Настоятельно призываем это сообщество посмотреть этот документальный фильм, чтобы понять наши отношения с другой цивилизацией.

Действительно нашел это интригующим, я ожидаю, что инопланетяне будут вести себя так же с нами.

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  1. Although I agree there’s some things to learn and loose similarities in this content, more advanced humans interacting with less advanced humans strictly in a terrestrial sense pales in direct comparison to a civilization that is possibly 10’s of thousands or millions or billions years more advanced, interacting with us.

    There are going to be things that we are flat out unable to conceptualize and understand in a meaningful way or we are physically unable to perceive or participate in due to our physiology being far less evolved/manipulated/advanced than theirs, if they are even still biological in our definition. So bizarre even that it may be too shocking for some to even survive, mentally, physically or both.

    I feel your post more emphasizes why we haven’t had a mass contact event or worldly open effort to make contact; The majority of residents on this planet are not evolved enough or open to such an event so it would be more detrimental than good, especially since, what we consider to be our most advanced civilizations, still murder each other or at the very least exploit their fellow human for selfish reasons.

    If they (multiple species/entities) are flying around turning off different countries nukes at whim, they either want to show dominance or try to tilt us in the right direction. I hope I find out which in my lifetime.

  2. i watched the first 23 minutes. fascinating!

    i wonder if aliens, seeing us reverse engineer their tech, are like “no!!!! ur gonna get germs!!!” just like the anthropologists in the video

  3. I was told that the native peoples of Australia can»t see corners where the walls and ceiling meet in their modern houses because they had no word in their language to describe them.

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing!
    Interesting how we always think of a homogeneous group of aliens regarding a certain race. Look how difficult it is for us to treat them in the same manner. White peoples were perceived as demons, until some were heilbringers.

    No contact policy seems to be a general idea so far😁

  5. We can’t even understand the level of consciousness of animals on earth. We basically have no hope of understanding something not of this earth, let alone what motivates them or how they view us.

    I just think making comparisons like this don’t have much value. We have no idea what we are dealing with.

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