High Speed ​​​​UAP снимают в Лос-Анджелесе

High Speed ​​​​UAP снимают в Лос-Анджелесе

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  1. Been looking at a youtube channel by Custodian File. He’s been using 4K cameras running at 60fps to capture high speeds UAP’s. These move faster than the eye can see. I’ve added the path of the UAP in this video so you can see how fast it moves compared to everything else.

  2. This guy is out of his mind. The “dragons” are just birds and bugs much closer to the camera than the helicopters he uses as focal points, so it makes it appear that they are moving very fast. They aren’t. Stop posting this shit.

  3. I’m waiting for this guy’s videos to get traction.

    Honestly, if he spoke with less of a Cali-bro accent and refrained from calling them all ‘dragons’ he might’ve been picked up better by the community by now.

    Also at no point does he do a rig breakdown to show everyone what his setup is using, which would better validate his evidence claims. You need to watch a couple of videos to put together what he’s doing, because once understood his process sounds very legit.

    A few more notes:

    -he references his radars as Xman and Kman, which are the same being used by our military in the recent UAP report release.

    -of course the thought of him merely getting ‘rods’ from birds/bugs in the frame and the camera creating an effect should be considered. It definitely seems like that’s all that’s going on right off the bat, but I want you to consider how rare it would be to be filming an object that only takes up the middle 5% of the screen space, like the choppers he films, and have the bug or bird maneuver directly around the object on screen. In other words, how lucky would he have to be to get no other bugs/birds in the frame other than the 1-4 that happen to zip right by his focal point. If course I understand how all of this could be fabricated, but I think the fabrication would require some suspension of disbelief in how much luck he would need to fake those shots.

    -He’s putting up new content at a fairly quick pace too. Which just adds to the difficulty of faking such content.

    -his speed calculations are very close to the speeds reported by the recent UAP report.

    I predict that in the next year when more is this guy’s videos circulate we’ll see another YouTuber start to recreate the same experiment/captures (takes investment in expensive cameras, radar systems, and time/effort to go back through combing and editing to share online). Once a few more people are out there repeating this stuff, I think it’ll catch like wild fire as a new hobby/gig of capturing and posting UAPs.

  4. Its a 50 foot in diameter ship, it can alter gravity and change it, gravity waves, it does not run with electricity or has a propulsion system UAPs are small ships not detectable with radar, the material that its made off its new in the periodic table

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