Только сегодня понял, почему нас фармят «инопланетяне»

Невозможно обсуждать инопланетян, не услышав слова «похищение». Некоторые проверены и возвращены, некоторые нет. Многие люди исчезают из наших национальных лесов. Есть масса доказательств, которые создают впечатление, будто нас обрабатывает какая-то высшая сила. Теперь я убежден, что они используют людей, чтобы засеять другие земли, подобные планетам. На самом деле мы семена. Некоторые планеты представляют собой чистые листы – эра пещерного человека. Каждая планета представляет собой отдельный эксперимент на разных стадиях развития. Наши тела — это самая совершенная VR-гарнитура, созданная для того, чтобы испытывать любовь, радость, боль и т. д. Когда/если мы умрем, мы сможем выбрать другую планету, на которой можно надеть гарнитуру, но как только вы наденете гарнитуру, вы забудете все свои предыдущие жизни и начать заново в новой видеоигре жизни. Представьте себе удивительное разнообразие впечатлений, доступных на триллионах разных планет! получаю много вопросов об исчезновении людей. Вот пример:


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  1. «Our bodies are the most advanced VR headset created in order to experience love, joy, pain etc. When/if we die then we get to choose another planet on which to put on the headset but once you put on the headset you forget all your previous lives and start anew in a fresh video game of life.»

    This I agree with. It’s like a VR game for your consciousness, the real you, off in base reality.

    I like the seeds theory. Never considered that angle before.

  2. Everyone seems to assume we are being abducted because we are special. I hear people talking how we’re abducted because we have psychic powers, or we’re perfect experiments. It could just be that we taste good. Like, we factory farm chickens not because they are special, but they taste good.

  3. While the VR part gets into the never ending question of «what is the answer to life?» The using us as seeds for other worlds is actually really genius and never thought about it like that. Gives them a real motive and explains why they would want to abduct us! Other than the old wanting to eat us or use our «life force» thing.

  4. As above so below, and we can assume each ‘layer’ has it’s own natural state but that all run in course with the other in a form of symbiosis, a constant correlation that is maintained.

    We see far lesser organisms herding other organisms for the survival of both for instance, though a distinction made upon each layer is that there are thoses that are either predominantly self serving like predators or those serving the other for the many, one guides the other toward nutrition or toward death, and i believe we should keep such considerations in mind as we move further up the scales.

    We know our own capacity as humans having this nature so it’s only natural to assume that is exactly what’s occurring around us on greater scales but in such an advanced manner that we can only infer our own approach as analagous, which is to say that we aren’t formally ‘edibles’ so to speak but that our function is somewhat relative to wheat, there is a harvestable quality to our being here.

    Farmer gathers that which would naturally be growing abroad and seeds it, it seems reasonable to perceive the quality of what we might call souls however displaced the idea, and it might also be fair to presume that not every human is classically an ‘Earthling’ by definition.

    If we can say there’s ever been a form of contact to study we always arrive at crop circles, always placed in harvestable fields, and fascinated by the intricate nature of the work we are usually sidetracked from grasping the most obvious feature. All of this hints to us our biggest hurdles I think, we can only grasp so much of reality at a time before we are distracted.

    You know I don’t think the VR idea is too far flung, however I do believe there is a balance played from many sides during the act which does have a bearing upon the overall dynamic. I’d also add that if there is any truth of factionism above us then that implies there would be polarised variants of the ET phenomena, all would wish for us to grow and learn however the difference being their method of service. We might make a gradient between a unified state of service to others and one of a unified state of self subservience.

    Amusingly the fact that we are the lesser by contrast makes us appear, i believe, rather like extremists to them, there can never truly be a conflict of interest within the whole but that doesn’t mean conflict won’t precipitate within a span of time. From a farmer’s perspective there would be many matters to attend to without disturbing the fields (unless disturbance is your goal and/or your not that kind of farmer), supposing we infer manners of weeding and pest quelling as with neutralizing and maintaining fertile grounds, but for all we know this may translate into weather phenomena all the way down to discrete persuasions.

    What many do believe is that we are within a season of harvest, and simply given the view of history we can see that in no other relative time has humanity developed so fast nor has it ever been in such an expansive state, so aside ancient hints and myths of cycles we have some pretty relative markers to help us arrive at the idea.

  5. I had an abduction experience when I was 5 that might back this up. Long story short, I was taken aboard a craft by three small humanoids. In the center of the room was a metallic sphere about 3ft in diameter sitting on a pedestal — this was before spheres were «talked about» — and I was being observed by the 3 beings who gave me a telepathic feeling that this thing in front of me was incredibly important, and I needed to interact with it.

    I approached the sphere and picked it up. It felt extremely dense and heavy — too heavy in fact for a child like me to be able to hold, but at the same time it was incredibly lightweight and buoyant, because it floated an inch or two above my hands. When I picked it up, I turned into a weird duel-state, meaning it was both a solid, heavy metallic sphere, but at the same time it was a lightweight ball of electric blue energy, sort of like a plasma or an orb of condensed light energy. Whatever it was, something had «activated.»

    Reading this post now it makes me wonder if the orb was in fact a seed or a pod that required my bio-energy, or DNA, or… something. That’s why I had the overwhelming feeling of it being important, and why it was being observed.

    Lately I’ve seen those NASA videos of countless orb-like objects in lower orbit around earth that they explain as «dust.» This makes me wonder if all these orbs are indeed seeds in a panspermia mission.

    I could give the full version of my experience if needed, but these were the core details.

  6. While it is possible they are doing that in national forests, it just seems unlikely. Mostly because of all the dead people found in places that had been searched like 10 times, right out in the open seemingly wanting to be found, with no cause of death able to be determined. Why seemingly vacuum out some of the peoples souls and return their bodies where you know they will be found and it will only increase suspicion because you know that area was searched multiple times and you basically dumped them in the middle of the trail.

  7. >once you put on the headset you forget all your previous lives and start anew

    My understanding of this whole thing is that there is plenty of progress that carries over from incarnation to incarnation. Many of that is subconscious, and it translates into interests, innate skills, spiritual progress, etc. In meditation and spiritual pursuits, some people meditate a few times and they already have a grand experience. Others need to meditate much longer for that. This would help explain it.

    Also, think of evolution through natural selection. Think of the many species that evolved into what we now call human beings. Think also of the many actions and choices that all of our ancestors made, and how that has also shaped what we are today. We carry all of that too.

    We are deeply connected to the past, to all of our ancestors, and to the individual choices that we have made in all of our past incarnations.

  8. This can easily be true given the famous abduction where he is returned when the aliens find out he has had the snip and can’t have children anymore. If you are populating other worlds you need people who are fertile. You would also bump up small populations with babies from elsewhere to add genetic diversity, which would explain the stuff regarding taking babies.

    The famous federation I believe is the federation of human worlds. The top space humans work with the greys, who are their slaves. The 50s agreement where USA chose between a deal with the space humans or the greys, I believe was a set up and choosing between the same side, but it gives the federation of human worlds the indication whether earth humans, as a species, deserve to be bought into the federation and uplifted to be part of the space faring community. We chose weapons and failed the test.

    If I am right and it was just a test, the weapons we received would be totally useless as there were never weapons on offer, just something much much better if Americans in charge of the world were not evil war mongering scum. And what does the lore say? That the ‘weapons’ we received were worse than useless and we got nothing from the deal.

    Perhaps the worlds that fail this test are used as a resource to seed further human worlds, as those that pass are respected and valued members of the federation — and the lore states the deal we took included abductions as part of the deal.

    The tests done during abductions may be trying to slowly adjust humanity in order to offer the test again at a future point and see if we deserve the federation next time.

    If the federation does consist of human worlds, they would likely not let a human world destroy itself — they would disallow nuke use and if the world reached a tipping point, they would likely intervene. Perhaps in 2027, giving the government enough time to disclose on their own terms.

    I think your theory is likely true and fits with my own beliefs from decades studying the phenomenon and having experienced close up UFO sightings myself.

  9. What each empire gets from us is different. Some are more benevelant like the Annunaki (not in control of Earth) and it’s a matter of comradery and increasing power and reach. Nordics it’s about collective strength. Despite being human some are IMO one of the worst to deal with. They’re liars.

    Imagine being told if you give up your way of life you could achieve a utopian world. If only you convince enough people to adopt their way of life Earth could be the same. You’re returned to Earth where you try to convince people to abandon our ~~sinful~~ negative traits. Owe and that utopia was achieved via asteroid mining and offworlding major industry so polution doesn’t occur on the living area of their system. Whoops, forgot to mention that part haven’t they.

    Draconians see us as slaves. Some will enjoy a higher station do to bloodlines and some will become food.

    Greys want more influence and power. They absorb races by the creation of hybrids to inject them during a crisis moment. Hense why the nordics call them parasites.

    The mantids appear to be influence mongers. If they have an agenda I’ve not see any evidence for it. They will hire their people out to basically everyone it would seem.

    Now devils advocate this part. Imagine the soul is real. Imagine psychic powers are real or go watch Science and the Taboo of Psi and know they’re real. Now imagine you are a star faring empire in a universe where spiritual matter/energy exists and psychic powers are a thing. You develop technology, you master these concepts, but you need a renewable supply of energy to stay on top or fend off other empires. Enter Earth.

    You’ll hear stories about abductees seeing the underlying technology. It’s a large sphere that if touched will instantaneously kill them. Processes souls to extract energy and then release them back into the incarnation cycle. Of which they are vastly further along in understanding. Right now Eastern Universities have only come so far as to understand reincarnation is likely real.

    That’s your options. I prefer the Annunaki (a nordic species, but other aliens have joined their empire). Not to fond of the Galatic Federation. They love to blow hot air and pretend they’re here to help us, but they’re not or they’re to dumb to be effectual. Draconians are a geneological and meritocratic species. Most human intersteller nations hate them. They’d have us to be slaves and cattle. The Greys we’d just be absorbed into their nation.

    The Lyrians (cat people) want a collaboration to improve technology. Their nation is not as expansive as the others, but appears capable of holding their own for the time being.

  10. People disappear in forests because these days nobody has any survival skills whatsoever. Also we seriously underestimate how dangerous animals are, which accounts for the ones who do know what they are doing.

  11. When you say «just realized» I think what you meant to say is «I just made up/imagined something» .

    Most people when they want to share a series of frankly wild statements like you did would post some supporting evidence, a book, research paper or at worst, a video with an expert talking about the subject. Otherwise you are just some random online saying a bunch of wild unjustified stuff in a way that doesn’t make you look very logical…or, sane.

  12. My latest woo woo theory is that our species is some sort of cosmic seeding treaty/experiment. All of the top inter-galactic species (greys, lizards, nordics, big foots) came together to divide their influence and create a joint species that might unite the universe and create peace.

    We are a cosmic fish bowl that has all of their likenesses. They come and go, some of the seeders interfere, some observe, some dissect, some fight each other in our own airspace. But they all had an equal say in our existence and evolution and they are all required to keep T
    at an arms length.

    As a result we are part grey, part monkey, part lizard and part nordics. We look like all of them.

  13. A few months ago in a dream. I had dead relatives and some type of light being very happy with how far I had made it into this «game». I guess I was supposed to die or not be there and was allowed back.

  14. I actually enjoy this theory. This might explain why certain cultural advancements have occurred with STEM possibly. I agree with the seeding planes. But also, this colony needs engineering. Or advancements in AI, let’s drop an Elon Musk in to kill some monkeys and do some AI stuff. Maybe they have clones of certain people that they can bring in to advance certain technology.

  15. I like the idea but I have a question. Wouldn’t the aliens do better to capture people who aren’t living in first world countries? We are so used to our conveniences that we would have a hard time surviving ‘from scratch”.

  16. You’re convinced of this why exactly?

    I’m not saying it’s impossible. But what suggests this is the case?

    Couldn’t they be doing any number of other things? Building a menagerie? Gathering test subjects for a lab? Eating us?

    You can come up with any number of “what if” scenarios but to get to the point of being convinced of one particular reason, you really ought to base that belief on something that suggests that reason is true.

  17. I think this is mostly correct but misses one big point — consider earth a VR experience for the soul. It could be as you describe, or rather than an environment for fun, it’s an environment for a true unbias test of the soul. We start in this life with nothing but «free will» and the circumstances of our birth, our actions are based on our soul. At death, we are judged by how we choose to live. The 1% will be sent back to the start of the production queue of the soul factory — those who have refined their souls to a point where they are lawful and good, can «ascend» to a better place. Ie. heaven.

    My father had a dream in which he spoke with an alien. The alien told him earth was a soul factory for a larger world where everyone was «law abiding and good». He said the alien told him there were 3 or 4 such planets which refine souls for this larger world at a rate determined by the souls of each planet and their ability to ascend.

    edit: This also fits with the concept of an intelligent or advanced species, or mind, or consciousness, or god, which essentially knows everything there is to know. Perhaps they are the shepherd for souls, or perhaps they have split themselves infinitely to experience infinite realities and each of us is a fragment of them, to coalesce into a unified bliss afterwards, adding our experiences to the pool of infinite experiences. Perhaps it’s boring at the top, so they need to experience life without knowledge to feel fulfilled. Interesting speculation, for sure. We all think we are very unique and different, maybe that’s an illusion.

  18. Interesting theory, however I think goldilocks planets are rare. I think living conditions in space is very hostile. I believe that we are in the middle of a Alien, hybrid, human time war over a goldilocks planet, that is currently on the verge of ecological failure due to greed, corruption, over consumption and war. I think they are communicating with the smartest people in the planet. I think they have no intention in making their plans completely transparent to humanity as to them we are a barbaric species and a possible threat to other species of Aliens if we became multi planetary species.
    I think all the current sightings are a sign of either a geological global cataclysmic event, a nuclear war event or an alien invasion. If anything we are terraforming and mining tools, our cattle would be cattle for them. I also think it was stupid to announce our location, life is water and there’s a good chance space pirates could come steal all our water and natural resources and be way more advanced than us, we’d have no way to defend ourselves. I’m pretty sure that the entire human species was bioengineered by an advance lifeform to use to terraform and mine the planet.

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