Теперь мы знаем, почему инопланетяне не связывались с нами…

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Теперь мы знаем, почему инопланетяне не связывались с нами…

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  1. It’s probably hard for human mind to show empathy at vague and abstract scale as this. Most people would press the button… but if you had to go through many videos and photos of cities, landscapes, individuals and other stuff from that alien civillization before making the decision, most people would probably not press it.

  2. Sounds like one of those tricky ones where it turns out the “alien civilization” is the human race, and you are left alone on Earth with 10 billion dollars and 7 billion corpses.

  3. Pretty sad yep. But we also can’t be sure about those yes votes, most of them could be bots in order to swing the vote.

    It’s pretty easy to buy a bot farm for a day.

    Reddit doesn’t currently have the tech to defend against bot farms like Twitter now has. That said reddit is primarily in political terms a left leaning platform and does use bot farms and mods to swing votes.

    Twitter used to be left leaning, but now fact checks left and right and is pretty much a town square for the world. I continue to see the left being fact checked and the right.

    So in all I would not trust that poll at all. It could be from any side full of bots just to make a point.

  4. Exactly, we carved the gene code and a sonata into that record and sent it off to far space. We didn’t carve the outlines of the healed welts on a slaves back or the marks of gas chamber victims trying to claw their way up their prison walls from certain death. It’s a really easy decision that we went down a wrong path and they need to start over with a few tweaks.

  5. Look at all the liars.

    99% of you would press that button. 1% of you are idiots.

    Please understand that every alien civilization that would exist will not hesitate to take our resources by force. They would not be an ally because they WILL be just as greedy and sadistic as us.

    So nip this in the bud and make sure you and your offspring and their offspring never want again.

  6. Kings through colonialism, “you get entire continents full of every imaginable resource to stake claim too but native civilizations with no modern tech must be pushed out or destroyed to do so” we all know how that went

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