Член палаты представителей Майк Тернер в этом видео говорит, что нет никаких доказательств присутствия инопланетян на Земле.

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Член палаты представителей Майк Тернер в этом видео говорит, что нет никаких доказательств присутствия инопланетян на Земле.

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  1. Here is a dumb question, if there are no aliens, why block the amendment? The only thing that I can think of is some money that would be spent to perform the clauses in the amendment, however, Grusch said it would be in the range of 1-2 million dollars and that amount isn’t even a drop in the bucket. So why fight this? Otherwise he will just say «matter of national security». I am so tired of this shit. All of these politicians can go to hell.

  2. I know Reddit hates Joe Rogan but Grusch was on the podcast and specifically said this senator denies all evidence and is bankrolled by all the Military contractors like Lockheed, northrup, Boeing etc. his state also has one of the most secret AF bases.

    Long story short, this POS senator isn’t trustworthy.

  3. So.. he didn’t say no aliens on earth, he said that David Grusch doesn’t have evidence of this… he didn’t answer her question outright… he danced around that.

    The answer should have been no… if he is so sure.. he would have said no.


  4. So Maj. Grusch is a liar, CMDR Fravor and the 4 other Naval flight officers are liars, Lt Graves is a liar, all the GS witnesses, military witnesses, politicians who saw unexplained imagery and the millions of civilian witnesses…. All liars. But this douche. He’s telling the truth.

  5. Jesus fucking Christ I hate the news especially fox news. The last statement, «what’s worse aliens or China?». Fucking insane.

    They just attempted to distract you by saying China is bad news don’t worry about aliens. Incredible

  6. I don’t understand why we would expect a politician to be truthful. We elect the best smoothest speakers who love center stage ( narcissists) and people with that tendency tell you what they think you want to hear. They don’t get transparency. Until people start electing leaders based on their qualifications and experience that’s what we’re going to get.

  7. He’s my congressman. Keep in mind that Wright-Patterson AFB is right smack in the middle of his district. All of the major defense contractors have offices here, and at last check, something like 1/3 of the Air Force’s total budget is managed through WPAFB. It is also the home of the Air Force Institute of Technology. Top Secret research and engineering projects are run right there.

    Oh, and before he got into politics, he worked for a major defense contractor.

    All of this to say, it is highly likely that he’s been read in on whatever the government has. If anyone in Congress knows anything about the subject, he’s your Huckleberry. He also has a vested interest in keeping it all under wraps.

  8. *Any Normal Journalist from prior decades:* «But Mike, in a July 26, 2023, bipartisan hearing held by the House Oversight Committee’s national security subcommittee, three witnesses including David Grusch, David Fravor, a former commanding officer in the U.S. Navy, and Ryan Graves, executive director of Americans for Safe Aerospace. testified on UFOs on Capitol Hill in Washington.

    Fravor described to the committee a 2004 episode where he and others spotted a small white object that looked like Tic Tac candy «moving very abruptly over the water like a ping pong ball.» The encounter was captured in a 90-second video. Fravor said the incident was never investigated. Fravor testified that the UAP flight physics exceeds everything known to exist anywhere on Earth by the US, our allies, and our enemies.

    Isn’t that eyewitness account, backed up by the recorded video evidence of upgraded military sensors that these witnesses testified about, a form of UAP evidence Mike? No one said the UAP’s are definitely piloted by aliens so no need for those semantics, but what our viewers want to know is why you think it is OK to lump a decorated Navy pilot’s eyewitness testimony, under oath, on his personal, in-flight, UAP encounter, that is also backed by miltiary tracking data, into a «no evidence» bucket?

    Don’t you owe more to our brave, capable, military heroes than the dismissive response you provided here minutes ago? Don’t you at least owe a thorough, open investigation into these reported UAPs, which continue to violate our sovereign airspace, to our military pilots, who put their lives on the line each time they operate in that violated airspace?»


    *Fox’s Maria B-is-for-business today:* «So Mike, whaddabout that China?»

  9. “No evidence of aliens on earth” is a careful answer that can be disputed later after disclosure.

    He didn’t deny the existence of aliens. He just said there is NO evidence that aliens are HERE ON EARTH. Well is there evidence that aliens are at all real? Why not just say “Hey listen Aliens aren’t real simple as that.”??? Why does it have to be a answer that leaves a back door open?

  10. Ah, yes the thousands and thousands of people should know about it theory. Just like there was only 1 person working on the Manhattan Project… and that’s why no one knew about. Uh huh…

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  12. You guys misheard him.
    “Mariah.. I..I..there’s…I certainly CANT TELL YOU that there are no aliens here”.

    Plain English: I’m nervous now, here’s a political round about avoidance answer while I also tell you I’m not allowed to say there are no aliens here because that would be false. There are aliens here. Always have been.

  13. The fucking gaslighting is off the charts. Grusch has seen direct evidence, and first-hand witnesses have testified to Congress. This self-serving liar knows all that and just doing the bidding of his military-industrial complex bribers, I mean donors.

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