Это то, чего я ждал, детка

Это то, чего я ждал, детка

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  1. Honestly it makes sense there’s a lot he can’t disclose. I mean it would be said to the public before live on Rogan. But regardless this episode was amazing and interesting as hell. What’s weird though is how every comment on the YT clip of him JRE posted is literally 80-90% bots speaking about Amazon/BS unrelated to the topic aka bots 🤖 twisting the narrative and discussion. Also people dismissing it without even listening to the episode is just silly, I get comparing him to mike baker for the meme of things but unlike Baker a LOT was said and discussed I was unaware of. Plus I was waiting for him to come on Rogan to actually hear this guys full story. 9/10 would recommend

  2. Do they still force commercials or ads for paying customers on Spotify? That’s when I stopped listening to Rogan. Funny thing is, now I listen to other shit on you tube and they have commercials, it might be dumb, but I pay Spotify specifically for no commercials so I’ve been standing my ground lol

  3. I probably come off as a dick to one particular user in these comments, but I don’t really care. A lot of you need to hear that because you guys get mad at people like him not talking about certain things because you don’t understand the whistleblower process.

    Which isn’t surprising because it’s not like we were taught that in school or anything. I only understand it because I proactively went out and looked into the new whistleblower protection legislation and it’s implications.

  4. One iffy thing for me, unless his statements have changed, is this guy has never seen anything but paperwork with his own eyes. Yes the paperwork allegedly depicts craft recovery, etc., but it’s still second hand info. My greedy skeptical hippo eye having ass wants first hand.

  5. Waaaah. 😭 He didn’t provide the internet with proof of aliens. Waaaah. 😭 He wants to stay within the law and not go to jail. Waaaah. 😭 It’s all a vast conspiracy of crazy people, psyop, grifter, shill, trust me bro, buzzwords, waaah 😭

    Gross. Sick of y’all 🤮
    Go jerrk off Greenewald and Greenstreet or something.

  6. Listened to it in its entirety last night. Fascinating stuff. I was pretty disappointed in Joe going off the fuckin’ rails halfway through though. You could tell David kind of got disconnected, and tried multiple times when appropriate to reel it back to topic, with a comparison answer to what he was actually there for. Joe was on that “high wearing off” tangent.

    Joe is usually a better interviewer than that, so if he goes back to listen, he’s probably going to realize he dropped the ball. Joe’s talking about shit he could’ve essentially been talking about with anyone with little knowledge in the subject, that didn’t give any more insight into the information that Grusch actually has. That was severely disappointing and an absolute waste of time for everyone. Missed opportunity to the fullest extent…

  7. I’m 40 mins in and so far no new info. So far Rogan sounds a bit like he’s adding a slight ‘I’m very skeptical over you dude’ tone, probably understandably so given the number of times we’ve heard the «can’t talk about that» line we’ve heard from many since the summer. Grusch sounds a lot more informal in tone which is fine but I’m not used to hearing him talk this way. Hopefully something new will pop out in the next hr.

  8. I liked it all the way up until Joe Rogan goes off on his annoying galaxy brain pontifications instead of letting Grusch speak. I find Rogan to be a horrible interviewer, and when he goes off for minutes and minutes just talking about AI or existence or the universe, instead of asking more stuff from Grusch, it just loses me, and I wanted to turn it off. Rogan does that shit all the time, and it’s so annoying. Dude loves hearing himself talk

  9. Utter crap podcast. This guy gives off massive douchebag vibes.

    Constantly talking about how he can’t talk about details because he wants to protect national interests from the KGB and whatnot, but then according to him the reason he’s on the podcast is so the American people can hold their government accountable with the topics he shares.

    Like wtf is he spinning here? Another hack job that «can’t disclose». Probably the worst alien/ufo topic podcast on Rogan. Even Greer’s one is more entertaining.

    This bloke knows nothing new we already don’t know.

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