Дон Тадая — Анализ данных НЛО

Дон Тадая — Анализ данных UAP

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  1. Don Tadaya uses the 80,000 record NUFORC UAP database to demonstrate the applications of data-science for trend analysis and identifying hidden relationships in anomalous data-sets.

    Don Tadaya, a Software Engineer & Data Scientist with experience at Northrup Grumman, DaScient Capital, and the National Security Agency.

    Don has a BA in Mathematics & Philosophy from Arizona State University and certifications in Python, machine learning, java, and privacy from the University of Maryland, Stanford, and MIT, respectively.

    He joins us today to discuss the applications of data-science and automated analysis to highlighting trends and identifying hidden relationships anomalous data-sets.


    UAP Analytic Centralization Program (Kaggle Notebook)[https://www.kaggle.com/code/dascient/uacp-uap-analytic-centralization-program](https://www.kaggle.com/code/dascient/uacp-uap-analytic-centralization-program)National UFO Reporting Center[https://nuforc.org/](https://nuforc.org/)

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