«Корпуса кораблей представляют собой кристаллически-металлический композит, «выращенный» на шаблонах силового поля». — Отрывок из книги Дэррила Анки «Башар: план перемен – послание из нашего будущего».

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«Корпуса кораблей представляют собой кристаллически-металлический композит, «выращенный» на шаблонах силового поля». — Отрывок из книги Дэррила Анки «Башар: план перемен – послание из нашего будущего».

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46 комментарий для “«Корпуса кораблей представляют собой кристаллически-металлический композит, «выращенный» на шаблонах силового поля». — Отрывок из книги Дэррила Анки «Башар: план перемен – послание из нашего будущего».”
  1. Say what you want…I’ve seen this thing and my cousin and grandmother were with me. I have witnesses, it hung in the air for minutes only with a slight rotation in one spot. Just hung there,and with enough speed to look like it vanished it just took off.

  2. **About Bashars craft**

    “As we create the isolation field around our craft that
    unlocks us from any particular vibratory universe, and imposes,
    through the harmonics of light, the new vibrational equation upon
    the craft, when we reinsert the craft into any particular reality,
    it will automatically take up residence at that location represented
    by the vibratory signature frequency. It has not really traveled the
    distance, but simply removed itself from that reality and redeposits itself at that particular other location.

    *Then as far as the magnetosphere of our planet, or any other
    planets, do you have to make calculations or adjustments?*

    To some degree, yes. Because once we are traveling within any
    particular reality, we then must navigate by the gravitational
    dynamic tensor field, the electromagnetic field, the masses of stars
    and planets within that particular reality, if it contains them.

    *And then when you get closer to our planet, for instance, you
    would be subject to our compass, our magnetic pull?*

    Not unless we removed the gravitational field from around our
    craft. Each and every space craft has its own gravitational bubble.
    that is why our craft can be completely perpendicular to your UFOS IDENTIFIED A 273
    world, and yet we still feel as if we are facing «down» when we
    stand on our floor.

    *This is exciting to be asking you questions like this, because
    I think some other level of my intelligence is speaking here. I’ve
    never had any chemistry or engineering training at all-*

    Me neither. Our science, our engineering, our technology in
    that sense is mostly intuition.

    *I would like some more of the technical picture of the fluidity
    of your craft that was portrayed in flight- of the navigator that
    was in the channel’s memory banks.*

    It is mostly the interior that is fluid, not so much the exterior.

    *In its constructed oronolecular density, is it made of metal?*

    It is more of a crystalline metallic form,that is grown.

    *Could you give me the molecular counterpart in the gradient
    to us creating that here?*

    It is a metallic crystalline state refined by a cold fusion process,
    You do not yet have the technology for this. It is instilled, or
    programmed, to act in a holographic fashion, and when certain
    types of current are introduced into that crystalline metallic ma-
    trix, it takes upon itself the form of the identity with which it is
    infused, and becomes crystallized according to that template.
    When the template is removed, it collapses back into its original
    state until another template is introduced in electrical form.
    But this goes on at very deep atomic levels concerning the
    actual interactions between subatomic particles. As we perceive
    It, it will be a while before you even have the support systems
    necessary to create this type of effect.

    *How do you create the substance?*

    It is, once again, grown upon the energy templates that we
    tale. Once we have refined the particular substance, it is then
    sown, molecule by molecule, atom by atom, along the lines of
    the energy template we lay down for it to grow upon.”

  3. Okay, so, as a materials scientist — what the hell do they mean by crystalline-metallic composite? Seriously, metal is literally just made of tiny crystals. So do they mean it’s a composite of multiple crystalline metals? That’s just an *alloy*. Tiny wafers or layers of rock-like crystal in a matrix of metals, maybe? Partially-reacted metals, like oxides, nitrides, or carbides? But then why not be more specific? It’s just such a weirdly useless way to describe what could be a genuinely interesting aspect of such a craft.

  4. **Space Travel**

    *Bashar, can you travel to any space and time?*


    *So it’s completely limitless?*

    Absolutely. Because space and time are your own definitions.
    You see, we understand that an object does not exist within time,
    (and space, but that space/time are properties of the object, and
    can be changed. In a sense that’s how our space craft travel. They
    are projected into astral material, and then they are redefined with
    a vibration that represents the space/time locale at which we wish
    them to be. They are then reinserted into physical materiality at
    whatever locale is representative of that vibrational equation, hav-
    ing in a sense avoided the issue of travel altogether. Instantaneous
    teleportation. It is not really breaking the speed of light; it is not
    traveling within your dimension at all.

    *Have you dealt with magnetic drive at any point?*

    There are some forms, fluctuations of electromagnetism within
    some of the ideas of drive. It is not purely electromagnetic exactly,
    but more the idea of gravitational dynamic tensor fields.

    *Can the ships go into the water?*

    Oh yes, and very often they do. Remember, something that
    can travel in space where there is no air can very easily go under
    water. Since our ships use electromagnetic energy, we do not have
    to worry about the idea of rocket flames and fuel and the like.
    There are no openings in our craft for water to get in or air to get
    out. Therefore we can go where and when we wish. Our ships can also create a particular type of vibration that puts us out of phase
    with solid matter so that they can go into that solid matter or
    through it-or into other dimensions within it.

    *Does your space ship relate to you in the form of thought.

    Yes, in a sense. The mind of the pilot is connected to the mind
    of the ship.

    *If I were a pilot here, and wanted to transfer from this system
    to your system, what thoughts or ideas would I feed into my

    The feeling that you have of us. That is the vibration. How
    you would recognize us is the vibration. You can always key off
    of any single individual such as myself, since my vibration is of
    my system.
    *In using that vibration to key off of any particular person in
    any particular system, could I then easily go from system to sys-
    tem just by signaling in on that particular entity?*

    Yes. It is like the tuning of your radio, You get what you
    switch the dial to.

    *I’d be running up and down the dial there.*

    Do understand that this is what you do when you are out of
    your body in your sleep state anyway. You become the vibration
    and there you are, instantaneously. The space craft is only an
    extension of the consciousness that represents the same idea in
    physiological symbolic terms. But it is still only an extension of
    the consciousness.

    *I was aware of that, but I didn’t know how to construct one,
    or how I would deal with traveling.*

    Well, you also create the idea of the so-called self-aware men-
    tality or consciousness of the space craft, because the space craft
    can also hear yoy. It is completely and totally keyed to your
    vibration, and thus responsive to it-and only to yours.

    *In that you said that the mind of the pilot is connected with
    the control mechanism of the ship, could you give me an example
    of, say, plotting from one system to another system, how the pilot
    would do that?*

    Yes. There is the creation of the isolation field around and
    about the craft which isolates that field from any one particular
    universe, thus opening up its navigational banks to all probable
    universes which are represented by their signature frequency
    vibrations. The pilot, being intuitive, and simply tapping into the
    internal imagination dimension, picks the frequencey he desires.
    This is imparted through the navigational spectrum of the ship,
    which then views the entire ship with that vibrational frequency.
    Thus when the isolation field is removed, the ship by definition
    must take up residence within the universe that represents the
    vibrational frequency.

    *Thank you very much.*

  5. This immediately makes me think of the crystalline atomic structure of manufactured superconductors.


    You can buy these little disks, and guess for what purpose? For demonstrating their levitation ability via something called the Meissner effect.

    Now imagine if we made advances in high temperature superconductors and the manufacturing process such that we could make a “craft” out of these materials.

  6. **Field Trip**

    “And now let us take you on a field trip to the Solar Wind, our
    mother ship… Close your eyes.
    In vour mentality have the picture of the room you have
    created around you, and envision each individual, all of you
    together, all at once, surrounded by a blue crystalline bubble of
    energy. This bubble is your elevator, your ship. Relax and allow
    yourselves now to become the devices within the ship that activate it. Leave the idea of your earthly devices and tools behind;
    pay attention to them no more. You are the transference point-
    you are the ship.
    Allow yourselves to recognize that the crystalline shell is quite
    transparent; you can see through it and you can see the room. In
    whatever way works best for you, in your imagination feel and
    see at the same time the room around you dissolve into a gray
    fog-like state. You are all now together in this ship; you are all
    linked and you are all breathing the same energy,
    Breathe it in three times deeply and prepare yourselves. Align
    yourselves; assimilate yourselves; unite yourselves. Feel the con-
    nection; feel that while you are individuals, every single other
    individual in this craft is you!- an extension of you, an expres-
    sion of you, a facet of you. You are all one, one master crystal
    And this crystal, in allowing the white light of your consciousness
    to glow within its very core, within its very heart, now comes
    alight with life and light, energizing the entire crystalline craft and
    rising above the Earth—higher and higher into the upper atmo-
    sphere, into what you call space.
    Rising, you look down below. You see out of the fog now
    everything clearing into brilliant space, black with white stars
    everywhere. You see the beautiful Earth below you, shining like
    thejewel that it is) in the velvet curtain of deepest space, and you
    send your love. You see and feel and taste and hear the love of
    the Earth that is supporting you, that is extending you on its arm,
    extending you on your journey out into space. You are riding on
    the crest of the wave of the heart of your planet.
    Now as it offers to you the jewels of space, you look up. You
    see suspended in space before you a long cylindrical metallic ob-
    ject. It is approximately a mile in length. You allow yourselves
    now to see an opening in the side of this metallic object, wider and
    wider as you approach. You enter that opening, and as it closes
    below you, you are surrounded by a whiteness, You may sense
    in that whiteness, here and there, solid or nebulous, consciousnes
    pering at you, smiling with you loving with you, fading in and
    our-out of the milky whiteness. But laughing and sharing joy all
    Allow yourselves to know that you can now begin to explore
    any area in any way, any aspect of this ship you so desire. There
    will always be someone with you in some capacity. You will also
    always be connected and feel the experiences of every other person
    you came with.
    Now you are exiting the bubble and entering the milky white-
    ness of the ship, exploring and breathing the new atmosphere. Feel
    the gentle touches and caresses of the beingness all around you.
    Scatter and explore; enjoy and become fascinated by what you
    discover. Taste, touch, hear, feel, see, marvel. Recognize that you
    are sharing and participating in the creation of a multitude of
    worlds. Experience and take to heart these experiences.
    Whether or not it appears to make sense to you, allow your-
    selves to interpret, in whatever way you so desire, the different
    chambers and areas of the ship. Let yourselves have the oppor-
    tunity to recognize that in a very real way you are projecting as-
    trally a portion of your consciousness. And that you are going to
    be funneling that information back to your idea of your earthly
    selves, incorporating that information into your very molecular
    structure. You will be feeding this information into the atmo-
    sphere around you, and when you carry this atmosphere back to
    your planet Earth, you will release the information and energy on
    your planet- to change the very air that you breathe, to change
    the very energy that sustains you.
    Explore to your heart’s content. Feel the vibrant pulse of life
    and light, for it is light itself which powers the vessel, and all ves-
    sels like it. It is the very heart and soul of the movement of space
    and time through the central core of this ship that creates the illu-
    sion of the ship’s motion through all the dimensions of reality.
    Now be aware of the whereabouts of each other. Gather your selves back together into your docking bay, into the milky white-
    ness. Feel all the caresses and the kisses that are given to you from
    heart to heart and soul to soul.
    As you form your craft round and about you in its crystalline
    beauty, and the iris opens below you, allow yourselves to drift
    back outside the hull into space and begin your travel toward
    planet Earth. Recognize now, as you bid farewell, that this is not
    goodbye, that this experience is directly with you now and it
    always shall be. And as you look down through the crystalline
    bottom of your energy craft, you see once again the beauty of the
    jewel of your Earth. Recognize that it is in every way truly a new
    world to explore in all of its unlimited fascination and facets.
    You are eager to allow the atmosphere of the new crystalline
    reality that you know you are participating within to burst upon
    contact with your Earth and allow the shards of brilliant seed-like
    beauty to go scattering everywhere, reflecting the beautiful light
    of your central star. And as you sink gently back to Earth, see
    your feet gently touch the ground. Send roots deep down to drink
    of the nourishment of the fluid of the life and light of your home
    world, while knowing that all worlds are your home world. Know
    that the life you are, the Earth you are, is the nourishment that
    will allow you to grow toward the light as high as you wish to go.
    Know that every one of you have incorporated the informa-
    tion of the experience in your own way, encoded it within you,
    and it will release in its own fashion, after your own kind. And
    that much of your dream reality can become quite vivid and vi-
    brant. There may be more release, more malleability, more recog
    nition that life around you is but what you dream it to be. Allow
    yourselves to know that it was a real experience, and that you
    have projected a portion of yourselves aboard that craft.
    In every way there is still, and always will be, a portion of
    yourselves aboard that craft that we will share, that you will share
    together with us. We thank you for your participation, and we
    will allow you to remember: **All reunions are simply awakenings
    to the union that already exists everywhere, everywhen.**

  7. I apologize for the poor text formatting, I scanned and pasted it directly to the comments here, from the book but the paragraph breaking did not translate. I might fix that later.
    But I wanted to share because I think the information resonates in ways with what the 4chan whistleblower spoke of regarding crafts being unmanned and built to spec.

  8. ***Bashar, how can you prove to us you are who you say you are?***

    First and foremost, the main purpose of this interaction is not
    for the validation of my existence; it is for the validation of yours.
    We are not here to prove anything to you, nor can we force you
    to believe we are who we say we are. If your world insists it does
    not want to know we exist, we must respect that. The governmen-
    tal structures you have created on your planet at this point are still
    insisting we do not exist, and therefore we cannot violate that
    chosen belief system. You have created your governments, and
    that is who you all are. When you make changes within the struc
    ture you have said represents you, then they will represent what
    you say is the popular will. At this point, they do not.
    Do understand that your government is very well aware of our
    existence- very well aware. But because you have created your
    society in layers that can hide information from other layers,
    many of your members do not have that data—although many
    of the mainstream members within your governments do. Quite
    a number of civilizations have already interacted with your world
    among them individuals from our world, Essassani, and from
    Arcturus and Sirius. And there are the Pleiadians and the Zeta
    Reticuli. There have been actual physical interactions between
    members of our society and your government.

  9. That might be interesting if the crystal metal substrate is piezoelectric in some way. as the metal mixed in would probably help increase the conductive properties and maybe increase the piezoelectric effect?

    If you pumped an very high freq ac current through it, the entire hull of the craft would probably vibrate or resonate.

    Now whatever uses that has and what they have uses for it. is anyone guess

  10. Basher said we would discover life on other planets between 2015 and 2017.

    > “The probability factor of this happening between 2015 and 2017 is 98%.”

    He said our economic system would undergo a big change in 2016. Election results always do this. He said there’d be a complete revamping of our taxation system.

  11. Hey u/12GAUGE_BUKAKKE

    Here is a link to download this book free as a pdf:


    Go to the bottom of the page and there are a bunch of different servers you can download it from. I tried it and it’s legit. Figured you could share the book with people this way if you wanted to. Or even edit the link into the bottom of your post if you wanted to.

    I’m just good at finding books free online so I wanted to help . Being able to read any book online for free is one of the most magical aspects of the internet. And if you get a lot out of it, you can buy a copy later if you can afford it to help the author (that’s what I try to do at least)

  12. Interesting… if you took the short sides (labeled «light» in that diagram) and made them a bit wider (somewhat closer to a hexagon shape overall rather than triangle) then that’d be about what I saw when I was a teenager; it emitted extraordinarily bright white light from the bottom panels (~90% of the area on the bottom was illuminated)

  13. If you don’t know anything about Bashar, this is where you should tune in, fascinating knowledge on so many topics, it’s truly ground breaking, he channels an entity and the wisdom that comes out of him in times of channeling is truly out of this world…

  14. It’s almost as if you think the more words you use, the more convinced people will be.

    Crystalline structures have been theoretically proven to be among the strongest synthetic materials in the known universe, however the rest of what is quoted is absolute nonsense as far as physics is concerned.

    Now would be the time for you to regurgitate information that you believe to align with your personal beliefs without ANY comprehension of the actual physics and science involved.

    Can people please start doing the very least of the confirmation based research for themselves before just spouting this bullshit.

    You discredit the community with this.

  15. What I find interesting is that the internal layout is pretty similar to the way that bob lazar described his craft, could have been inspired but I find the parallels fascinating. Triangles/triples seems to be a common motif for some odd reason.

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