Джеймс Фокс, похоже, передумал и придумывает мистификацию по поводу Лас-Вегаса.

Джеймс Фокс, похоже, передумал и придумывает мистификацию по поводу Лас-Вегаса.

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  1. While it could be a hoax, the officer that reached out suddenly went from «government is wiping our video footage» to «its a hoax» within less than 4 hours.

    The kid didnt fake a light in the sky, he didnt fake the ring camera footage, he didnt fake all these people saying they saw something fall. He COULD have faked the circular mark in the ground and alien story. But I do find it strange that the police officer changed his tune so quickly.

  2. Ok. Heres what I am thinking.
    1. Immigration is most likely an issue. In the video we clearly see the dad having a good eye on whatever the hell we’re looking at but he immediately defers to his sons to deal with the police when they show up. If I was an immigrant with questionable paperwork, but I had two legal sons, you can bet your ass they would be the ones dealing with the 5-0.

    2. Everybody keeps getting up in arms over the ring in the dirt but I’m pretty sure it was that dog guy that pointed it out in the first place I’m not even sure the kid noticed it.

    3. If I was someone with questionable immigration papers, or if I was someone whose parents had questionable immigration papers, calling the police would be a very last resort. In most situations these people seemingly risk their safety in my opinion for a hoax?

    4. The cops definitely didn’t give hoax vibes in the videos at all, one dude was shook. You can hear it in his voice. He says yeah his partner side and he’s got butterflies now because people are calling in aliens. But now you’re saying couple days after it comes out to the whole public and goes viral. Now it’s a hoax, but they had over a month to say it was a hoax and cut this kid off a while ago?

    5. Finally I don’t know what the hell I’ve seen in that video I really don’t. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know if it’s my eyes playing tricks on me but I do know that from the screen captures and watching a video like 10,000 times so far I feel like there’s something there.

    6. Do you ever get a scam call? You ever try and scam them back? Have you ever noticed that it can be really hard to match the confused inflection in your voice well enough that another human doesn’t know you’re bluffing automatically? I can basically never get past the first 30 seconds before they know that I’m trying to fuck with them and hang up on me.
    If this kid’s family and friends was that good at acting that I hope that Hollywood give them a call because I think it would be really hard to genuinely fake that level of fear reaction when they’re at the fence.

    7. We should not be using this event to discredit or take away from the whistleblower in anyway at all but two things can be cool at the same time.

  3. I wanna know how long after the bodycam footage of the cop did the 911 call come in. The news report said within minutes, which to me means 3-5 minutes. If that is REALLY the case and it wasnt actually like 30 minutes later, I find it hard to believe that the entire family decided to partake in a prank/hoax within a matter of minutes after witnessing a meteor. I mean everything is possible, they might have planned it I guess, but it would be kinda odd

  4. So, James, you’re saying he got his whole family to agree to a hoax that was perfectly timed with the green asteroid in the sky? The neighbors were also interviewed and they heard the crash as well. His father was privately interviewed and corroborated the story.

    I think the kid saying what he believes to be true, alien or not.

  5. Could be a hoax, sure, could also be the FBI telling the officers to start spreading disinformation. The officers reporting that they all had to scrub their body cams and they were freaking out, now all the sudden it’s “oh this is just a hoax, dumb kid wants attention”. I’ll keep an open mind and see if the researchers can find anything…

  6. I’m not saying it’s not a hoax but it’s pretty wild to me that not only the kids, but the two parents also, would pull a stunt like this. Making a fake alien call to 911 and have all the eyes in the world on them while expecting not get their cover blown.

    It is odd that they don’t have any of the footage other than that grainy short clip that people on this sub zoomed in and enhanced with AI photoshop from star wars tech and still don’t see shit.

    They had a whole hour(?) after making the 911 call, and they didn’t bother to record anything in between? It is fishy.

  7. Okay I’ve seen color enhanced, brightened, and moving film of the being. All I can say is that something was there. And from what I saw it’s eyes were closed at first and then they opened. I can’t sit here and lie to myself and say «I don’t see that» because I saw it. If that was not edited footage some type of being was there behind that forklift. And it was *tall*.

  8. Fox had a good take from the start. He was willing to look into it, but also acknowledged it could be a hoax. He didn’t “change” his mind. He did the research and came to his current conclusion, which is more any of us can say.

  9. Video evidence is so critical. I want to believe this story. I do. Looking at all the pictures and stuff. I just don’t see it. I’m not discounting his experience, who am I to say he didn’t but from my point of view, I look forward to having a similar experience. Sure, it would be terrifying and I can 100% guarantee that I won’t get any footage, but just knowing would be enough.

    This is just more inconclusive evidence for the observers(us).

  10. The story seems fake to me based on one thing. In the recent video the kid says his dad saw the same stuff as them. But in the actual videos from that night when the police show up the dad says that his two sons saw it but not him.

    Also we very clearly heard a loud explosion in the video when the object fell but it only left a little ring in the dirt? Sounds more like your classic small space body exploding in mid air as the force of entry rips it apart.

  11. What is such a shame is that they managed to do everything, including calling the cops, but not get a CLEAR photo or CLEAR video of the UFO or the 8-10 foot tall ETs. And conveniently when the cops get there, ETs and their craft are gone.

    Also, his voice on the police call was too calm for someone that just saw a couple of 8-10 foot tall ETs in their backyard.

    Also the grown man, in the police video, points at the 2 teenage boys, saying they are the ones that saw the thing. So where was the grown man while a UFO crashed in their backyard and ETs were walking around and paralysing the teenage boy in the video?

    The ground where a UFO has crashed into, that would leave a crater, not a dark circle without any indentation. The angle/trajectory at which the meteor/green light was travelling at, would mean the object would probably bounce off the ground first before settling. I expect to see destroyed fences or destroyed homes. Unless the UFO is the size of a tennis ball.

    The pixelated video from the alleged neighbour’s ring camera is not clear enough to tell us what happened. We don’t see much on it, and we don’t know who owns that video or where it came from.

    On that night there are 21 reports of meteors seen in that part of the country — https://fireball.amsmeteors.org/members/imo_view/event/2023/2408#video_box

    IMO, it could be a bolide (bright meteor) — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bolide

    It’s VERY likely that this is a hoax, to start a YouTube channel career or for «clout» as the kid puts it. The only thing that could be real is the green meteor seen in the sky and that is what triggered the whole thing on the kids minds in the first place.

  12. If we truly want to consider it a hoax, we need all pieces of evidence, including the BLACKED OUT BIT OF THE BODYCAM. I guarantee you there was some aliens, they didn’t want us to see. The partial head of the forklift got past their censors.

  13. First James was gonna fly out there himself then because one officer who even said the government was wiping their footage now is opposing the rest and thinks the kid is lying now James is throwing it all away as a hoax? Lol he’s so extreme both ways

  14. The guy has an alien tik tok channel.

    He’s got means, motive and opportunity to commit this hoax.

    Edit: this may not be correct, I can’t find where I read it.

  15. What i find suspicious is that Knapp tried for days to get an Interview with this kid. Yet apparently he’s taking messages on Twitter or Instagram live or something.

    So i’m leaning toward a clout chaser. And yes the «crash site» looks like something you would draw with your shoe on loose gravel.

  16. Kids record every aspect of their lives for TikTok but can’t grab their phone when there are freaking aliens in their backyard, but DO have the time to call 9-1-1 and actually get through to talk to someone?


    OK then.

  17. When I saw his YouTube video and noticed he was reading from something my bs meter went off. If you saw something like he’s describing you shouldn’t have to read a script to tell people about it.

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