer but it’s verifiable information that’ll give answers. The source is ultimately not important.

  2. I predict:

    * He will show a picture of a building and say «tic-tac lives in there».
    * He will show zero evidence it was made by Lockheed.
    * He will show zero evidence that the majority of UFO sightings are black projects.
    * The terabytes of data won’t be made available to the public or will be garbage data.

    Hopefully I’m proven wrong! but I’ve only been following this topic for a couple of years and the patterns of behaviour are obvious and the hype->disappointment loop is endless.

  3. I copied this off the event website. If this is the best info he will be presenting smh.

    National Press Club Event
    — Disclosure 2.0
    Monday, June 12, 2023
    529 14th St NW,
    Washington, DC 20045

    Monday, June 12, 2023 2:00 PM — 3:30 PM EDT
    This Will Be A History-Making Event!

    Here Is A Summary Of Only Some Of The Witness Testimony That Will Be Presented At The Conference:

    1. Someone working for a contractor at the Dugway Proving grounds on different occasions saw: a hybrid ET being autopsied, the opening to a massive underground facility – over 1000 square miles, and a craft being worked on.

    2 Another person was with a couple of Raytheon employees watching a UFO that seemed like a hologram, with them alluding to the fact that Raytheon had made it.

    3. A contractor working at the South Pole who saw a neutrino light array used to track UFOs

    4. A military guy saw an ARV (man-made UFO – alien reproduction vehicle) being used for drug trafficking.

  4. I’m a little slow so please forgive me, but how would reverse-engineered ET technology solve world hunger? I’m assuming it has to do with free energy or “Zero-point” energy (as he has referenced)?

  5. So I looked up that coffee mug quote: TL;DR it’s a metaphor, not fact…

    From my understand they mean if you look at a sample of empty space there could theoretically be an infinite number of positives cancelling out an infinite number of negatives, but no way to measure this or harness it.

    «Richard Feynman is purported to have said that «One teacup (or sometimes one cubic meter) of empty space contains enough energy to boil all the world’s oceans. Did he actually say this and is it an actual scientific fact?»
    The physicist Richard Feynman did indeed make a statement similar to the one you mentioned. He said, «The energy in empty space, according to quantum electrodynamics, is infinite. It is the energy of the vacuum, the energy that is there even when there are no particles present. It is the energy of the ground state of the universe.»However, it is important to note that the energy density in empty space is incredibly small, and it would not be possible to extract enough energy from the vacuum to boil all the world’s oceans. The statement you referenced is not an accurate scientific fact.

    The concept of the energy of empty space, or vacuum energy, is a topic of active research in theoretical physics. According to quantum field theory, even completely empty space is not truly empty, but is instead filled with quantum fields and constantly fluctuating energy. These fluctuations give rise to the concept of vacuum energy.
    However, the amount of energy in empty space is incredibly small. In fact, the energy density of the vacuum is estimated to be about 10^-9 joules per cubic meter, which is many orders of magnitude smaller than the energy required to boil even a single cup of water, let alone all the world’s oceans.
    The idea that the energy of empty space could be harnessed for practical purposes is also a topic of speculation in science fiction. However, at present, there is no known way to extract useful energy from vacuum fluctuations. The concept of vacuum energy remains a fascinating area of study in theoretical physics, but it is not currently a practical source of energy.


    Also important to note that Nikola Tesla did not work with zero point energy, or even come close to developing anything that can harness zero point energy, he was just transmitting AC current through the air.

    «Did Nikola Tesla design a zero point energy generator?»
    Nikola Tesla did not design a zero point energy generator. He did work on a number of inventions and theories related to energy, but there is no evidence that he ever proposed or developed a device that would extract energy from a «zero point» state. Some modern scientists and inventors have claimed to have developed such devices, but their claims have not been scientifically verified.

  6. Here is what I have picked up from him what will be released on June 12th

    * 5 or 6 new top secret live whisleblower statement. Im not going into details but Greer has talked in detail about them and it is incredible statements.
    * 5TB of data will be released to the government investigators and the public for free
    * What he calls a facility map. Locations, USAP codenames, involved company names, geographical entry points to underground facilities. All connected to illegal UFO programs.
    * Announcement of a RICO lawsuit vs the criminal shadow government/coorporate UFO mob. And he will show that he can prove them guilty in a court of law. This will be initiated unless the government takes action fast he said.
    * PhD physisist that has direct knownledge to the program will speak
    * 100 seats at the press conference are VIP seats for government and military officals etc.

    Im not surprised there might be even more. You usually dont announce the golden carrot 🙂

    All this is testable claims, so we will see. All this can be accessed without paying a dime (free streaming). The 10th and 11th conference can also be streamed. You don have to attend to watch it live. Knowing what he did in 2001 there is no reason to doubt he is doing this. What comes of it is the question.

    And yes the press event is real and scheduled on the national press club Washington DC offical event calendar on 12th of June. [https://www.press.org/events/ufouap-disclosure-press-conference](https://www.press.org/events/ufouap-disclosure-press-conference)

  7. Crazy that we had the Tic-Tac in 2004, yet we’ve spent $2 trillion developing stealth fighters that can’t achieve a fraction of its performance…

    According to Greer we have a system that can accelerate instantly and deliver weapons anywhere on earth while our entire military budget is being completely wasted on legacy technology. Stupidest supposition ever. Makes zero sense.

  8. I’m not buying the scenario that the government or a private company contracted by the government would be testing this technology inside sensor networks that the U.S. military has set up.

    They know where these networks are and where they end. There are plenty of areas outside these networks where they can test without being spotted by pilots, infrared, radar, etc.

    It’s unlikely that any group with this type of intelligence would risk having it exposed to our adversaries by allowing all these sensors to record and document it, especially after the NY Times and all those video leaks (in addition to putting pilots at risk, as there have been at least 11 near misses according to Bray during the congressional meeting).

    I’m not questioning the possibility that these craft are being reverse-engineered, but I am doubting the claim that they are responsible for many of these military sightings. If craft crash-landed here and they were able to get that technology, there’s no reason to believe that explorations from beyond just stopped after that and that it’s this company or other humans being sighted.

    He may have knowledge of them being reverse-engineered and is then simply making the false assumption that this must be the reason so many are sighted.

    There is no possible way for him to know what percentage are visitors or earthly, so just the fact that he is making that assertion is reason enough to be highly skeptical of his other claims.

  9. The only thing I’ll say in defense of Greer is the press club was an incredible event to behold, so I do look forward to this conference. Hopefully it’s not behind a paywall but it probably will be, in which case I’ll wait for the inevitable reupload.

    That said, I don’t believe anything he specifically says, so I hope it’s 100% about the whistleblowers.

  10. I believe it. But let me preface my next statement by saying I do absolutely believe aliens exist.

    That said, On 24 July 1964, the President announced the existence of the SR-71. The first one entered service in 1966. Members of the general public didnt catch their first glimpse of the D-21B until December 1976 on a tour of the storage area at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson, Arizona. Information about the vehicles was not released until 1982.

    This is why I believe everything we see so far is human made. I believe if aliens show up, it will be a much bigger and obvious event.

  11. If he proves it, fine, he proves it. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t.

    That being said, 5 Terabytes of data is a lot to comb over, just… in general. Unless everything in that data set is high quality and unambiguous, it’s easily going to be filled with bloat that makes diving through that information much more difficult to verify or disprove than something far more concise.

  12. I’m not a fan of green, but he did bring a significant number of whisteblowers to the table which is more than any other person has done. If he is brining another load of whistleblowers with data points how can we criticise? He’s putting what he knows and what he has on the table for review and critique.

    It certainly beats kther people who share nothing due to nda or share flares and are adamant they are ufo

  13. I’m anxious to see what comes of this. But I’m tempering my expectations carefully. I’ll never forget how crazy excited I was watching the first conference soon after it happened. I’ll also never forget finding out so much more disappointing information about most of the witnesses in the years following. Clifford Stone is a good example. He said really wild and crazy things with a completely straight face. He’s been thoroughly debunked since, along with many others. So while I’m excited, I’m not so sure these new witnesses will be that convincing. Especially if one of the witnesses is someone like Corey Goode.

    Also let’s remember we wouldn’t have the Wilson doc if it hadn’t been for Steven Greer.

  14. So what about the tic tac reports dating back 60 years or more?

    Edit: although I’m still skeptical of this claim, the more research I do on it, the more it actually makes sense. The timeline between the founding of skunk works and the earliest reported tic tac sightings align too closely to dismiss it having been one of their early top secret projects (I didnt realize how old skunk works is). There are also minor variances in its alleged description that have changed over time, which I always felt aligned with the overall progression of man made technology and design that occurred throughout the 20th to the 21st century. Mainly, the differences in the color description changing over time from metallic to white

  15. Abolishing the invention secrecy act of 1951 will stop the the monopoly they hold over humanity. There are currently over 6000 inventions that the rest of humanity doesn’t know about. Nuclear secrets, submarine secrets, propulsion secrets, wireless EEG devices that are on a drone that can read and reinsert certain brain wave patterns/ thought insertion, time dilation devices. Every time I post a comment like this some random ass account keeps following me

  16. «I can show you the facility that it was launched from, we have a picture of it.»

    A picture of the facility? Not exciting. There are defense facilities all over the world, most visible by Google earth.

    A picture of the tic tac? Potentially exciting, though that could just mean a pixelated image of a dark streak on blue sky.

    A picture of the tic tac at the facility? Pretty exciting.

    Regardless, if you have the picture and are saying you’re willing and able to show it, just do it already. If not, your words are meaningless and you’re wasting everyone’s time for a likely ulterior motive.

  17. I believe they are because there’s no way they wouldn’t fire on them. There’s no way they would let them swarm active military exercises for weeks and do nothing. They were told not to fire. These are the conversations that either weren’t recorded or were highly classified that we haven’t been privy to. That’s why the conversations we have heard in the videos just have a causal “whoa those are cool!” vibe to them. That’s not a normal reaction to extraterrestrial crafts next to your ship that you don’t know what it is and haven’t seen before.

  18. I don’t buy it if it comes from Greer usually BUT I always thought it was odd for the navy to just send expensive jets piloted by officers to investigate something they had been observing but not knowing what it was. Unless they did know and it was an exercise for the tictac craft. This would help explain how it knew where they were going.

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