Южный берег Лонг-Айленда 28.05.23

Я видел тонны спутников и самолетов всю свою жизнь, живя здесь. Я никогда не видел, чтобы кто-то двигался так быстро. Я искал космическую станцию, и в это время она находилась над Тихим океаном. Тем не менее, странно, но, вероятно, есть хорошее объяснение…

South shore Long Island 5/28/23
byu/Little-Blackberry-14 inUFOs

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  1. Agreed. Don’t think it’s a satellite, and I’m usually the «that’s a satellite» guy in these comments!

    Way too fast, and it didn’t seem to dim at all as it passed the clouds, which makes me believe it was under them.

    This looks fairly similar to the sighting I had that got me hooked. Mine had direction changes, but otherwise just about like this.

    This probably won’t get a bunch of attention but I think this is cool as fuck!

  2. My partner and I saw two of these in broad daylight last month flying in tandem, keeping exact pace with each other- one would disappear and reappear at a further distance, then the other would. They flew apart from each other, then back together, then just disappeared all in less than a minute. Half a moment later there was a red flash of light where the objects disappeared, then nothing after. It was the strangest thing I’d ever seen.

  3. Depending on the altitude this object could be moving really pretty fast. Way too fast for a drone, unless you got a drone that can fly over 100MPH. As a reference this is way faster than any prop plane I’ve ever seen but that would of course depend on the altitude.

  4. This video is a great opportunity to highlight a common trope I see in this sub:

    If it’s not performing physics-defying movements, it must have a prosaic explanation!

    I do understand that physics-defying movement *helps to disqualify prosaic explanations*; however, many people here in this sub seem to act as if UAPs would never be flying at mundane speeds or in straight lines. I’m already starting to see it in this thread.

    I find this video very interesting. Looks to be a very high-speed object. People will say drone, but I’d like to know what the operating ranges of most civilian drones are because this object looks to travel at least several miles across the sky.

    I find it hard to believe that a civilian drone would have this wide of an operating range from its controller. It also looks too high to be a civilian drone but I’d love to hear more from experienced civilian drone pilots.

  5. How is this not a helicopter? I see these all the time where I live. You can even see the blinking lights and it dems and brightens as it changes derections. The lights will even seem to disappear if they turn in the right detection away from you.

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