Эп. 6 — Гипноз Барни Хилла и связь MK-Ultra

Ничего себе, только что прослушал довольно хорошо очищенную версию сеансов гипноза Бетти и Барни Хилл. Группа изучает идею возможной связи между делом Бетти и Барни Хилл и программой ЦРУ MK-Ultra. Кто-нибудь исследовал этот угол? Я сам не слышал, но теперь, когда я слушаю его, это не кажется слишком уж неправдоподобной возможностью. Просто решил поделиться.



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  1. Yeah, I think there are real encounters that are belevolent….while some and I count this one as in this boat, some that I think the government or someone created to basically make people think there are extraterrestrials taking semen and probing people. I don’t believe any of that at all…there’s a lot of weird things going on with this case that seems more clandestine connection wise.

  2. Disclaimer: I did not watch the podcast and there is no transcript.

    I do want to add that so little is known about what MK ULTRA even accomplished. Many believe that it was just mind control or torture, but there was much more to it. They destroyed almost all the documents. They were working with psychedelics and I would not be surprised if they are lightyears ahead of what DMTx is trying to accomplish.

  3. It’s so frustrating how the CIA destroyed nearly all of the MKULTRA and associated project documents. Imagine what else has been destroyed that nobody will ever find out about? Spiking and gaslighting Joe Public with heroic LSD doses must have generated a shit ton of psychiatric breakdowns and caused untold damage to families and society. It wasn’t like the research was fundamentally clinical either. Much of it was carried out from brothels, shitty motels and student trap houses.

    It’s a fact that MKULTRA was running parallel to the greatest years of UFO reports, humanoid encounters and high strangeness. The problem is the correlation and causation aspect and not knowing enough to link mind control research with sighting reports. We’ll never know. One thing we know is the CIA was closely involved in the UFO scene from its birth. It’d be naive to think they were on best behaviour with the ufo crowd.

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