Мы не поверим правде, даже если она уже задокументирована.

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Людям нужно читать между строк единственного президента, который слил информацию. Забавно, что люди не поверили, что он говорит серьезно. https://youtu.be/EYzRY2XpLBk

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31 комментарий для “Мы не поверим правде, даже если она уже задокументирована.”
  1. This is a great time to pause and give a shout out to the doomsayers out there.

    I’m an old-timer (this isn’t a brag, have sympathy on me) and the one continual thing I’ve been trying to explain to «normals» (not you guys) is that the government saying the specific things they’re saying true brings with it a *bunch* of baggage. OP here is pointing to a pretty big one, going back and reading between the lines.

    Obama is known for being obsessed with his legacy. Imagine what OP says is true and Obama was in the moment sorting his way out from a read between the lines, I’m telling the truth as best as possible, kind of way.

    It’s difficult to convey how much «holy shit, wait, what?» comes to the surface the more and more we validate. If you wanted another example from 2017, that’s not the first mention of tic-tac, not by a long shot. If you already say had the story in your head from that (then) kid breaking into NASA, discounted it as BS but noted the tic-tac UFO he never took a pic of, it becomes *really* problematic to have the US Navy dancing with tic-tacs.

    I don’t know that I’m a doomsayer, but I give shout outs to them because we at least need to have a degree of respect and awe in what we’re looking at, which we don’t. We’re all running head first into our biases and desires, «omg my third eye» or «but science!» with very few people being objective.

    Don’t live in terror, but things like this, that OP is pointing to, is it something? Maybe, maybe not. But let it humble you on what you know and don’t know and what may eventually wind up being true. Reality is reality regardless of our desires and we may learn about it soon.

    Not being the biggest fish has implications.

  2. He definitely admitted we have aliens without ever saying it. Could have also said no but instead he said he wasn’t at liberty to say lol. And his facial expressions match that as well. At least in my opinion.

  3. one thing caught my attention & my mind won’t let it go. you said «Obama is known for being obsessed with his legacy» & I’ve never heard anything like this. I even did a couple quick searches & everything tht came was not really about or not even saying tht he was obsessed with his legacy. (edit: for comparison, I looked up exact same «obsessed with legacy» term but substituted Trump for Obama & got lots of links to articles,stories, interviews tht were about Trumps obsession wiht his legacy…but those things are not there for obama)
    since this alleged obsession with his legacy is part of your equation, I feel like you need to be a little more specific about the obsession.
    can’t go on to build the theory if one of the 1st planks seems to be non-existent without further explanation.

  4. I’m sure if Obama knew yet at the point of this interview. Ross Coulthart has implied Obama was told when Trump was told, 2019-2021, somewhere in there. Obama later went on Colbert and gave a very different kind of answer just a few years later.

  5. Can we get a megathread of these «people wouldn’t believe in aliens if they landed on the White House lawn» posts?

    Look, the rest of society isn’t wrong for not taking the same leap of faith that you’ve taken on this matter. Most people will accept things based on the weight of evidence, and the evidence we have on hand doesn’t support the alien hypothesis. It may have been enough to convince *you,* but that doesn’t make it undeniable by any stretch of the imagination.

  6. This isn’t the first time she has revealed the truth with a laughing, nervous face. And if you took this exact transcript without the accompanying video. It would equal disclosure.

  7. Oh we’ll believe the truth, it’s just that these aliens have to decide to take it to the next level globally for millions of people to witness and experience it. They know what to do. But they won’t. And should’ve. A long time ago.

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