Просочившийся документ полностью подтверждает историю Боба Лазара, это все меняет. (Мой объяснитель анимации)

Просочившийся документ полностью подтверждает историю Боба Лазара, это все меняет. (Мой объяснитель анимации)

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  1. The Manhattan project had thousands of people on it and no one knew about that. To think that all records can’t be dismissed or that people can’t be convinced to say something different is absurd.

  2. I tend to believe the things Bob Lazar claims.

    I thought it was a good point that individuals in the pentagon tried to discredit Lou Elizondo including deleting emails, etc.

    If there weren’t ways to verify his identity, it would be easy to dismiss everything he says, just like some do with Lazar.

  3. Great video, gotta think the skeptics are losing their mind over the score lol. For me personally I put Bob Lazar into a different category in my mind, the “evidence*” the asterisk being we just have to wait and see. I don’t get the fervent hatred for the dude. He’s been consistent since 1989.

  4. I’ll watch you’re video if you will at least skim this comprehensive analysis of his lies and exaggerations. It makes an IMO compelling case that the lights in the sky in the desert are a test of a particle beam. They sure look to me more like light than a physical object.


    Couple quick responses to the video that aren’t covered in the article:

    * Wilson-David memo: it says this supports Lazar because it mentions a crash retrieval program and Las Vegas, where Lazar lived. That is a weak-ass connection. If I misunderstood the video’s assertion about the connection here please let me know, but I think «fully supports» is stretching the truth try the breaking point
    * Gimbal: In other videos Lazar says they rotate for space travel. The gimbal object is in atmosphere. The video says craft rotate so their belly is facing the direction they are travelling. The gimbal object doesn’t change direction when it rotates.
    * Degrees: Sure DoD has done Lue wrong but they didn’t erase his degrees or make his classmates forget him. «Well he doesn’t want to name his professors or classmates so they won’t get in trouble» falls apart in light of the fact that Lazar *has* named his professors, but the names he gave were not people who ever taught at MIT or Cal Tech.

    And before you accuse me of being a government shill or skepticism zealot: I 100% believe in the phenomenon, and I suspect we have a crash retreival program. But Lazar is a fraud.

    Fun fact, Lazar once said «The more incredible the lie, the more people will believe it.» I have to think that applies here.

  5. I also can’t remember the names of anyone I went to university with or the names of any of my professors….

    Oh wait…

    Edit. I did watch the video. Saying he can’t name people to protect them is absurd AND even stranger when he did name professors who didn’t actually work there….

    Imagine thinking you cant name classmates or professors cos the CIA will get them lol Go to a university…join clubs..make friends..have an academic record…not our man here, he can’t name a class he was in cos CIA lol

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