Пришельцы предупредили Чарльза Хиксона, что мир снова будет уничтожен, если люди не изменят свой образ действий!

Пришельцы предупредили Чарльза Хиксона, что мир снова будет уничтожен, если люди не изменят свой образ действий!


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  1. According to Charles Hickson, the aliens showed him images of the world being destroyed again, and this could be the outcome of many scenarios such as nuclear energy misuse, pollution, and other causes. He spoke about us being seeded on planet Earth for experimentation, mentioned an invisible energy that moves the planets and galaxies, discussed reincarnation, the infinity of life in the universe, and a God the creator. This interview took place in 1973. You can watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/KT_PtYINT8c

  2. Hicksons abduction story (The Pascagoula MS abduction case) is my all time “favorite” abduction case if that’s even an appropriate thing to say. Reminds me alot of the Travis Walton case but the most compelling thing about it is that the two men (Hickson and his fishing buddy) were recorded unbeknownst to them by the local sheriff right after reporting their encounter. That recording is available online and gives me chills every time. Maybe some kind redditor can/has link to it elsewhere in the comments

  3. There’s a similar case in my country, where a rather renowned historian called Eduardo Pons Prades suddenly wrote a book about being abducted, ignoring the recommendations of his editor to not do it. He called it «el mensaje de otros mundos» (message from other worlds) where he narrated an abduction experience, and it basically ruined his career, just as his editor said it would. However, he felt the responsibility to spread the message he was told, and he did.

    Haven’t read it, but I listened to a podcast some years ago that told most of the story. I don’t recall anything about destroying our world, but they were really insistent in the fact that humans should definitely not try to put any kind of atomic weapon in orbit/space if we didn’t want to deal with the consequences.

  4. I think it’s kinda funny he mentioned the decline of communism as a good thing that aliens would appreciate. 😆 they dress alike, are drab and grey and seem to spent a lot of time serving a mothership 👀🤷‍♂️

  5. idk I think these «aliens» are from the future & have no home planet bc their ancestors (us) let it burn & they come back (in time) to try to warn or stop us. but we are ruled by greedy corporations, all of which’s ceos would need to be contacted simultaneously to affect the necessary changes, I think. so, here we are: too little too late. over. and. over.

  6. Let’s be real honest here.

    Why would they care?

    If we’re so much of a problem that we’re destroying our own planet, why would they care to warn us? Why not just let us burn in our own filth? Logically speaking we’re going to be leaving here eventually. Spreading our filth and destruction to other planets. Maybe their planet. Wouldn’t it be in the galactic interest to either let us implode or force us to stay here and die out?

    On the flip side, if they care so much and it’s so dire, why only tell a handful of humans here and there? They’re so technologically advanced that they can get here, but have no way of seeing where the human hotspots are? Can’t just hover over Time Square with a megaphone? Can’t just hover over an area and telepathically speak to everyone at once? Maybe even the whole world at once?

    Furthermore, they’ve got time and means to get here and care enough to warn us but not tell anyone *how* to fix all this? Can’t just drop a machine into the ocean or some random field that’ll start doing… something. Idk.

    Listen. Aliens exist. They’re out there somewhere.

    But they didn’t talk to this guy.

  7. I didn’t watch OP’s video so I dont know precisely what it said, but the children at the Ariel school reported receiving a similar message of warning about environmental destruction.

    My pet theory is that the Others are telepathic / kinda hive mindy and don’t really understand that we’re not, so they think telling one of us will tell us all. I have zero evidence to back this up.

    Wish they’d visit some CEOs and Republican lawmakers with the same message.

    Edit: also this weirdo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cjxqwmAJHQ

  8. I don’t have to be abducted by aliens to see current state of the world is going to a bad direction.

    Wars, pollution, economic inequality, energy sources, political populism…

  9. And it’s true, they, who ever that is….will keep hitting the reset button until we get our shit together.
    Idk maybe we should stop putting all of our faith in these fucking sociopaths time and time again.

  10. This warning was given to humanity, many millennia ago. I listed the [Hopi](https://www.reddit.com/r/HighStrangeness/comments/z9vbqf/the_dogon_hopi_nagamayan_one_culture_divided/) 9 signs, each and every one has come true. They speak of The Great Purification. Tibet-Gardners of the Earth, Naga-Maya ‘the return of the 9’. The documentary Dr Hans guggenheim shot when he visited Dogon country, he was there during Sigui. It was Guiness Longest ritual ,from 67-73 & my elders say it’ll be the last one.(every 60 yr)We’ve been celebrating, many indigenous cultures have actually. Personally, when people get into «seeding & experimentation» I throw the flag. That’s new age 1950s- scifi brain sensationalism, you don’t find that in any ancient text nor the Oldest cultures traditions on the planet, Australia First Nation’s.

    We can see for ourselves the state of our planet, we don’t need aliens to show up & tell us. Though it’s not like we’re gonna listen anyway. The Ariel kids message was ignored, Edgar Mitchells emails…I made alot of posts about people like CMellon, USMC engineer Bill Uhouse,Ben Rich’s claims about technology being given in the 50s .. our ancestors have also constantly told us how to communicate with these entities, by way of the Handbags/pinecone. These are depicted in every corner of the globe[Tree Of Life ](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/63/71/cf/6371cf40e4d89ef66972586af0e85b1f.jpg) According to tradition of the Hopi, Sumerian, Dogon a “blue star” appeared in Space, later a rotating vessel of fire & thunder (Kora Na) lands on Earth carrying the first humans.(Hopi & Dogon WERE the Sumerians btw)The Shape of the ark was the basis for sacred geometry, the shape, design, and proportions of the Ark express all of the principles and science humanity would need for the reorganization and atonement of Ogo’s(Sun) earth….certain lineages Enki/Ninhursag gave a special upgrade we call ‘new insides’ or crystal rope in the brain. These lineages are called ‘Children of Enki ‘ & 2 of em were Mende/Yoruba. Youll find the ghost Hominids DNA in West Africans & anomalies found in the «reptilian brain» of those groups. I post each of the The scientific journals. «R1b probably split soon after cattle were domesticated, approximately 10,500 years ago (8,500 BCE). R1b-V88 migrated south towards the Levant and Egypt» Anatolia(https://www.cell.com/ajhg/fulltext/S0002-9297(16)30448-7)

    The lineages mission was to cultivate the land and grow the celestial grains so that everyone could live in abundance. They were also supposed to reproduce and spread throughout the world bringing the spiritual technologies contained within the Kora-Na with them. The eight ancestors and their offspring were charged with conducting important ceremonies such as the Sigui ceremony. The Jaliyaa are known to play an instrument called the Kora, which is an instrument that is known to stimulate the mind of The listener which is what the Kora Na craft did to all who witnessed it. Its frequency altered human consciousness somehow.
    (AATIP-manipulate human perception)I gave the accurate Sumerian traditions, no sensationalism & I cited most of what can be scientifically verified thus far..[Human Evolution ](https://www.reddit.com/r/HighStrangeness/comments/13at67a/hidden_hand_in_human_evolution_our_dna/). Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re ready to tell the truth yet. I couldn’t find a photo of «Pakal»s entire mummy,🤔. «The low pairwise FST values and higher frequency of ancestral alleles at both SNPs studied in these loci between West Africans and Island Melanesians hint that dark pigmentation associated with both loci in these populations may have a common evolutionary origin»
    [Nature Genetics](https://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-018-07748-z)

    The Snakes are our instructors, demiurges who shaped our bodies, but not our soul, which is not theirs, because it is uncreated. We are born from light, just like them. But our terrestrial vehicle, this triple body of flesh and spirit, we owe it to them…

    «Mankind shall willingly let go of the illusion, and the lie…or it shall be stripped away».

  11. Considering the last 4 years , you can see the timeline has taken an accelerated jump on the timeline. I feel like once Trump came in the world has never been the same lol I think you have to consider every single possibility bc truth is none of us truly know.

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