«Существует ограничение по времени. Правительство знает, что оно действительно должно говорить правду общественности». — Росс Култхарт. Каковы ваши теории относительно того, почему существует ограничение по времени для раскрытия информации?

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Цитата Росса Култхарта из подкаста Need to Know в 21:54: https://open.spotify.com/episode/72v9SLlzwUOswPjtKrwwlu?si=Ck66dk6GR72MxYOFW5eNgQ&context=spotify%3Ashow%3A24xucCwPjcXENqwUgtKZaY&nd=1 как будто есть какой-то крайний срок для раскрытия информации общественности. Как вы думаете, почему такая спешка с обнародованием информации?

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  1. Theories I’ve seen floating around, none of which are too convincing to me, but interesting thoughts:

    * They think some other government is about to disclose or use technology
    * They think the NHI are planning or gearing up for something, like an attack
    * They think humans are planning an attack on NHI
    * They think the shift of our magnetic poles will occur soon and will down all the UAP
    * They think the military/the private companies in possession are planning to destroy the technology or conduct experiments with it that will devastate the planet
    * They think more NHI will arrive soon and what we have seen was just info gathering drones
    * They think there’s a deadline set by the NHI for humanity to get rid of all nuclear weapons

    I’m sure I missed many others I saw but those are the ones I remember off the top of my head

  2. If any of you think our government cares about climate change and want to do good by giving us free energy, you’re deluding yourself.

    The only true reason (if any of this is to be believed) is that a foreign adversary (China) made progress on reverse engineering these things. So rather than give China the win, the US would rather disclose.

  3. Our planet just recorded the hottest temperature’s ever, breaking the record on consecutive days. Makes you wonder whether there is some hard limit that we’re at risk of hitting and it’s clear by this point that we aren’t capable of fixing this problem ourselves.

  4. Makes that movie «don’t look up» (where society destructs by not listening to specialists when they come forth with data), all the more weird. PLUS with more secular types such as sam harris stating he was approached about a specific event happening in the future; where he would need to be prepared for/weigh in on…

    This sub really gets the hair on my back raised sometimes lol

  5. Maybe they are coming.Maybe they’ve been asked to.

    Maybe they were wondering wtf we still didn’t made progress out of the fossil fuels with the stuff they left behind.

    Maybe they have a program that gathers people from around the world, that they frequently visit and communicate with to keep tabs on our development as a species on this planet. To see if we are the danger to its existence.

    Maybe they went around asking those people why isn’t anything changing and we’re nearing our downfall. And why do those people think the situation is so fucked up.

    Maybe they got a compelling answer.

    Maybe when it came time to the vote on their involvement — maybe most of those people voted in favor of them coming and fixing shit for our bullshit governments.

    Maybe among those — there also have been a someone there that said something in line of «if you decide to come do not fuck while dancing» — to which the room laughed.

    Or maybe that was just a strange dream…

  6. The simplest answer in my opinion here is that the aerospace companies who have the goods are in full panic mode trying to bury it (legally or figuratively) or trying to get rid of it

  7. I’m a total layman when it comes to these things but I have noted more chatter about A.I and more chatter about advances in quantum computing.

    Perhaps the invention and merging of these two technologies forms part of the standard progression of civilisations and perhaps the probabilities of good outcomes are low. Maybe, as some have said, a super intelligent A.I is regarded as an existential threat to more than the host planet. It may be that the development of these technologies is a great filter that cannot be left unchecked by the “rules” out there and therefore when approaching the point of no return a civilisation is greeted by the NHI and redirected to preserve order beyond the A.I host planet.

  8. I hate these cryptic “I know something but can’t say anything” types of quotes. If you can’t say anything without betraying your sources, then don’t say anything. The whole “I’ve got a secret” shit drives me nuts! (Rant over.)

  9. I think that Congress is trying to move fast before the group that wants the ufo reality to remain secret tries to put it back in the box. There were hearings back in the project Blue Book days. Then the anti disclosure group brought out the Condon Committee to shut it all down.

  10. If there’s a time limit, it’s probably some sort of dead man’s switch disclosure that the government can’t prevent by someone who’s been in on everything from the very beginning and is now getting very old. You could set this up in your will with automated disclosure to various news outlets.

    So the government can either fess up or be outed.

  11. Seems pretty clear WW3 is on the table and major powers have access to this technology through reverse engineering. I’m sure the intel shows that the planet would not survive WW3 for very long and that we are in an existential crisis/cold war.

    Disclosing the existence of NHI and subsequent technology is an attempt to influence that war in some way.

    I don’t think it has to be any more complex than that.

  12. It’s been mentioned before. By Bledsoe, John Ramirez, Semivan, Leslie Kean, France Milburn and Ross Coulhart. It’s some type of cataclysm. And they are coming to try and stop it. Others are working to make sure it happens.

  13. Maybe one or more of the contractors working on reverse engineering this stuff have either hit what they consider to be an impassable roadblock OR they have already exploited the tech as much as they think possible. Now, at least one of these contractors has told the government / DoD that they don’t want it / the responsibility of keeping it under wraps anymore and have asked the government to take it back. The government doesn’t want the actual responsibility of storing this stuff either and says “not possible”. Contractor says “Fine — we’ll invite the ABC down to our facility for a look-see and tell them you ordered us to keep this illegal program secret unless you sort this out and give us a legal “off-ramp” from this situation by xyz date” — hence the latest legislation.

  14. An elaborate plot to undermine secret foreign programs before the war in Ukraine spills over or another major war starts. They said they dont know what UAP are but are calling on citizens in foreign countries to question secret programs they may have in this new bill. It doesnt have to be NHI. America could just be behind in that field of tech

  15. I believe the main reason for disclosure is China has reverse engineered the tech and is now using it against the US.

    Remember the balloon incidents? Our Nation’s sensors weren’t set to detect such things that small.

    China found out what we were and weren’t detecting. They’ve been using this NHI tech against us without us knowing, throwing in an occasional balloon to throw us off. Having downed the others, we now know the truth.

    They are WAY ahead of us. Time to open this up and catch up. These politicians aren’t stupid. They’ve known about this. Hearings and this charade are just for «cover». They’ve been in on it for years. They’ve just been caught flat footed and we’ve got to get our shit together.

    This is the «time constraint».

  16. I heard on a Leslie Kean interview a little back where she said she wasn’t planning anything 7 years down the road. She didn’t elaborate but wonder what she knows. She has really solid contacts and has been a trooper. Also pretty interesting she really has gotten into NDEs in the past couple years.

  17. Long-shot but what if JWST is detecting «bio signatures» in the atmospheres of planets that are orbiting a nearby star? NASA may then want to report on this but doing so would require a cascade of related disclosure.

  18. It could be the situation in Ukraine. Russia and now Belarus keep threatening to use nuclear weapons. Russia doesn’t seem to admit defeat and back down. There’s no end in sight. And if NHI have forbid the use of nuclear weapons in warfare then disclosure might prevent NHI retaliation or other serious measures.

  19. Theory: Near AI found patterns in radio astronomy, Webb data, something… that we missed that are illustrative to other beings’ presence; and it’s simple enough to repeat within a year or two that the public is going to know anyway.

  20. I think the time constraint is actually the loss of interest if things keep moving slow. It plays into the intelligence communities plan to delays and hope the news cycle and public interest goes away

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