Боб Лазар снова в тренде в Твиттере, потому что Джо Роган хочет, чтобы Эрик Вайнштейн был в его подкасте с Лазаром. Похоже, Лазар еще не ответил.

https://twitter.com/ericrweinstein/status/1653521012397588482?s=46&t=wewc-fLygQCA1KbogHL3CQ Ненавистники Лазара скажут, что его отсутствие ответа доказывает, что он полон дерьма. Верующие в Лазаря скажут, что ему надоело, что его судят по этому поводу десятилетиями, поэтому вполне логично, что он не хочет подвергаться очередной волне обвинений во лжи. В любом случае, я думаю, мы все хотели бы увидеть, как Боб разговаривает с кем-то, кто действительно понимает физику на самом высоком уровне и может проанализировать детали Лазара о ремесле лучше, чем неспециалисты, такие как Роган или Корбелл. Время попкорна.

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  1. If they agree to speak here is what will happen:

    They won’t discuss actual physics at all beyond maybe mentioning some concepts at the surface level. Instead they will tell anecdotes and talk about the efforts being made to silence them; why they aren’t in this for the money; etc etc. but in the end no new information will be revealed, no details given away that conclusively prove either of them to be a fraud nor a sure thing.

  2. I can’t stand Eric. He goes on endless rants that make no sense half the time or is not even on the subject of the question. He purposely usual verbiage that he knows Joe or the average listener doesn’t understand. He seems to be full of himself. Loves listening to himself talk. Even one time when Joe was trying to lighten it up he kept getting irritated and told Joe to Focus Focus Focus! Like bro it’s so hard to focus to you. Land the plane already.

  3. I spent all of 4 minutes listening to Eric on Rogans podcast before as I just genuinely couldn’t stand his voice/personality/attitude, so I know nothing about the bloke. Is he really the top expert in physics to be questioning lazar?

  4. Lazar is a charlatan because anybody who comes forward about something REAL and not an abduction story would be found dead by mysterious causes. You have deathbed confessions and those are food for thought, but a guy who came out decades ago and was supposedly a government employee? And he’s still alive? Naw man, he would’ve been dead years ago.

  5. I understand lazar isn’t popular here, but as far as I know he literally broke the news about Area 51 (s4) and the shit he was talking about in 1990 still lines up with how the crafts allegedly work in the military footage. I’m sure there’s tons of holes in his story, but it’s still wild some stuff is still lining up

  6. Lazar is smart, but he’s not equipped to deal with Weinstein, nor would he gain anything from it.

    Lazar wouldn’t agree to talk with Weinstein if he fabricated his entire history.

    Lazar also wouldn’t agree if everything he has said was true because a debate about it isn’t truth, Lazar would have nothing to gain, and Weinstein would approach from the angle of criticism the entire time.

    There’s no chance that this happens.

  7. I really don’t see the point of this. He’s explained his story extensively many times over and it’s not like he’s going to present anything new. If people don’t believe him then they don’t believe him. It really don’t change anything to do with the UAP subject as a whole.

  8. I’m on the fence about about Lazar. At the moment, innocent until proven guilty.

    Corbell, on the other hand can GTFO and stop using UFO topic as his cash cow. Hipster just wants to stay relevant.

  9. Weinstein was getting into red tape with whatever stooge Kilpatrick ultimately set up for him. Weinstein also thinks he’s the second coming of Einstein.

    Lazar seems like a hapless guy who was railroaded after being involved at Area 51 in some capacity. Supposedly he told Rogan off air why some of his story has a plot-hole to it and Joe said once he was informed, then everything made sense.

  10. I’m a fence sitter with Lazar. Don’t necessarily believe him, be wouldn’t be surprised if he was eventually proven right.

    Weinstein is a dbag. Every time someone asks him to explain something he has to go super technical for no reason. The Rogan podcast was absolute torture to listen to, especially when he started going on about Jews and Kanye

  11. The second Eric Weinstein proposed the idea on the podcast, I said to myself, «no fucking way in hell Lazar takes the invite, he will not even entertain the idea!» Lazar was clearly panicked going on JRE with his spokesman Corbell just to tell his own story, does anyone really believe he’s gonna take the «opportunity» to debate a douche/physicist? No damn way!

  12. “The one note I will reiterate is that I was in Cambridge MA for about 20 years close to the time Lazar cites being there. I have had close contact with both the Mathematics & Physics departments at both Harvard & MIT. We should have many mutual colleagues over the 4 departments.”

    Lazar has left the chat.

  13. I’m always amazed no one asks Lazar a very simple question: «You say you worked to back-engineer a UFO’s propulsion system. So, uh, what exactly did that look like on a practical level? You show up to work…you have the UFO…and then what?»

    It’s not hard to press him on what tests were run, what equipment was used, etc. You’d think even a believing interviewer would want these details.

  14. Why is it “haters” when it should be “non believers”? It’s bullshit how everyone now says youre hating on something when you just don’t believe something. How about “non believers” vs. “ gullible fucking morons” instead?

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