Инцидент с НЛО в Зимбабве представляет собой особенно заметное событие.

«Инцидент с НЛО в Зимбабве — Феномен (2020)»

В этом удивительном рассказе о детях в Зимбабве, столкнувшихся с НЛО, передается сообщение о вреде технологий таким образом, что даже самые настороженные скептики оказываются в тупике. Вовлечены три ключевых стороны: внеземные существа, дети и учителя, каждая из которых приносит свою версию событий.

  1. Внеземные существа: Существуют вопросы о технологической возможности создания корабля в 90-х, способного разыграть школу в Зимбабве. Помимо финансовой стороны, такой корабль должен был бы использовать уникальные приводы, которые не соответствуют описаниям детей. Однако телепатическое общение, о котором говорили свидетели, вызывает большую сложность. Таким образом, остается вопрос — инопланетяне реальны или дети лгали.
  2. Дети: Маленькие дети, вовлеченные в этот инцидент, предположительно не могли организовать столь сложное мероприятие и разыграть всю нацию. Большая группа детей такого возраста не обладает достаточной мотивацией и способностью так умело сфальсифицировать встречу с НЛО. Поэтому остается вариант, что либо дети говорят правду, либо их убеждают солгать. Возможность, что взрослый манипулировал ими, кажется маловероятной, учитывая сложность сценария и огромное количество детей и семей, вовлеченных в инцидент.
  3. Учителя: Некоторые учителя были скептически настроены и отказывались верить детям. Однако их аргументы не имеют настоящего обоснования.

В заключение, несмотря на возможные аргументы против инцидента с НЛО в Зимбабве, его сложно опровергнуть. События этого рода представляют настоящую загадку, и ответы на такие явления не всегда можно найти в фотографиях или данных радиолокационных датчиков. Может показаться, что инопланетяне специально выбрали детей в школе в Зимбабве для того, чтобы создать уникальную ситуацию, вызывающую восхищение и невероятность.

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  1. Dozens of kids also said there was nothing to see. One video also showed the kids drawings of the incident from the 90s. There was variation in the aliens, some even drawing them with long hair and red eyes. Commonly they were dressed in black.

    When the former students were asked to draw the encounter again 20 years later, they drew very consistently X-Files type bald greys.

    Mass hysteria is a possibility. Few hundred years ago when witch hunts were popular, plenty of people saw witches. The testimonies also followed a common narrative about how witches behave.

  2. The fact you think there is NO way to be skeptical about this is rather troubling. When I went to school me and a friend of mine were able to prank our entire grade to believe that the tree in our playground had fairies living in it. We originally started the small «prank» to get the attention of a few girls who liked fairies. So I had a «science is fun» sort of book where you make crystals using sugar or salt I cannot remember and bits of twine. So me and my friend made the crystals at home and we took the crystals and we put them around the tree and told the girls we saw fairies in the tree and when they went to check it out found the crystals. This soon spread round the class VERY quick. The story went from just the girls finding the crystals at the tree. To they actually saw them. Then other kids came forward saying they saw the fairies too. It grew so out of hand the teachers found out and me and my friend were freaking out because we thought we would get in a lot of trouble for lying.

    Kids are VERY willing to indulge in fantasy and want to be part of the group and be included. I remember also the time we had an easter egg hunt at school and lots of kids said they saw the easter bunny hiding eggs that morning.

    This event happened also at the height of «Alien Mania» in 1993 and coincides with events like X-Files starting to premiere on TV… The movie «Fire in the Sky» which at the time was also a cultural phenomenon and so many other tv shows and documentaries about aliens. The greys with big eyes where everywhere. They grey alien face along with the yellow smiley face were probably the most popular designs on shirts and all kinds of other things. Patches for jeans. The cover of communion showed an alien with big eyes. X files had greys with big eyes something kids would easily have seen on TV I remember seeing it at the time too.

    I even remember a segment on 60 minutes showing the big eyed grey types of aliens at that time that scared me so much I was afraid to take the trash out and my father thought it was ridiculous and pushed me outside and locked the door and I started crying and panicking until my mom let me back inside and scolded him.

    Then there are the exerpts and accounts by the children. Not only describing the beings differently but also doing many different drawings that are in no way similar at all. Some describe the eyes as big and black. Some describe them like our eyes but 4 times bigger. Some say they had short legs, some say they were like humans but with big heads.

    The press and popularity that became of this would encourage the kids even more to also want to be in on it and say they saw things to get interviewed then on tv. There is even a shot of a kid trying to get into the way of the camera filming to be on TV.

    Then there is the sheer logic… WHY would a super intelligent species. Who wants to warn humanity about technology and the environment land in the middle of nowhere and give vague images to a few kids? How is that in any way a logical or intelligent way to do what they are trying to do?

    Which brings me to another point. In 1993 there was a very global «save the planet» vibe too. It was drilled into my head the rainforest being cut down and how much we need to recycle paper because of trees etc. And the kids are parroting the same stuff.

    two kids say the craft was silver with no lights. one kid says the craft was purple. one kid said it had red green and blue lights. like there are a LOT of inconsistencies. Some kids say there was one craft. some kids say there was more than one. some kid even says there was a big craft with many smaller craft around it.

    THEN to top it all off you watch the footage and can see in plain sight the leading questions coming from the interviewer. Some of these kids are literally saying things they know the investigators want to hear.

    Why is there no mention of the investigators being taken to where the kids apparently met these beings and looked for physical evidence of any kind? I think I would easily be able to prove these kids were lying with only around 30 minutes with them.

    For anyone to say this is utterly undeniable proof seems absolutely ludicrous to me. Especially reviewing the footage.

  3. While I do think they likely saw something weird, this entire post is based on the assumption that the children told the truth. Children are naive and lie all the time. And they are easily manipulated. It’s really not the strongest argument.

  4. You’re not looking hard enough if you can’t find an argument against it. Start with Hind and Mack and pretty unscientific interview method. That’s just a start. Again if you can’t find an argument against this case you are purposely ignoring those arguments.

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