Есть ли у пришельцев чувство юмора?

Есть ли у пришельцев чувство юмора?

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  1. Absolutely, Greys may be stoic, but they still perceive and take part in sarcasm and humorous observations.

    For instance;

    Me, as a child during a Grey visit:
    «Why are you so tall?»

    «Because I kept growing in the stage where growth has stagnated for you.»

    It might not read humorous but there was a thick psychic implication of sarcasm from the Grey. Looking back on it, I get a laugh out of it.

  2. They do. Or some do. In my experiences with my entity, I’ve heard him using sarcasm and dry wit many a time.

    E.g. “What, you mean you can’t just get your insurance to pay for it? Wait — no. You live in America, don’t you?”

  3. They do. Humans tend to take what aliens do way too seriously. And even when they do consider something silly, they’re still like ‘Oh, this is part of the trickster phenomenon». Imagine being a scientist and saying that after pulling an alien’s finger and hearing them fart.

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