Заметки EWD настоящие или поддельные? Они узаконивают Стивена Грира?

Я наткнулся на эти заметки несколько недель назад, и они, похоже, подтверждают утверждения Стивена Грира? Они представляют собой стенограмму интервью между исследователем (Эрик Дэвис) и американским адмиралом (адмирал Уилсон). Являются ли эти документы подделкой? Стенограмма, по-видимому, была найдена во время продажи недвижимости в доме Эдгара Митчелла после его смерти. Я вижу много людей на этом канале, ругающих Грир, и хотел услышать ваше мнение. Я полагаю, что расшифровка разговора произошла примерно в 2000 году https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6185702-Eric-Davis-meeting-with-Adm-Wilson.

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  1. As with most «celebrities» (not all) in the UFO space it’s just not possible to say «ignore everything they say».

    Greer has been caught fooling people, but that doesn’t mean all the people he has brought forward and uncovered is bad information.

    It’s really a case by case basis with him. You have to look at what he’s presenting, who he got it from, and everything surrounding his claims.

    I haven’t looked into these enough to make an argument, but I just wanted to point out even bad researchers can be given good information, sometimes.

  2. The notes are likely real and Steven Greer is associated with the notes.

    However, neither the individuals in the notes know anything firsthand. All we know from the notes is that Admiral Wilson was blocked and was fed a story. We don’t know the truth to that story.

    One would hope that Admiral Wilson testifies to AARO and that AARO would have the ability to dig in to figuring out what was going on.

  3. EWD docs legitimize Greer for that scope of the UAP topic. Which is what we all where rumors about that the US has recovered and reverse engineered alien crafts.

    We live in a hyper cancel culture that people will tribe together and bash everything he says because they don’t like him.

    I don’t like him either but I’m not going to dismiss Greer because I’m interested in what he has to say because he has met and interviewed many people involved in this subject.

  4. My understanding of the memo is that it says an unnamed defense contractor has a craft of unknown, but non-human, origin that they’ve been trying to study and reverse engineer but have had little success in doing so.

    Assuming that’s true, why would it legitimize Greer?

  5. The EWD Notes (2002) are «real» in that they were written by EWD, that’s disputed by anyone near the case. EWD and other people with clearances have said they can’t publicly comment on classified «leaks» — at the same time other’s with clearance have confirmed it (Mellon, Nolan). EWD has verified they came out of Ed Mitchell’s estate, I don’t think it was a sale but maybe, I think they were just cleaning out a lot of stuff and someone was given a chance to look things over and found them.

    Greer is only tangentially related to the notes because he piggybacked onto a meeting with Miller & Mitchell. Greer had not gone overboard by then and was more respected.

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