С каждым днем ​​я все больше запутался. «Обсуждение»

С каждым днем ​​я все больше запутался. «Обсуждение»

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  1. Recent tweets from Eric Weinstein

    1. «Uh. Have you not been listening to what I’ve said? That we may be faking a UFO situation? Or that we may be covering up the duplicity of our own “Operation Fortitude” type program? I honestly don’t understand you. Keep going though.»

    2. Something big is going on. It involves Spying. Classified R&D. Deception. Religion. Physics. But I’m neither invested in the “Little Green Men” nor the “It’s obviously all BS” crowds. I simply don’t understand what I’m looking at. Why turn everything into a battle? I don’t get…

    Operation Fortitude wiki

    This subject hurts my pee brain.

  2. That’s a very clever way to put the «aliens» to the rest. Teehee it was all us. Even in the 40s. Yes we even have time travel. Now go back to watching Kardashians and stay immersed.

  3. Weinstein’s ego is so incredibly large it has its own gravitational pull, especially on Twitter. Moreover it’s mass is so massive it threatens to go supernova whenever he talks about UFO’s to the little folk scuttling beneath his mighty intellect.

    If you look at his real world academic achievements, he’s bottom tier. Smart, yes… but a poor record. This is why Tim Dillon’s comedic jabs hurt him so much. His super special ‘theory’ was hilarious. I mean, even Rogan smiled when he explained it.

    In my view, he’s effectively the dumb guys smart guy.

    He’s one of these guys who bigs himself up; adds mystery as to what he knows in order to allude to something greater; and uses unnecessarily complex words to describe simple facts. In the UK they call blokes behaving like this, ‘Billy Big Bollocks’.

    If you are looking for understanding or insight from him, you’re wasting your time. Completely.

    The whole, why won’t Bob Lazar debate him on Rogan thing is hilarious too.

    I’m not sold on Lazar, but seriously, why would he ever debate him?

    Debate him on what?

    Why would any engineer actually doing stuff every day, you know with their hands, in the real world debate the theoretical guy who lives in his head over *what is real, or imagined*?

    It’s like asking Tesla to debate a religious scholar.

    Folk are completely missing the point.

  4. All greenstreet does is retweet his stupid post article with the same cookie cutter paragraph

    Yet he claims to have seen a UFO up close.

    Its mind boggling how wacked out Steven Greenstreet is

  5. Even if I were to agree with Greenstreet about literally everything, the way that he, and several other people involved in discussions on this subject, go out of their way to be condescending dickheads in as many interactions as possible on the internet really just confounds me.

    What Greenstreet posted aside, what an absolute bell-end way to approach a conversation with someone. Why are some of these ‘personalities’ nearly always combative with their approach? I genuinely don’t understand that being the default way you talk to a person. It’s just. so. weird. And his level of confidence that this is all ‘solved’ and done is confusing to me as well. People with much more understanding and credentials in the relevant fields don’t feel that way, so why does he?

    I’m not trying to say the credentialed persons are 100% correct just because of their credentials (appeal to authority and all that), but I wish I understood where his surety comes from on it all. I think anyone speaking this confidently about this topic from the 100% UFO/ALIEN side to the 100% government hoax/project bluebeam side is suspicious. I don’t get people ‘KNOWING’ they’re right. How? And how to smart people on both sides of the conversation ‘KNOW’ so confidently at the same time that opposite positions are correct?

  6. god, Eric Weinstein is so annoying to listen to. after i watched his interview on joe rogan, i can’t really take him serious. he just blablabla all the time without anything of substance. everyone hates him, everyone in science is bad except him, his theory is so great.. blablabla.

    a lot of blubbing around without any real substance.

    i really can’t listen anymore to him. he is so annoying as a person / character.

  7. First, every time that Erik speaks no one can’t understand a damn thing that comes out of his mouth. He speaks in riddles. He doesn’t know anything more than the rest of us. And no, I don’t believe that all of this is part of some black ops program.

  8. Lost me at «mid 20th century.» Zero chance the US government could hide something like this for so long.

    If anti gravity technology is discovered, it certainly won’t be the US government. Maybe Musk, a few kids from MIT, or Lockheed.

  9. Be agnostic until evidence points you in one direction or another. For me, I’ve seen enough evidence to conclude a phenomenon exists that is not human caused, and a look forward to science (not the government) revealing what the phenomenon is.

    Beyond that? Specific crashes and accounts, cattle mutilations, crop circles, abductions, high strangeness, aliens, future humans, etc., etc. … I have no opinion on.

    But I don’t believe it’s a 70 year, world-wide long con. Something is out there.

  10. The only reason people in this community hate Weinstein is because 1) all everyone here wants is for the phenomenon to be alien (which is what I personally believe it is) while he solely interested in the phenomenon itself and 2) with a genuine discussion, he would prove within minutes that Lazar is full of shit and Knapp is gullible fool.

  11. Every day, all of my thoughts have shifted into a completely different person with all that is happening around us. It’s such a weird feeling that I am getting more and more confused, too.

    Whatever we’re living in is in a glitch? Whatever it is. The programming is changing. People I talk to who don’t even believe in the phenomenon to be that exciting are now experiencing a complete disconnect and feel as if reality or something is shifting in our minds.

    I never thought I’d become one of «these» people, but nothing is making sense anymore to the very fabric of reality.

  12. Why confused? There’s so much more life out there other than Homo Sapiens. Smarter, better, more-evolved life forms. Peaceful life forms that don’t eat, fuck and kill for entertainment. What I don’t think most of us are ready for is just how much lower forms of life we are, compared to them.

  13. I get it. You posted an IQ test for the forum members to show their wisdom and IQ or lack thereof.

    I am getting out the popcorn to watch all the logical fallacies and ad hominin attacks — these comments wont get removed, because their logical fallacies and ad hominin attacks are somehow civil, on-topic and not low effort 😀

    The main difference I see between the two, is that Eric is undecided and considers several options, and Steven has already made up his mind, he thinks it’s all a hoax.

    It’s obvious to me that the phenomena is both hoaxed and real. And «the real» is both natural phenomena, our tech and something else — and the «something else» is also multi faceted. I base this on personal experience, the experiences of my close family and friends and on my study of the phenomena, a study that will probably never end.

    What makes the study of the phenomena so interesting, is that it is about so many things. You never run out of things to study. You need to learn about history, the national security state, philosophy, physics, psychology (in particular cognition and perception), culture, sociology, religion, mind control, hypnosis, photography and more. Even fiction is an inspiration, like Neuromancer, Ubik, Gateway, The Forever War, and on and on it goes.

  14. His point is that of many of us. That there probably was/is UFOs even Aliens. But it is very far and in between.

    Much of the noise is probably propaganda created to obscure whatever the intelligence agencies are doing.

  15. I get he annoys a lot of people but honestly, the more people pushing for answers the better. His brand of whatever it is, will surely get through to some that others won’t. Ultimately a good thing imo.

  16. This man is a grifter that works for Peter Thiel.

    He’s desperately trying to be a somebody and he’s a grifter.

    Stop giving him air time. He’s only mentioned in the UFO subculture. He’s mentioned in the UFO subculture because he gets attention from it. He will go away if attention stops being given to him.

  17. While the majority of the sightings occurred when we entered the nuclear age, this story doesn’t speak of the sightings that have occurred throughout history. I have trouble believing that the US is capable of keeping and maintaining and being the sole source of unidentified aerial phenomena. I do believe that the US may be running a secret program in tandem with actual sightings.

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