Им нужна наша помощь!!! Финальная битва за прозрачность НЛО / UAP, Тим Берчетт и Дэвид Груш подвергаются нападению Майка Тернера, Кевина Маккарти, Майка Роджерса, Пентагона и других привратников (Часть 1)

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Действовать сейчас!!!
[https://twitter.com/SafeAerospace/status/1728081844372201530](https://twitter.com/SafeAerospace/status/1728081844372201530) Поправка сенатора Чака Шумера
[Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Disclosure Act of 2023](https://www.congress.gov/amendment/118th-congress/senate-amendment/797/text)

They need our Help!!! The Final Fight for UFO / UAP Transparency, Tim Burchett & David Grusch are being attacked by Mike Turner, Kevin McCarthy, Mike Rogers, The Pentagon & other Gatekeepers (Part 1)
byu/Jesusalanis111 inaliens

READ  Может ли существовать какое-то измерение, накладывающее наше, невидимое и недоступное для нас, но сфера, в которой нечеловеческий интеллект (NHI) действует свободно?

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  1. Mike Turner is a bought-and-paid-for shitbag of the highest order. I hope his reelection efforts turn out to be a collosally dismal fucking failure the likes of which have never before been seen.

    If you’re in his district, *please* do yourself and *all* of us a huge favor and make sure that happens!

  2. «who the hell’s in control?»

    That’s a great question, and one I’ve been wondering about for years. It sure as hell ain’t the puppet in chief. It sure as hell ain’t Congress. So who is behind the scenes pulling the strings?

  3. I’m just going to post this as a comment here. I made this as a post on r/ ufob :

    Tomorrow, the NDAA (National Defense Authoration Act) Schumer amendment is going to be cast out. That means 4 Senators are actively working against an opposition of Junior Senators pushing for disclosure.

    Imagine for example; refining metals without the transmutation using acids but by more efficient means. None of the disposal, health, or environmental hazards. Please call your Senators and let them know that a group of non elected Intelligence Community public servants, are not representative of the voters voice.

    We should not accept that we fund a group that is above the people and controls us through lobbying our elected officials (that group is small). Stand with Senators Tim Burchett, Matt Gaetz, Marco Rubiez, Chuck Schumer, A.O.C (apologies I could not properly spell her name), Defense Minister of Canada Paul Hellier, the late Harry Reid, Apollo astronauts: Edgar Mitchell, Buzz Aldren (2 others I can not immediately cite), Myself (fellow shipmate to many, and combat veteran who tracked hundreds of these things during Iraq invasion), FA-18 pilots David Fravor, and Ryon Graves, Intelligence officer
    David Grusch and his commanding office who know the exact places and names of those involved.

    That is why this ammendment is being blocked by 4 Senators that are all Mike’s (New Speaker of the house and worst offender Mike of Ohio).

    Call your representative. This is our best chance for disclosure above acknowledgement of the UAP flying around. We are talking Non-Human Intelligence.

  4. This is playing out the only way the government will ever allow it to! We will never get true disclosure from them, if anything we will get some half truths and outright lies designed to placate the masses. The super rich few that actually run the world and benefit from keeping their secrets will never allow their power over us be threatened!

  5. This is depressing for me, sincerely depressing… I don’t know what to do. I am sad that our government is ran by a bunch of douchbags. We have to rip out the corruption roots and all, but how? It’s just fucking overwhelming, depressing, sad and I feel for future generations. I hope we can some how push through all of this. I used to love this country

  6. Americans for Safe Aerospace


    A source close to the negotiations tells us that the NDAA conference is wrapping up. The outcome of The UAP Disclosure Act is uncertain and key terms like the civilian review board are at risk. The time to contact Congress is NOW.

    We are sending letters to Senators Round and McConnell this morning expressing ASA’s support for The Disclosure Act and the civilian review board.

    If you support government transparency on UAP, it is critical that you call Senator Rounds and Senator McConnell now and ask them to support The UAP Disclosure Act and the civilian review board in conference.

    What to say:

    — “My name is ____.”

    — “I am calling to ask Senator ____ to support the UAP Disclosure Act.”

    — “I believe we need a civilian review board to oversee disclosure.”

    — Give a brief statement of support, such as: “I believe this is an important opportunity to restore trust with the public.”

    Please remember:

    — Be brief.

    — Be respectful.

    ☎️Senator Rounds: (202) 224-5842

    ☎️Senator McConnell: (202) 224-2541

    If you make the call, consider replying and RT to encourage others.

  7. See its not about Republicans versus democrats. People need to wake up. I do have conservative values. But I will not support any of these shit bags. If you ride for democrats. Make sure to vote out the democrats doing the same. We must work together to get these people out of the office. All of them.

  8. Honorable service, recognized. A community that can put one of the 3 branches on government completely on ice. Can they do that to the President and Supreme Courts if he asks for something related?

  9. Wait a second. That clip with McCarthy walking down the isle and someone being pulled by the face is from McCarthy’s Speakership vote. It doesn’t have anything to do with UFO transparency. Did I miss something?

  10. Every American needs to do something about those snakes. Vote them out. Call the other representatives. Make it known the whole country despises the way they are acting. For the good of the world, disclosure needs to happen. We’re counting on you.

  11. I’m not surprised by any of this,”they” need to weaponize the technology so the MI complex can make millions selling it to the corrupt government. Meanwhile the goal of green energy and all the benefits that humanity could derive from the limitless energy will be squashed and we will continue to wallow in poverty at the mercy of people like gates and biden.

  12. Not to make this political but Burchett is a useful idiot and the GOP is always the enemy and will never do what’s good for most people unless it also happens to be what’s best for the industrial military complex or corporate elite; they’re all so corrupt.

    This community got into bed with Luna and Burchett so don’t be surprised if they aren’t actually doing anything for any other reason than clout and to own libs.

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