Информатор сообщает Конгрессу и AARO о «программе» в Зоне 51 и «мы не одиноки»

Информатор сообщает Конгрессу и AARO о «программе» в Зоне 51 и «мы не одиноки»

Whistleblower Tells Congress and AARO of a ‘Program’ at Area 51, and ‘We Are Not Alone»
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  1. So how is this going to play out with whistleblowers directly contradicting the government and Pentagon etc about extraterrestrial contact ? I doubt that suddenly there will be an admission of lying to the public.

  2. Wake me up when anything whatsoever is substantiated. I’m new here and I’m already tired of the constant “my sources say info will be forthcoming”. I am excited for the prospect and appreciate James Fox’s work, but this statement means nothing to me.

  3. So there is now an act specifically to protect whistleblowers when it comes to the UAP phenomenon and James Fox has miraculously been contacted by the one “whistleblower” who as proof and been interviewed by the government, but won’t actually come forward. I think I’ve heard this story before from James Fox.

  4. Submission statement:

    From [UAP James on Twitter](https://twitter.com/UAPJames/status/1655636097391525888?s=20): «James Fox reads a letter from a former U.S. Air Force UFO whistleblower with a NDA who testified to Congress and AARO about “a program” at Area 51. “I believe it’s time for us all to know we’re not alone.”»

    We would love to hear more from these whistleblowers as much as we can without a compromise to their NDA/security clearances, I am hopeful that we will in the near future.

    Edit: sorry about the video crop

    Edit 2: [full interview here](https://www.youtube.com/live/6lxuSIHwBLQ?feature=share)

  5. It sounds interesting and juicy. But again, as always, he can’t reveal the name of the person or give us any credentials as to where he is working. Again because it’s «classified». And again we have to trust James Fox.

  6. «too much for folks to take in right now» so the small, actually interesting details are too much but outright saying «we’re not alone, I totally know that for a fact» isn’t too much? Dude got played by a liar.

  7. In this thread people will say:
    — James Fox is grifter
    — his anonymous source doesn’t exist
    — even if this source exists it’s just hearsay
    — no evidence
    — just talking, show me proof

    What people should say:
    — interesting to hear another source claim about this technology
    — that’s second source after infamous Bob Lazar (who probably didn’t say truth) telling about this technology near Area 51
    — this source claim was similar to sources confirmed also by lawyer Daniel Sheehan and Ross Coulthart

    Many people on this sub hate any discussion leading this subject forward. Especially vicious are attacks at James Fox, guy who works 25 years on moving conversation forward, gives own money to make research and willing to pay for the video, but apparently he is grifter.

  8. There’s always a promise of a video that proves everything, a reassurance that the source they’re quoting is real, or a dot in the sky that could be anything. Can one of these cowards who apparently knows the truth just fucking dump it already? Logan Paul apparently has a video he can’t show, Bob Lazar apparently has an element he can’t show, and the list goes on.

    #No more heresay!

  9. Admitting I don’t know who tf to believe (by design?) but in many ways he says exactly the same things Stephen Greer does. Same faceless sources, same incredibly important evidence that continues to not be submitted. Could they both have the same sources? Could one be real and the other fake that is trying to steal the narrative and timeline by which this story is told? I’m fucking tired of this cloak and dagger bullshit. Sure there might be good reasons for it, and I’m not a vapid culture junkie who wants the party of the disclosure, like a big burning man. Fuck it, let’s finally evolve ffs.

  10. One thing that raises alarm bells for me is that he chooses to be anonymous, but has revealed an immense amount of detail about themselves:
    -testified in Congress to AARO
    -is a male worker
    -is in the know-how of extra terrestrial technology (limited people may have that clearance so it narrows it down to a very very small number).
    The guy can be identified easily by a simple game of «guess-who». So I’m not sure I can believe it completely. A true whistleblower either reveals everything, ensuring their safety, or reveals very very little about themselves while making the big reveal

  11. I’m sure AARO has been given strict guidelines on what is and what isn’t proof. Also anything technologically advanced will certainly be highly classified. That’s why ARRO gave two briefings. For the public consumption nothing classified will be mentioned. As a retired member of the military I accept that these guys are just doing their jobs. If the government really wanted the people to know they would’ve put AARO under the purview of civilian oversight. Also with a scientist in charge, which is as it should be, the claims of evidence are going to be more rigorously challenged.

  12. Guy reads a letter litterally anyone could have written (including himself) about whatever is easy to market (the following words are mandatory: uap, far advanced technology, area 51, and congress)..release a video on it..and the ufo community goes wild. as always.no evidence. no testable, verifiable material other than «James knows a guy and has seen it…smh…

  13. If I had a dollar for every anonymous whistleblower pedaling the exact same story, replete with no evidence or new information, I would be a gazillionaire and could build a ship to go find aliens. I’ve literally been hearing this exact same story for almost 40 years.

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