Очень интересная статья о том, как Кондорман6 мог сохранить в секрете программу UAP Legacy.

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Очень интересная статья о том, как Кондорман6 мог сохранить в секрете программу UAP Legacy.

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7 комментарий для “Очень интересная статья о том, как Кондорман6 мог сохранить в секрете программу UAP Legacy.”
  1. I’ve been following all of this for a long time, and this is honestly one of the best write-ups I’ve ever seen. Whether it’s truly just knowledge this person scraped from the internet over time, or someone actually coyly disclosing the great deal of information that they are privy to, it’s a great read full of interesting details.

    I feel like everyone who cares about this stuff should read this.

  2. Excellent and thorough analysis which takes Corso early 60s revelations in 1997 to a much higher and plausible if not highly probable level.

    Hard to criticize any aspect of this superb piece but find it a bit oxymoronic to say conspiracy theorists blamed JFK assassination exclusively on Mafia and Bay of Pig supporters and then a bit later say some were concerned Kennedy would share tech with USSR when Robert F Kennedy Jr has consistently told the public up to a few weeks ago on Hannity about who and what entity was behind his Uncle’s murder.

    Also, what about Operation Bluegill in ‘62?

    Would have liked a bit more about Eisenhower’s admonition about the MIC in his 1960 Farewell. Also, am wondering if the element in short supply in 90s and beyond is a stable isotope of Muscovium 115 as the given name is VERY similar to the Lazar revelations about that time.

    Also would have liked something/anything about the USO potential but realize that would be the “money shot”. Something more about the growing credibility of Grusch and now the more than 10 whistleblowers with first hand knowledge including AAWSAP former director Dr Lacatsky.

    Also, would have liked more direct mention of the TR-3 Black Mantra reverse engineering
    of recent vintage.

    Not much on the biologics side as leakage of that would have same impact if not much more than talking about the craft(s) recovered.

    What was also missing is the dissembling role of NASA and the partial or total implementation of “Star Wars” since the 80s and the role of satellite tech and development of Space Force in all of this as Corso already opened that veil in late 90s.

    More about Harry Reid and Bigelow connection to Schumer/Rounds would have totally brought piece up-to-date. The AARO role and resignation of Kirkpatrick coupled with the Dr Avi Loeb paper reveal would have been some nice icing.

    While piece is even handed, it does have a hint of pro-government bias taking into account above omissions but I balance that in that author didn’t claim a totally exhaustive examination of entire phenomenon, just the contractor side with the few who were on top of government from legacy side.

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