Стэна Романека из Колорадо посещали инопланетяне, НЛО преследовали его и публично разоблачали, пока правительство не установило незаконные материалы на его компьютер. Оправдан ли он сейчас?

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У него было видео, на котором инопланетянин моргает, заглядывая в окно кухни. Он стал вирусным и пошел на шоу Ларри Кинга. Он начал снимать НЛО, преследующих его, пока он разъезжал. Его дом также был поврежден НЛО, а некоторые странные Люди в черном появились в поддельном фургоне ремонтной компании, чтобы починить сайдинг в его доме посреди ночи. Если кто-нибудь может добавить кого-нибудь для борьбы, это было бы здорово для этого обсуждения.

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  1. For those wondering why people think he is a fraud.:

    He is someone looking to make a buck off scamming people through lies, fraud and plagiarism. He also happens to be someone that’s very sick.

    He fabricated (hoaxed) the pictures and the video to help sell his story and media products
    He also created a company “starseed llc”, trademarked his video and pictures and promoted his story to profit including $70 tickets to hear him lecture and see his video and that led to the “documentary” about “alien encounters”. And he was shopping movie rights to have a “fire in the sky” style movie show his story before his arrest.

    His story has some pretty wild parts he made up to catch attention at ufo conventions. I mean part of his claim was the aliens dressed him in women’s clothing And that’s not the weirdist parts. I don’t know how much of it was mental illness vs a performance to garner attention and cash but I reckon it was a bit of both.
    Look at some of the odder details of his stories:

    Besides the grey aliens that took selfies with his niece’s camera and the one he “taped” in the “boo video”. He met another group of aliens that looked more like a punk band that he called “the possum people” :
    “This alien is a far cry from the bizarre crew that Romanek claims knocked on his door back in 2001: They had long hair, wore robes and jumpsuits, and one even rocked a pair of B-cups (as in Madonna fashion Bra)”

    They also play pranks on him and come in disguise to his ufo lectures regularly:
    “ My remote controls will disappear for weeks at a time, and then we’ll wake up some morning, and they’re all neatly lined up on our kitchen counter”

    “ At most of his talks, he even insists that there’s one of them in the audience. -“I got to meet one, somewhat, at a talk we had in San Luis Valley, Colorado.”-

    The women’s cloths he claimed the aliens dressed him in was Betty Hills nightgown:
    “ But now for the first time, at this conference, he announces that he suspects the nightgown originally belonged to Betty Hill, who famously claimed to have been abducted in New Hampshire“- She claimed she was abducted while riding in a car and wearing a dress.

    He claimed he had numerous witnesses to his encounters and to the time the aliens laser cut his car roof to abduct him and fixed it later.

    He’s “numerous witnesses” were fake and the statements all seem written by him. (They contain the same spelling errors that his posts also had and in several cases he posted the anonymous witness statements were accidentally posted under his own account to MUFON)

    His “boo video” of the alien peaking in the window is a hoax
    It was recreated for $90 by a local paranormal group. Their video was so similar, people (websites and video shares) thought theirs was the real one and would use it instead by accident

    He failed the lie detector test on the video that was a given by Coast to Coast radio show and claimed George Noory (of coast to Coast) was out to get him said “it was all rigged” in part due to “conservative Christians out to end his blasphemy.”
    “Afterwards he stopped showing it because “people thought it looked fake” and it hurt the aliens feelings.

    He took parts of other people’s ufo and abduction stories and made it his own and then packaged as a product to sell.
    Details of his story in his words and Noory statements on romank’s failed test:
    The paranormal group showing the video is a hoax:
    At the same time he was making the documentary, he was also being investigated for his interest in watching and downloading child pornography that led to his conviction and prison sentence

  2. I can’t believe people think it was the gov who put stuff in his computer. Then paid his ex wife to say he was lying. Pay his step son to say that Stan tried to pin it on him. They also bought my lying eyes when I watched him fake paranormal crap on a video get busted and make a apology vid. In all seriousness. Dude is a liar and a sick pervert. Cope with it and move on.

  3. I remember I watched the movie and he said he was going to use something his step kids did as «blackmail». Then at the end when they said the government was framing him for cp, I was like nobody is framing this guy. That blackmail statement was a hugggeeee red flag. It set off alarm bells in my head right away.

  4. Didn’t this guy also record a video of an alien «beam» attacking his house and damaging it in like the 90s? The beam has the classic «cat eye» of old fashion incandescent flashlights. I guess aliens traveling across the stars hadn’t invented LED flashlights yet.

  5. I always thought it was intriguing. The more publicity he got and evidence he showed. The mysterious shingles are or siding getting fixed on his home by mysterious work crew was definitely a big red flag of his credibility

  6. doesnt take much for the mob mentality judging by the responses here. must be fun having a legit encounter or two and seeing how all you ufo buffs jump ship when the govt comes after you — i dont know the truth about stan but you all do apparently

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