Странные наблюдения НЛО в лесу Рендлшем | британский Розуэлл

Странные наблюдения НЛО в лесу Рендлшем | британский Розуэлл

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  1. Pennistons binary is in my opinion, horseshit & it has mildly tarnished the credibility of the incident as a whole. However I would strongly disagree with Rendelsham being “debunked”. Every single case ever has been “debunked”. I think Skeptoid has been debunked.

    Also, WTF is a “top debunker”?

  2. In December 1980 strange UFO sightings were reported in Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England by numerous witnesses over the course of a few days. The unexplained phenomenon is one of the most famous reported UFO events in history and has garnered the nickname of ‘Britain’s Roswell’, a nod to the well-known UFO incident that took place in New Mexico in 1947.

    The question remains, did the events witnessed on the 26th and 28th December 1980 definitively constitute an encounter with an extra-terrestrial object? Lieutenant Colonel Halt believed that what he and the others saw was outer-worldly, going on record again in 2010 to state it was real and the UK and U.S. governments covered it up.

    Whilst many believe it was a UFO that descended into the forest that night, there are a great number of sceptics who feel there is little truth in that version of events.

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