Дэвид Груш говорит, что на Земле существует множество видов инопланетян.

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Дэвид Груш сегодня выступает на JRE и говорит, что на Земле обитает множество инопланетных видов. Ситуация действительно накаляется. JRE: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6D6otpHwnaAc86SS1M8yHm?si=OZV2A6QlS1KlluSdcFAqSg


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  1. At what point does someone take all the Gruschlore and crunch it into a GPT agent, thus creating a multimedia medley to encompass the grand narrative as it is spun in small fragments through interviews here and talks there

    Edit: please don’t do this.

  2. He’s another one in a long line who say we’ve got multiple types/species we interact with. John Lear, for example, says there are over 70 types.

    It’s interesting he said nobody knows the actual number, which makes me wonder if there are multitudes, including the air ships of the 1800s, creatures like skin walkers and ghosts, and even creatures related to Indian and Irish lore. Most countries seem to have creatures with overarching themes.

  3. Ok but does any one have a logical explanation as to why he’s allowed to say all of this? He is saying it’s been cleared with government officials which means it’s information that the government are ok being out there but it hasn’t officially come from the government. Doesn’t really make sense to me.

  4. I’m open minded and I’m even willing to consider this guy may be somewhat legit, but this clip seems to be a masterclass in saying a lot of stuff and going off on safe tangents, without actually answering the questions that was asked.

    The question related to the variety of others, seeking examples. The response was avoidant waffle.

  5. what if all aliens want is some tacobell or some shit? Havnt yall workers at dominos pizza had that weird tweaker guy coming in buying like 20 boxes of pizza….

    that is no tweaker…. hes just your local reptilian with a bad bio suit.

    there is your answer…



  6. Is anyone else pissed the fuck off by this shit. Like if this is real and we have been kept in the dark, I feel like these people who’ve done this need to be executed. Who are they to keep such a life changing thing from us.

  7. So this guy is government, he discloses it and half this sub is like “I need the information with more government!” The government lies to you religiously, you know this but still need their affirmation? Anyone think that ass fucked mentality might be part of the problem?

  8. Finally. He’s correct.

    There’s never a final number.

    But if you’re interested. As of 2012, the man I knew who was deeply, deeply involved and part of the group that dealt with all this. Before he died he gave two different numbers.

    The mainline n$a knew and has identified about 54 different biokinds. While the group «above» (black) that dealt with the subjexr directly over 110. And these include non physicals, also known as hyperversals or onto energetics.

    About 12 here and directly involved with the world in more direct ways.

    Food for thought, consider it fiction if you want.

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