Мысли об удлиненных черепах?

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Мысли об удлиненных черепах?

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  1. The only interesting elongated skulls that I am aware of are the Peru skulls. While skulls elongation was practiced in various cultures around the globe the Peruvian skulls are different because unlike other cultures their volume is not consistent with normal skulls, they have a greater volume. Typically elongation is done through various types of skull binding, it is unknown what mechanism cause the Peruvian skulls to take that shape and volume.

  2. Shaped from birth by binding . An African tribe places rings around the girls’ necks to elongate the neck . By adult hood the women have really long necks with lots of rings around them .

  3. Elongated skulls have been found on every continent from North America all the way to remote Pacific islands. *except antartica

    The most famous culture known for elongating their skulls is the Paracas culture of Peru. The reason as to why they elongated their skulls is unkown.

    Do you think it has to do with aliens?

  4. So many “you idiots never heard of head binding?” Comments. Yes. We know. We’ve all heard of head binding. There’s more nuance and more questions involved in this discussion than that. Your “slam dunk” debunking is not a slam dunk. You’re not as superior as you think you are. Similarly, we’re all aware that the vast majority of UFO sightings have prosaic explanations. We know. Those aren’t the cases we’re interested in.

  5. Many native american tribes practiced infant head-flattening, sometimes on purpose, sometimes as a result of carrying them on their backs wrapped around a board. The head then grows upward.
    The Chocktaws did it, and Pueblos did it too.

  6. There have been some long lost cultures that did things to infants like this to cause deformation to the skull. Nothing different than some other countries using neck, face and genital modifications still today.

    As more are discovered it will show marking as to evidence to some contraption that was forced on the person since birth. In this case as a infant that would grow into an adult with the needed growth expansion of the head, if there is something blocking it in a direction it will grow out where there is least resistance. Much like fruits encased in molds.

    Now if it has a 3rd eye socket or more than 1 mouth, or some other change that is completely unlike humans….might have something.

  7. Interesting:
    Many of the long skulls don’t have a middle suture.

    Thats impossible for human‘s.

    Yes, there are human made long skulls, through binding from birth on. But there are skulls that simply can‘t evolve from human‘s.

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