Интервью Джо Рогана и Дэвида Груша просто дикое.

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Я имею в виду. Это дико. Никаких ссор. Просто Груш, выплевывающий правду. Да, многое уже сказано, но все вместе это сводит с ума. Иди посмотри. Этот парень сейчас знает, вероятно, больше, чем любой другой человек. Или он прямо там. Также. Чертова БУТЫЛКА, которую это взяло. Чтобы попасть сюда, ему пришлось пройти через некоторые жестокие испытания. Безумный. Я бы не сделал того, что сделал он. Ни за что. Ссылка на эпизод видео: https://open.spotify.com/episode/6D6otpHwnaAc86SS1M8yHm Спасибо u/SpeakerAnnual8482 за то, что поделились ссылкой. ✌️

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  1. Man, David Grusch is such a badass. It makes me think about how much better the world could be if more of us acted out of integrity and doing what we thought was right instead of out of self interest.

  2. This is one of the craziest podcasts I’ve ever heard. He came with facts and receipts. I would recommend anyone even slightly interested in more then the daily grind to listen to this. Reality is so much more then we have been led to believe.

  3. Dave isnt the *most* knowledgable (You have senior positions of power in multiple corpos/govt that dwarf even his knowledge) but he has damn sure vetted proper sources and presented them to Congress. So those above the tax-payer level are privvy to these sources. Social media is not. And it could get Dave into some serious legal shit, beyond what he is already fighting.
    This shit has hit the beurocracy mudslinging level in the Government and until we have laws that change how we can release info, this is what we have. Sucks. It is what it is.
    But we can make a difference by outing the special interest groups and recepients to these efforts next year. If you are in the US and wanting disclosure, read the history of your options and plan accordingly.

  4. I just finished the episode and I’m definitely going to watch it again tonight, it was great! I love how he talks about passport to magonia and how these beings have been around a long ass time. I have most of Jacques Vallée books and the stories and tales in that book are amazing. People have been seeing and interacting with this phenomenon for a very long time and it always shows itself as it wants us to see.
    Damn I’m going to dive back into my books and re read passport to magonia.

  5. The best part is how he references the Holographic Universe Theory — also a great book by Michael Talbot — and black hole informational storage ideas.

    Our reality is just a form of projection emanating from another dimension and or reality. We are an entropy reduction experiment and part of the implicate order.

    I love this podcast. Best JRE podcast in years.

  6. I want to believe. Unfortunately like Dave said in the first 40 minutes of the show, we’ll only know the truth if Congress passes the massive $886 billion 2024 National Authorization Defense Act. Wait a second…is that a clue?

  7. I opened Spotify today at work and said “holy shit!” at my desk. I’m about 45 minutes in and it’s great. Yeah there’s a lot of “I can’t talk about that” but nobody should be expecting him to give full disclosure of everything here. Theres real life, serious penalties for disclosing classified info without authorization.

  8. That was wow.
    David Grusch unchained, I am glad he saved the best for the Joe Rogan show. This is David Grusch at his finest.

    Big fucking win for Team Disclosure.
    The kid gloves are off now, Mike & Mike, you guys should scoot, vamoose.

  9. 6 year disclosure plan. 2030 has been coming up alot in the media in last year, smart cities WEF 2030 plan etc. Maybe the powers that be have figured out the technology and for the next 6 years it will slowly roll out and by the time 2030 hits we will have UFOs, free energy, CBDCs, artificial intelligence, humanoid androids, contact with NHI etc.

  10. I haven’t listened to much of JRE in the last several years, just a sampling. I can’t throw a headphone in at work anymore for 35-45 hrs a week. Overall, this was a really good episode, but in the last third Rogan goes on the digital butterfly soliloquy, again. But there’s so much there in the first two thirds it doesn’t matter. Like, where do they go from what was stated? Of course there needs to be come down. Grusch was a great guest, great communicator

  11. Joe seemed like he was struggling with this in a lot of ways. Didn’t know what the fuck to believe and by the end, I think we got the old Rogan back. He’s a believer again.

    I’m a huge fan of his podcast and have heard him go back and fourth over the past ten years on what’s in our skies.

    He’s been a full blown believer, then a skeptic, then Bob Lazar interview happened and he went back to believing, then recently seemed to cool off a bit and thinks UAP may be our drones or drones that belong to another country but during this interview, I sensed he went in a little hesitant and came out the other end knowing we aren’t alone.

    He has said, in the past, he feels something is off with Grusch and asks «why now?» but I think this interview rocked him.

    He was very sheepish and carefully positioning his questions to see if he could get a BS reading but (if you’ve listened to him for a while) you could see he was rocked half way through. A realization that Grusch is telling the truth.

    For me, yea, this was a wild podcast!

    Love Joe or hate him, IMO when it comes to the UFO Community, Rogan is THEE most important person, simply because of how big his platform is and his interest in the subject matter. Whom else with such a large audience is as interested? Tucker comes in a distant 2nd.

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