Странные звуки, записанные высоко в атмосфере Земли, поставили ученых в тупик

Странные звуки, записанные высоко в атмосфере Земли, поставили ученых в тупик

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  1. Earth is strange enough on it’s own, I’m inclined to think these are natural, albeit strange, occurrences. Now as to what these sounds signify, who knows. Could still mean the end of times approaching for all I know lol.

  2. I got super into this over the past year when I heard it myself and I’ve gone down the rabbit hole. I believe it’s related to 3 recent surging factors

    it is the magnetic field around the earth weakening, the poles shifting and the sound of the sun during geomagnetic storms and coronal hole mass ejections hitting earth.

    The pole shift is aiding the weakening of the magnetic sphere, allowing solar storms to penetrate

    Edit — Yes I’m aware coronal, talk to text relax.

  3. Cmon extra terrestrials just make your appearance know . There are likely billions of humans who would accept you and your kind . It’s our corrupt governments who are the problem . The people welcome you!!

  4. CNN had an audio clip. All I could classify as strange were the sporadic bleeps. I wonder if this is some sort of issue with the data acquisition system.
    I worked on such a system that had this wave show up in the frequency domain for similar sensors. The wave would go back and forth between the cut-off frequency and 0Hz. Tried everything to figure it out, EMI, grounding, overhead lightbulbs, building electrical power, etc. At some point I even considered it was a SAR satellite scanning our area.
    Turned out it was a design issue in our COTS signal conditioning cards. Vendor fixed it in a revision.

  5. They said it was in the low infrasound range, nuclear bombs will give off an infrasound echo that will travel around the earth several times when detonated, could be possible nuclear bomb testing going on

  6. Does sound very much like a warning. Don’t it? Tonality aside, from a musical construct it just isn’t pleasant on ears. And repeated. And repeated.

    Maybe it’s them. Similar to when you’re looking for your car using the alarm in the parking lot. I do think it’s very interesting that we have a balloon up there all of a sudden after all of these Chinese and Russian balloons have been spotted. I wonder if they were listening to or exploring a similar phenomena.

  7. The earth (or something else entirely) does make some weird sounds up in the sky. In 2016 in the Ivy Hill neighborhood in Oakland, Ca. I was awoken by long droning tuba sounds around 1-2 AM. Walked outside into the street to look up and see what the hell it was and a few neighbors were on the corner as confused as me hearing the same thing. Went on for over an hour. Sometimes they got a little higher pitched but just kept going and going. We were all freaked out since it sounded like it was only a few hundred feet above us. I’ve lived here for 15 years and it’s the only time I’ve heard it so it wasn’t BART or some other train or aircraft flying into SFO or OAK. Really fucking bizarre.

  8. To be explained means trying to find some massive correlation between their data, and the hundreds of various factors that could be causing this, data.

    Basically it’s going to take a while to find out what this is. We can speculate the sun, the magnetic field, aliens, man made due to all the aircraft bouncing HF signals off the Ionosphere, etc etc

    Although fun to speculate, dont treat your speculation like its a religion and assume alien is the reason, until its not.

    If you want to find out, do some research of your own. For example, assume biological and close to our sense of time/rate, try and find patterns, change the input to various forms like repeated images, etc. Than assume they’re machine based and they experience time 1000x slower than us (process time faster, more experience per our «second» of experienxe) and see if there are any images, patterns, etc.

    Convert it to binary, hex, etc.

    Im not ambitious enough, but maybe someone is and will prove or disprove any «messages» in the audio. Well, disprove to the best of our current capabilities in our current spot in evolution.

    But to say «Aliens!!» Eh

    Universe has more in it we don’t know than we know, and even more we don’t know that we don’t know.

    We are simply animals. We are limited in our capability to comprehend just as a little monkey is limited in its ability to comprehend. Show it algebra, it eats the paper. Universe shows us the answer, we assume its magic and toss it. Until it isn’t.

    Cheers, this audio is suspicious, PROBABLY ALIENS!

  9. The thought of our Earths poles shifting shivers me to my core, some say it happened, some say it may have happened more then once… idk what to believe anymore but I do know I’m terrified of it.

    I’ll spare you my half ass explanation and give the link to the “Sanitized Copy” meaning the CIA sanitized it for public release, of the work done by Chan Thomas…

    It’s titled The Adam And Eve Story… here it is https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP79B00752A000300070001-8.pdf

  10. Crustal displacement.

    We are both fortunate and unfortunate to live during this time. We are going to get to see the most amazing interplanetary and planetary show not seen for more than 10k years. For as long as you can live through our hell.

    Get your popcorn and hold onto your butts. I personally intend to check out in a short time as I dont think it is going to be a good show for people on my level at all.

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