Обновление НЛО треугольника Мохаве?

Меня вдохновляют работы Гринвальда-младшего! Очень жду, чтобы он оперативно поделился своими новыми мыслями после выхода последнего эпизода «Оружейного»! Перед всем этим я был в некотором напряжении, особенно после того, как услышал показания свидетелей. Похоже, мы идем вперед и назад, пока что-то не станет более понятным, наверное. 🤷‍♂️

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  1. If you’re on the fence, you have to consider some of the statements made by the witnesses which we can demonstrate are false.

    I do hope Corbell and Knapp can actually confirm flares and if they do, I await their update. I’m hoping it’s not simply swept under the rug.

  2. I don’t consider myself a fan of any UFO personality. I DO appreciate information. I do not think the «heat» they are getting in this case is justified. I think it’s still unsolved and I appreciate the information they have given here.

  3. Thought experiment: a group of individuals recounts an event for which they were all present. They have video that supports their memory of the event. The stories corroborate each other, and the video corroborates the story.

    Let’s say the event was a fishing trip. Would you have a hard time believing the group of individuals if they were describing a fish?

    If you would find the group credible on any other topic except UFOs, then you’re making an emotion-based decision. There’s no reason to think they’d be less credible during a ufo event than any other event.

  4. Coryell is relying HEAVILY on the Marines testimony.

    They clearly don’t want to take an L on this one.

    The only thing I can say in their defense is, the debunkers don’t seem to have talked to a single witness. And don’t seem to care to.

  5. Honestly we should be grateful for all the attention and pressure Jeremy and George has contributed with over the years. We need constant pressure and media exposure from then and others.

    People hating ob those guys and others who brings attention about UFOs to the public is actively working against disclosure, no matter how they try to justify their actions…

    I think it’s mostly a coordinated network who’s behind these attacks and spreading of misinformation. Surely most people should be able to understand what George and Jeremy (and others) are doing are motivated by passion, purpose and curiosity moreso than fame and money

  6. This is the crux of the problem for me when it comes to UFOs.

    On one hand, it’s hard for someone like me to completely throw away witness testimony.

    I have no doubt that if I were the same person I might be thinking and seeing the exact same thing. There are lots of eye witnesses that I would consider credible.

    From a skeptical point of view, eyewitnesses are also quite unreliable. It’s not hard to believe someone thinks they’re seeing that they think they see, so we try to gather evidence to either approve or disprove an event occurred.

    The eyewitnesses seem to be saying that what they saw was far from a normal training operation, that the event was far from normal.

    Nobody can make any strong conclusions about this, although I will say that the evidence of the lights lining up almost perfectly is pretty compelling, and something I wish Corbell and his eyewitnesses would’ve addressed beyond assertions that they were not flares for sure.

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