Надвигается монументальный скандал с НЛО

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Надвигается монументальный скандал с НЛО

READ  На нашей стороне, возможно, величайший ум со времен Исаака Ньютона. И все же люди все еще сомневаются. Это просто говорит нам о том, что люди, которые ненавидят, просто будут ненавидеть.

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  1. ***Submission Statement***

    Recent articles regarding a flurry of high level whistleblowers suggest a monumental UFO scandal is looming.

    This year, we saw NASA acknowledge the phenomenon and embrace its scientific evaluation with the formation of an independent study on UAP & subsequent release of several reports on proposed methodologies to further analyze.

    An unprecedented number of freshly minted U.S. government websites dedicated to unidentified flying objects are appearing. New documents released on the recently launched Department of Energy UFO website confirm aerial incursions by metallic, spherical drones over sensitive nuclear sites. Earlier this summer, footage of similar objects filmed in war zones were shared on the Senate Armed Services Committee website. The Department of Defense’s new All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) website is now live and contains incredible Mission statements about UAP crash retrieval and exploitation of enigmatic technology. Statements on UAP from Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby confirm DoD interest in the subject and suggest the American public may not be getting the full story.

    This quick 5 minute summary compiles recent UFO developments to keep you informed. I believe we are experiencing the most important story in human history. All links are provided below.


    The Hill — “A monumental UFO scandal is looming”

    US Senate Armed Services Committee — Middle East UAP Unclassified Footage

    CSPAN — Defense Department Briefing, John Kirby Q&A

    The Debrief — “U.S. Department of Energy UAP Documents Reveal Puzzling Aerial Incursions Near American Nuclear Sites”

    Defense.gov: The Department of Defense Launches the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office Website

    AARO — Home

    AARO Mission Deck — PDF Link

    NASA — UAP Independent Study

  2. Thank you! This is the kind of format/vibe I’ve been looking for. No crazy storylines no sensationalism. Just good solid data, subscribed! Can’t wait to watch you grow as a creator!

  3. Sir you’ve mastered the timing to grasp even people not interested as my family thought it was a perfect (they’ve grown weary of my exhaustive dialogue on the matter 😅)! On top of that the links and other details in the summary on your YouTube page go a long way to pushing for a Ideal podcast/ news clip for this type of subject matter. Thank you sir and great job!

  4. Short enough to not take up too much time + direct and straight to the point; will definitely be sharing!

    And even if my family and friends talk about x-files vibes or bs, I can just direct them to the official gov websites 😁

  5. Cannot watch, phone will not render. I presume this is because the video preview has a “you tuber shocked face” on it and my phone is seemingly in capable of rendering content generated by people who can pull this face on demand.

    Which is kind of a joke. Please don’t water your well thought out content down by conforming to YouTube minecraft theory 😆

  6. What a great show! Without hyperbolic or overstatement, your short and fact based broadcast is asy to digest. It is just what i have been looking for with icing on the cake; direct links to your referential sources for all the facts.

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