Странное явление или Starlink и ISS вместе?

Я живу в Розвилле, штат Калифорния, к северу от Сакраменто, около 9:30 вечера я вышел на улицу, чтобы посмотреть, нет ли чего-нибудь интересного, на что стоит вытащить свой телескоп, чтобы посмотреть. Как только я посмотрел на небо, я увидел то, что сначала выглядело как падающая звезда, но затем это повторилось в том же месте примерно через 45 секунд. А потом еще, а потом еще и еще раз 5. Я вбежал внутрь, схватил свой телефон и выбежал наружу, чтобы посмотреть, не за этим ли что-нибудь последует. Вот что я получил. Это Starlink и МКС или что-то другое? Когда я позвонил своей жене, чтобы рассказать ей об этом, еще 2 появились несколько близко друг к другу, а затем пошли в противоположном направлении и с той же скоростью, что и другие вещи, прежде чем я успел навести на них камеру. В этот момент мои дети были на улице и они тоже это видели. Хотя, может быть, стоит поделиться.

Weird phenomenon or Starlink and ISS together?
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  1. So hard to see in the vid but your explanation was def very similar, I saw the 5 in a row like that, but there were about 5 more in all different spots going in the same direction, it was wild. For a few seconds it was like all the stars in the area were moving, I was scanning trying to find as many as I could, but they were very localized in the same general area. I’ve never seen this before.

  2. This is starlink satillites «flaring».

    Imagine that a mirror is facing a certain direction to reflect the sun to your eye on a countertop along a long wall, in a room. The mirror is sitting in the center of the counterop, you are opposite, with the sun behind you coming in the window reflecting off the mirror back to your eye.

    Also, imagine that the room and countertop are pitch black, as everything is painted with that special ultra black paint that is very good at relecting little to no light. The only thing you see is the sun brightly reflected in the mirror, but only when the mirror is on the center of the countertop.

    A model train set is added, circling the entire room, passing over the countertop. THe mirror is placed atop the train, still aimed in a manner that it only aligns the suns reflection when its in the center of the counter.

    Now imagine that there is not one mirror, but several on several small trains runing around the room and over the countertop. Each passes over the countertop and eventually the mirror reflects the light as they each approach the center of the countertop, and then goes out as they pass.

    This is essentially what you are seeing here. Only the mirror is the solar pannel or flat side of the starlink satillite, reflecting the light back at your eye. There are several passing by, all going through the same general area, all angeled about the same. Just right to reflect for a short time, and the satillites are very dark and hard to see otherwise So it looks like bright objects are passing one by one from West to East, and they are!

    This is no mystery or ufo/uap here.

  3. I saw almost the exact same thing in central Ohio a few months ago. It was easily a couple dozen objects that would come into view and disappear in the same pattern. I got video of that too, and asked my partner to come outside to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. She said it was unusual as well. Glad someone else got it on video.

  4. if they are all in a row, its possibly starlink.

    That happened to me last year when i kept seeing a repeat of a star get bright, move, fade out, then repeat 5 times.

    Checked my phone satellite tracking app, it was starlink 🙁

  5. ISS did indeed pass over the area at about 9:30:


    The bright star in the video above which the ISS passes is Arcturus. Not many other stars are visible but you can simultaneously see Arcturus, Epsilon Bootis, Eta Bootis, and Alpha Coronae Borealis at about 2:34.

  6. That’s pretty wild! I kinda skipped through the video, is that Venus? Also those things are really bright! Have other satellites that you’ve seen compare in brightness around the same time after sunset?

    The only thing I can compare it to is seeing satellites through clouds. And only on 2 different occasions, and only one at a time.

  7. Was it moving as fast as a shooting star (e.g., cross the sky in less than a second) or as fast as the other thing in your video? If yes, I don’t know what it was but not starlink or ISS, those take 30+ seconds to cross the sky.

    A satellite crossing the sky looks nothing like a shooting star even if it’s flaring.

  8. I have several video footage like this but I’m having trouble uploading. I really want to share this video but it will only allow me to upload pictures!! At this point I will be more than welcome to email,text message,or airdrop my never seen footage!! Any advice I have 3 different videos with these phenomena doing strange things!! Can anyone give me any advice on how to get the video out

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