Странная вертикальная черная линия в небе

Так что эту большую черную полосу заметили тысячи людей, забравшихся так далеко, как только мог видеть глаз. Кто-нибудь, пожалуйста, разоблачите (потому что здесь люди этим занимаются). Вот исходная статья, я не читал… /

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  1. I have seen these things about 3 maybe 4 times in my life. I thought they had something to do with the military because of the area I saw them in. They seemed to go from the ground up into the sky in a straight line. Me and my friends who had seen them, we could not see anything that could have created the vertical black shades.

    We still don’t know how or what made them.

  2. It’s a shadow from a plane on the horizon at dawn. Have seen this numerous times at the airport when taking early flights. First time I saw it I was like wtf, then saw a passenger jet and the shadow disappeared as the jet continued on.

  3. This was interesting and could tie into UAP phenomena. Seen by lots of folks…
    Natural explanation?
    You all tear this apart like we do with everything (skepticism is good). Just remember that one day you’ll likely disregard the real deal! Link is to the real periodical that carried the story. This is just an interesting thing to see. I use this forum to gain a better understanding of what could naturally have caused things like this.

    I hope this post inspires others to keep watching the skies!

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