Астроном из Роскоммона, Ирландия, кратко рассказывает о своих наблюдениях за объектами в небе.

Астроном из Роскоммона, Ирландия, кратко рассказывает о своих наблюдениях за объектами в небе.

Astronomer from Roscommon, Ireland talks briefly of his experiences with objects in the sky
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  1. If its true that we’ve been able to detect their pattern of orbits (which will basically allow us to predict appearances/sightings), then that seems really important to me…

  2. I was only talking about this on [this thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/Experiencers/comments/12sdz8c/with_the_recent_congressional_uap_meeting_they/) yesterday. If people are curious on those who’ve researched patterns :


    >Outside of people like ourselves dealing with personal contact with these things — I have no doubt they are covering the globe.
    >A researcher in my own country — Ireland — has marked out patterns globally of patrolling non human craft/objects.
    >Irish news actually covered his work there the other day (a pleasant surprise for me)
    >[Roscommon astronomer’s 30-year-old UFO theory echoed by Pentagon publication](https://www.independent.ie/videos/roscommon-astronomers-30-year-old-ufo-theory-echoed-by-pentagon-publication-42436128.html)
    >Here is a long youtube interview with the guy where he plots out a lot of his ideas in detail :
    >[Eamonn Ansbro — UAP Orbital Surveillance & Superluminal Communications](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJhLiWdXxnM&ab_channel=TimVentura)
    >Regarding spheres specifically — [Patrick Jackson](https://twitter.com/PatrickQJackson), a researcher from the UK — has released a book on these objects and his theory behind them and he’s very active on twitter. He believes there spheres in particular are patrolling the globe and networked together potentially intercepting other craft coming from outside of Earth along with other things. He breaks the spheres into different categories. Youtube interview with him : [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwXFS9ZDxDM&ab_channel=UFOs-OnTheLevel](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwXFS9ZDxDM&ab_channel=UFOs-OnTheLevel)

  3. I know him. We used to live in the same area. That part of Roscommon is quite the hot spot. I used to hear talk of a crash retrieval in the 90’s around there. I wasn’t really interested in the topic at the time so never thought to ask more questions.

  4. Imagine the world powers have been aware of this phenomenon for at least as long as this dude has, 30-40 years.

    Maybe whatever systems these probes use for navigation, communication, or even flight can be manipulated or faked by an Earthly technology (like the rumors that the Roswell crash may have been caused by a new radar system).

    Is it possible that we manipulated or disabled these probes long enough through these systems for a few to be shot down this past February (not the Chinese spy balloon, but the other three still unidentified)?

  5. It’s weird to me…they said they whittled the 30k list of sightings down to about 1.2k. Which is normally good…focus on quality over quantity.

    However, when you are telling me you have 660 orbital paths tracked from just 1.1k data points, something isn’t adding up. You need way more data points than that.

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