Марсоход обнаружил на Марсе причудливые структуры, похожие на кости.

Предположения о том, что изображено на изображениях, варьируются от окаменелостей рыбьей кости до драконоподобного существа. Другие предполагают, что марсианские ветры могли разрушать скалы в течение длительного времени. Что вы думаете?

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  1. I think the team at NASA isn’t stupid.

    Their mission is to uncover the history of Mars, and more. For many of them, it’s a lifelong passion project. If that was bone, aka evidence of pre-historic life, they aren’t going to just snap a pic and move on from the site without investigating further. They would be ejaculating a river over what would be the largest discovery of all time on Mars.

    That to me alone is enough evidence to say this is just an interesting formation on the rock.

  2. It might not be the remains of some creature, but rather it could be some type of reinforcement for building material like what we have. E.g. Rebar incased in concrete for buildings and highways. In other words, what has been found might be literally part of the ruins of some otherwise destroyed civilization of beings.

  3. Clearly aliens. Actually, probably a rock formation composed of two different minerals with one hard and one softer and they eroded at different rates revealing an odd stratification. Would be similar to a hoodoo on this planet. Anyway, that’s my take.

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