странные огни в моем доме в Джорджии. все собаки в округе в бешенстве

это не лучшее качество, и Reddit смешал их все вместе (не знаю, как это отменить). моя собака продолжала скулить, чтобы выйти на улицу, но не пользовалась ванной, она просто останавливалась и смотрела. затем все эти странные огни продолжали исходить со всех сторон, двигаясь в разных направлениях. Я в ужасе.

weird lights at my house in GA. all of the dogs in the neighborhood are FREAKING OUT
byu/vampiifilm inaliens

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  1. I believe the first object you track at the beginning is an airplane given how it’s moving and the flashing lights in a pattern. The objects in the 2nd half that look like stars but flash different colors and move, I’ve been seeing those fairly often too. They don’t move a lot and are there on successive nights but don’t track in the night sky like the stars or planets. I’ve noticed they move very slowly from east to west to appear as just another arbitrary point of light in the sky but I’ve noticed they are in different places compared to the stars/planets around them than would make sense if they were of the sort. Ive also seen them move from their static location fairly quickly to another location then return to being still in the new location. The also often flash and sometimes completely «go out» only to come back on shortly thereafter or later that night and even the next night (with a clear sky when they turn off and on). Very very odd, indeed. I just started noticing them about a year ago.

  2. The first one is an aeroplane. I can’t hear any dogs freaking out, and the flashing different colours is probably because the light from the stars is scattered when it comes through the moisture and ice crystals in the atmosphere.

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