Каково это иногда приходить сюда

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Каково это иногда приходить сюда

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  1. Not only is this space about name calling Believers and Debunkers it’s also become violently political. I don’t care if Republican or Democrat so long as more transparency is achieved. I believe these people that sling hate to either party are here to discredit and divide the push towards the truth. This is not a one party issue. Get over yourselves.

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  3. Cool meme and all but this really does downplay the blatant fresh accounts who are only here to troll and make these subs shit to visit.

    I’ve encountered far too many users who will openly admit they’re only here to troll.

    If the mods were to take action these subs would be good homes again for those who are genuinely interested.

    Too often have I and others asked why these users are even here and the response is almost a copy and paste from the rest of the trolls.

  4. I think its interesting that people are convinced aliens are here.

    It would really shake up what we know about reality. Personally I think the odds of aliens finding this planet and FTL traveling here are close enough to zero not to even consider. Space is too big, time band of human existence is too narrow. If anything alien was here I think the odds are higher that it would have always been present. Like extra dimensionally present and it would imply we’re part of a simulation or this planet was built by something else.

    I mean the more you learn about evolution and all the crazy conditions required for life the more disappointing the realization that there’s probably not much out there and certainly nothing nearby. I think most people can’t really grasp just how stupidly vast interstellar distances are or how many stars need to align for life to have a good shot at becoming complex. Right stars i.e not constantly firing off flares constantly, right planet composition, a strong magnetic field to shield radiation, water, phosphorus, habitable zone of star, gas giants further out to gravitationally attract large rocks away from the inner planets. Even part of galaxy matters because any super nova within 50-160 light years could be problematic. Then billions of years for life to evolve and luck… I hate to think how many potential intelligent species got wiped out before they had a chance by disease or environmental disaster, solar flare, super nova, asteroid collision etc.

    I personally don’t think aliens are here, I absolutely 100% don’t believe any have traveled conventionally through space to get here. It just defies too many things that I ‘think’ I know about space and physics. But overall I like the idea of aliens and wouldn’t give a crap if I found out they were here, it would be quite incredible and inspire hope for our species future if it turned out to be true.

  5. Same, I use it to gain new insights, thoughts, ideas and possibilities surrounding aliens. There’s always going to be haters, especially with new and/or unknown subjects. But what we’ve been lead to believe and what is actually real dont seem to be the same thing.

  6. Exactly as Government and corporate cover-up intends it to be.

    We’re so busy fighting ourselves, trapped in fear, uncertainty, and doubt that we never stop to point the finger at and fight who is really responsible for this atrocity.

    These cover-up losers are fine that millions of people spend emotional blood and treasure hurting each other online as long as they got to cover their own asses.

    These war pimps and perverts in the cover-up see everything as warfare so it’s fine that this is happening all the time and we don’t get any progress

    and as for us? We’re just a fucking foot soldiers they don’t bat an eyelid to sacrifice.

    And as for the truth? It’s just a joke to them which they endlessly molest and abuse with lies, untruths, misinformation until they think there’s nothing left of it.

    These people are fucking evil, and this shit is not gonna stop until we wise up.

    Dust! dust you, cover-up.
    your time’s up.

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