Действительно ли рептилоиды считают себя высшей расой?

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Действительно ли рептилоиды считают себя высшей расой?

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  1. **Take these reports with a massive tablespoon of salt, but its at least something different to the normal ‘reptilian’ discussions.**

    Location. Portland Oregon
    Date: November 7 1961

    >That night from her open bedroom door facing the kitchen the witness, Joy, saw three
    bipedal reptilian beings standing next to her refrigerator. Six & a half ft tall, they had scaly
    skin and spikes running down their backs; their eyes were yellow. Too frightened to leave her
    bed and eventually fell asleep. They were gone when she woke up. The humanoids
    supposedly visited her every night for two months thereafter. These reptilian humanoids
    appeared repeatedly in her home. She would later claim to receive messages from their leader
    who called himself “King Leo”. From November 7 to about January 7 1962, they appeared
    every night—making no sound—remaining by the refrigerator. They never crossed over into
    the bedroom. On January 7 1962 she ran out of her house in her gown and coat at 3:30 a.m.,
    and jumped into her car, wanting to get away from the sight of them. She was pulling out of
    her driveway when her sister pulled up and blocked her in. She went home with her sister
    where she slept for 3 days and nights straight. She would not go back into that house, so her
    brother and sister moved her stuff out and Joy went back to Texas.

    Location. Texas, exact location not given
    Date: August 14 1999

    > The witness, Joy, (involved in previous encounters) found herself in King Leo’s presence
    underground once again—they had decided that some of them would like to come to side and
    experience the light and live among humans in harmony but most would rather remain in their
    home environment. There are 1.5 million of them living underground. He asked if we could put a
    message out to see if humans could accept their appearance. That is the reason for this
    message. He is very congenial, likable and pleasant to communicate with. Now they are waiting
    to find out what our response will be so we would appreciate their reaction. They will not just
    suddenly pop up and frighten us—he agreed they would wait until after the ‘landings’. He asked
    if they could learn to love, Joy said she didn’t know. The other night when Joy turned her light
    out to retire for the night, he said that a lot of humans think they are evil just because they live
    in the dark. He asked if we turn into evil beings when we turn off our lights and are in the dark
    of night? Joy had to laugh!
    The evil ones of King Leo’s race are underground in a different area and with a different
    leader. They even had separation, disassociation and disinterest among their own kind. Then
    they became interested in Joy because of her vibrational frequency and began watching her.
    The interested persisted until finally they decided to speak to her and the first thing they said
    was that they never intended to hurt her. Now they are willing to accept that humankind and
    Reptilians are connected through spirit because we are all from the same source (God) and
    some are considering coming into the light and contacting the above ground beings. Time grows
    short for this planet’s present form of being, and we must all be prepared to ascend with it into
    the next dimension or be left behind. The Reptilians would really like to be accepted topside
    when humans can accept that they exist and do not come with evil intent.

    Sources : Jerome Clark, Extraordinary Encounters & [greatdreams](https://web.archive.org/web/20110904065535/http://www.greatdreams.com/reptlan/repleo.htm)

  2. The Secret Space Program

    Draco are an Empire made up of 7 races of intelligent reptilian beings in a caste system with a pecking order. The top layer is the Alphas, and they conquered everyone else. They value Honor and Loyalty like we honor wealth and power. They are 3D physical beings that can be killed, just not easily.

    The CIA has been collecting high metagene bloodlines for the whole time they have been in existence and have been ‘enhancing’ them by adding Draco DNA to them almost since the beginning. So what do you get from this?

    1. You are stronger both physically and immune system. Things that will kill normals just phase you. And you can accidentally kill a normal if you aren’t careful.

    2. Your psi abilities beat anything a normal can do. At worst you are empathic. At best, you are telepathic, can leave your body at will, do telekenesis, remote view, go interdimensional and take ships with you.

    3. You have a sense of honor that normals don’t. If someone insults your personal honor, you won’t forgive it. Ever.

    4. There are physical deformities that come along. Draco don’t have external ears. Draco have 3 fingers. Draco have 3 toes that they walk on, with their heels in the air like a dog or cat. So any expression from Draco feet to fewer toes to deformities of what is there is possible. The usuals are ears that curl shut, shorter outer fingers, hammer toes, bunions. Occasionally the feet look completely reptilian.

    5. Skin issues. Draco have scales. Scales that are made from keratin. So when humans are shot up with Draco, they secrete lots of keratin. That causes a condition called acne piriformis that itches terribly.

    6. Hormonal issues. Draco have a different set of pheromones that appeal directly to the cerebellum, bypassing the usual higher functions entirely. They also have a different hormone balance. Draco hybrids are oversexed as a general rule. Both genders. And normals respond to those pheromones too, but generally can’t keep up.

    7. Draco are not quite warm blooded. So hybrids have a lower body temperature. When they also have hypothyroidism, they can be seriously cold when everyone else is comfortable.

    8. Draco are normally in the 300 to 400 IQ range. Normals are from 100 to 120. Hybrids are usually over 140.

    9. Draco tend to not have attachment emotions. So hybrids can seem cold emotionally, but suddenly have temper tantrums. They also play power games if they aren’t aware they are hybrids.

    Alien Agenda VI: The Worm Has Turned | VT Archives | Alternative Foreign Policy Media

    The End of Reptilian Overlordship Part 1 — James Bartley

    Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot
    Interviews William Tompkins U.S Navy Intelligence

  3. All the pet lizards I met have not cared about my well being

    If they rely on what we know as the reptilian brain, it will be instinct and survival and if you throw in let’s say human thinking, I could see how their ego could consume them. Superiority.

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