«Это один из ваших вундерваффе?»

Груш довольно веселый парень.

«Is this one of your Wunderwaffe?»
byu/Arethum inaliens

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  1. You gotta read between the lines.
    Getting vibes that some of that old stuff about spirit recycling and creating us is more close than we think. The whole national security excuse being used isn’t for danger ,it’s hiding knowledge. Knowledge of our past and reason for being..That’s just the feelings I’m getting. I’m not saying nothing new, but I gotta say it some where.

  2. Whenever people start talking about Nikola tesla then we will start getting some answers.

    Nikola died in 1943. Donald trumps Uncle John G Trump was the one appointed to handle all of teslas un-patented ideas after he died.

    If you compare Nikola teslas 369 vortex math with the volkswagon logo, you might notice some similarity.

    Compare that with the first volkswagon logo from 1937 and things become a bit weird. The timelines with all of the sudden ufo sightings in the 40s right after tesla figured all this out seems a bit more than coincidental.

  3. Why even bother with evidence? Assertions should be enough right? I want to believe, this guy is telling me all the stuff I wanted to hear. I’m convinced 100%.

    Evidence is for nerds. You’re not a nerd are you?

  4. He’s saying there was no biological material. He talked about 2 Nordic before. Weird. Btw, Italians thought the ship was German because the nordics looked Germans.

  5. im just finished the podcast and thought it was pretty underwhelming to be honest. also why does grusch talk like a confused high school girl that ends their sentences on an upward high inflection. its really grating.

  6. How is the timeline on that comment. Did germany already in 1933 have a reputation for secret superweapons? I thought that came later after the 39?

    To have someone from italy already in 1933 make that statement indicates to me that our guy is mixing facts with his own fiction, but to what degree?

    He does not seem credible to me.

  7. What every government is probably in fear off is massive ontological shock. This will lead to mass suicides, homicides, and completely destroy power held by some, like most religious institutions and governments. No government has figured out how to move away from hierarchical means of production and business. Too much money involved in keeping people sick and dependent on their government and market makers to function.

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