Ядерное оружие в реальном взрыве

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Я много читал здесь о том, что никому не разрешено использовать ядерное оружие по всему миру, поэтому я провел свое исследование и обнаружил, что ядерная детонация продолжается с момента первого взрыва в 40-х годах до недавнего времени, произошедшего в 2010 году в Северной Корее, так что же делать? Вы уверены, что инопланетяне не навязывают людям ядерную политику?

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  1. You forgot Israel but then again it’s not been officially confirmed that they have tested them or have them *wink/wink*. I don’t remember where I saw it in reddit but someone posited that the Aliens allow testing but have disabled the warshots so someone can’t chuck one at someone they are ticked off at. That is the «big secret», that all the nukes have been neutered and no one wants to admit it as it removes the threat and invalidates MAD.

  2. I was curious if we knew the total amount of energy released, so I asked ChatGPT. Seems like a low estimate because of uncertainty around specific yields for the detonations, but still interesting.

    To calculate the total yield from all nuclear detonations, we would ideally use a detailed list of the yields for each test. However, I can provide a rough estimate based on known significant tests and general data:

    1. **United States (1,030 tests)**: The U.S. conducted numerous tests of varying yields, from less than a kiloton to over 15 megatons (Castle Bravo). Let’s assign an average of 20 kt/test (considering the early smaller tests and later larger tests). That’s approximately 20,600 kt.

    2. **Soviet Union/Russia (715 tests)**: The USSR conducted the largest test ever, the Tsar Bomba, with a yield of 50 Mt. Many of their other tests were also large. Let’s assign an average of 30 kt/test. That’s approximately 21,450 kt.

    3. **France (210 tests)**: French tests were generally smaller than American or Soviet tests. Let’s assign an average of 10 kt/test. That’s 2,100 kt.

    4. **UK (45 tests)**: British tests were varied. Let’s assign an average of 10 kt/test. That’s 450 kt.

    5. **China (45 tests)**: Chinese tests also varied in yield. We’ll assign an average of 10 kt/test. That’s 450 kt.

    6. **India (3 tests)**: India’s tests were relatively small. Let’s assign an average of 10 kt/test. That’s 30 kt.

    7. **Pakistan (6 tests)**: Pakistan’s tests were also small. Let’s assign an average of 10 kt/test. That’s 60 kt.

    8. **North Korea (6 tests)**: North Korea’s tests have varied, with some being quite large. Let’s assign an average of 20 kt/test. That’s 120 kt.

    Summing these up, we get:
    20,600 kt (US) + 21,450 kt (USSR) + 2,100 kt (France) + 450 kt (UK) + 450 kt (China) + 30 kt (India) + 60 kt (Pakistan) + 120 kt (North Korea) = 45,260 kt or 45.26 Mt.

    This is a rough estimate, and the actual number could be higher or lower based on precise yield data for each test. Furthermore, the methodology employed (using an average for each country) is a simplification, but it should give a general idea of the magnitude of energy released by all the nuclear tests combined.

  3. I hope he’s right. Though I’m not sure if that would open up a different can of worms.
    The law of unintended consequences might make it easier for some countries to go to war.

    Back when the movie «The Day After» was released, I was talking about it to my roommates girlfriend. I jokingly said «Maybe the saucer people will stop a nuclear war.»

    She looked at me kinda weird and said only if they are the good Aliens, then proceeded to tell me all about the various types. She expected a nuclear war any day. Really gave off paranoid vibes. Turns out she was having mental issues.

  4. Was listening to Necronomipod and they were talking about the US govt using nukes to try to frack gas in the southwest.

    I can’t believe they thought that would work.

  5. It is an interesting point. Maybe scientific testing is different than that we start throwing them on each other?
    Or maybe you just annihilated another narrative that we are being visited by ETs.

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