Является ли это лучшим кадром с НЛО, который у нас есть, учитывая дату выпуска/качество/и других известных людей, ссылающихся на это видео?

Это единственное видео, которое я когда-либо видел, которое действительно заставило меня чувствовать себя неловко, когда я его смотрел. И, учитывая качество того, когда это было загружено, я думаю, что это было реально вместе с (я забыл его имя) чуваком, который рассказал историю о пилоте, кричащем, снимая видео одного из них. Плюс это соответствует описанию НЛО, которые якобы нейтрализуют ядерное оружие… мысли?

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  1. This is one of those posts where after endless people begging for clear footage, finally get it. But it’s almost too good to be true, so half will say it looks CGI while others will claim to be an expert or know am expert who claims it is fake or something mundane. Neither of which are verifiable. But it wont stop armchair analysts from making vids like, «you can tell its just a balloon». Only to have others poiint out how incredibly not possible that is with counter-points. Which will be ignored, forgotten and eventually lead to people saying, «where is the evidence?» Or «why are all videos blurry?»

    Then it will be followed with those who claim that they are future humans living in the oceans who are «drawn» to nukes like moths and hopefully will help us escape climate change. Then some others will say, «This makes sense. This is what I always thought. It’s the only explanation.»

    Not saying this is real or not. Just pointing out how this subreddit repeats patterns. Because even if it was real, there’s no way to verify or gain clarity. Thus, no way to convince anyone.

  2. For fuxs sake stop saying and believing that everything is a fake or a hoax. If you don’t believe that UFOs are real go play golf or something! There are professional debunkers that are paid to be on here 24/7 and be the first to comment. Can we please start banning these ( I hate to say it) people!

  3. i think so, also it looks quite a bit like the «mexican hat» types being reported, which if true would be one of the easiest ways for the gubmint to «disclose» because they could spin it as another country or whatever.

    edit: id like to add there is a gif of a movie of this shot, i have it saved on my pc

  4. It looks like the Jupiter 2. Maybe Dr Smith is behind it all? Anyhoo, yeah, this is about the quality we’ve come to expect from a belief system more akin to a cult than anything resembling science, I’m afraid. But, the grift never sleeps, I guess. 😃

  5. I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure if it’s real or not. But I have to question why it looks almost intentionally blurry. A video shoot out the window of a plane should look better than that.

  6. If that’s the best sign yourself up to straight jacket ville cloud koo koo land because you’ve been duped, that looks blurrier than Bigfoot’s behind, looks like a photo of a screen with a sci-fi movie on

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