Всем новым участникам, которые ищут «Знания об НЛО», пожалуйста, посмотрите «Феномен».

Всем новым участникам, которые ищут «Знания об НЛО», пожалуйста, посмотрите «Феномен».


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  1. Thank you for posting this. I have not seen this film before, and I have to say that watching it now gave me the exact same feeling of excitement, as when I watched X-Files for the first time back when it started airing. Not that I made the comparison to discredit this film, not at all, just to convey the feeling of wonder that watching this has brought.

  2. Submission statement: To all the new members please watch this for your UFO/UAP «lore».

    To all the old heads.. it may be time for a re-watch especially considering topics of disclosure by the US govt. (specifically) and how this relates to current events.

  3. I’m new to this whole thing and I’m often shocked at the credentials of who I see speaking. It seems there are many powerful, influential, and specialized people who are fully convinced of the phenomenon.

    The nuclear weapons interference is frightening. Having them be shut down feels a lot better than having them be activated, but still.

  4. I have said it before. If it used to be under the supervision of some government department, it hasn’t been for a long time. It was moved to the private sector a long time ago. That’s probably why nobody in all those agencies, whether it’s the DoD or whatever, knows anything.

    And it didn’t just happen, there are reasons for that.

    [Plausible Deniability](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F69dzy__Ao8&ab_channel=MisterPalmdale)

    Edit: But I don’t mean to say that the DoD and its branches haven’t been investigating the phenomenon, they doing it for years, but on their own. There is a difference. They know about the phenomenon but they don’t know what it is. But there is tons of data.

    The real answers lie in the private sector. But from there, I fear, we will never hear anything at all.

  5. This was the greatest doc I have ever seen on this subject.

    Everything I have learned over the years was spoken about in this!! I kept just going YES! YES! YES! VINDICATION!!!

    I have always thought that they have had a peaceful intention. I do not believe in any abductions, not that I have gone deep on any claims from people. I only listen to creditable military members that claim to have worked, seen (flown close too), ect.

    After the children talked…I felt chills. I was prepared to go «okay here is where this doc turns…» but, I really think those children saw something. There has been claims they communicate though telepathy to control there ships. This must be how they talk as well?

    They turn off USA nukes (or was it the UK? Both?), fly around most conflicts. Now the children say they felt them talking about the environment. I really hope, truly, they want to guide us in the right direction. They have no intention to hurt us, I truly want to think that. We have something that interests them, or perhaps they need our help with something? Or we’re a pet project, see how far along we get before we destroy ourselves, or make it to space. Could go on and on I suppose, we all think this.

    I wonder if when they first found earth they said to themselves «Holy fuck, they are killing each other left and right.» Maybe they are a fully united species with no real relatability to our culture. They maybe wonder why we kill when (Blank) is out there? I really hate the idea that military’s around the world have SHOT at these visitors. Makes me so sad…Course, in the USSR’s case. They ARMED the nukes, so… Just makes you think even more. Was it to scare them? Like the children said, they were told from the UAP visitors, technology is maybe leading to our demise? So many questions.

    Experts always say what we could do with their technology, but I really only want to know more about THEM, not what they could do for us.

  6. So around 1:10 they talk about the Nimitz incident. They describe the tictac moving about over another larger craft submerged under water. What ever happened to that craft? The keep talking about the tictac itself, but what about that under water thing?

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