Увеличение числа НЛО, проверяющих нас, связано с глобальным потеплением?

Как заметили другие, заметно увеличилось количество наблюдений НЛО. Мы замечаем много «беспилотных летательных аппаратов», предположительно занимающихся анализом нашей планеты в режиме реального времени. У нас есть истории о встречах с инопланетянами, когда они телепатически сообщали нам, что наша промышленность/технологии разрушают планету. Является ли совпадением то, что мы только что объявили, что глобальное потепление вот-вот достигнет новой пугающей вехи в то же самое время, когда это происходит?

новости BBC — глобальное потепление впервые превысит ключевой предел в 1,5 градуса по Цельсию https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-65602293

Если они увидят нашу планету как планету с золотым билетом в Вселенная, и мы разрушаем ее медленно, будет видно увеличение активности. Они хотели бы сохранить его (для себя, когда они приедут, или чтобы защитить нас от самих себя). Почему еще они могут быть заинтересованы в нашем ядерном оружии, разрушающем землю? Пища для размышлений.

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  1. It’s romantic to think that some galactic species will come and save us. I don’t think earth is unique. My best bet is that they are here to observe and collect data… And watch a doomed spicies..

  2. Maybe they actually come from the oceans and our global warming is simply fucking up their environment more and more so they’re poking their heads out more and more to see what the fuck is up.

  3. I was actually talking to chat GPT about this yesterday,. In that anything we do to the planet will just be reversed given enough time? Like the planet will always revert to taking care of itself really no matter what we do and sure we can influence it for a short-term, really most of what we do affects us and the other animals though which is really unfortunate so would seem that if this is the case to me the UFOs care more about us and the animals and the life itself rather than the overall Planet’s future, at least in the grand scheme of things. In a way it is refreshing that it seems they care about the now and the present.

  4. What if the ufo increase activity is because of the warming , if science is to be followed then the earth was hot before the ice age and let’s say that was prime alien life temp, Ice age happens, these guys are like F this we are going somewhere else until earth thaws out.. now that the earth is warming up the vacation spot is looking good and they are coming back.. link to article provided discussing warm periods on earth. http://www.climate.gov/news-features/climate-qa/whats-hottest-earths-ever-been

  5. I think it’s more our footprint on our planet is becoming more noticeable/obvious to other civs out there so they’ve come to check us out. Our planet may not have checked enough boxes for them previously but now we’re showing the signs of an industrial civilization so they’re coming.

  6. This is the idea I put the most stock into aside from better detection tools and greater presence in air and space to actually see these things. A changing climate is a fundamental threat to almost all life on Earth and the geological record has shown this, we are simply doing it at an incredibly fast rate through emissions that have a warming effect.

    I think if there is a true increase in encounters and it isn’t simply because we are in the skies more, have better imaging and radar tools, and are simply looking for them, it would be technological related. If chimps all of a sudden started sharpening stones to use to cut things we’d study them pretty close. Now we have quantum computing, are planning missions to Mars, are sending objects into space with frequency, and are developing software capable of some semblance of intelligence. For a curious species, any of these alone would be worth studying.

    If we look at the ideas of thinkers on ET civilizations, or even future human civilizations, their numbers would be enormous because the vast resource pool and technology allows for massive expansion and huge population numbers. We could assume such a society is advanced socially since they would have to stay around for quite some time to reach that level. It is not unreasonable in anyway to assume there would be large numbers of researchers, studying an monitoring things we may consider to be mundane on a cosmic scale, simply because they can afford to. Maybe they take it upon themselves to help sustain a galactic ecology and preserve what life they can.

    There have been encounter stories of warnings about planetary destruction from our own actions. Global warming has been compounding and becoming exponential, it is certainly something of concern for our own scientists and culture and governments, let alone a group tasked with monitoring our own.

    The interest in nukes solidifies this idea to me, they know what these weapons can do and want to ensure we are not blowing ourselves up. A civilization with their technology does not need Earth to be preserved from nuclear war if they want the planet for their own in the future. If you can travel space with ease like it seems and have craft of their nature, terraforming and introducing ecology seems trivial. All signs point to preservation of *current* life, which shows some level of altruism or concern. Now how their society projects that is up to interpretation. A good bad guy in a story always believes they are doing the right thing.

  7. That or watching the start of our damnation as a species. We’re currently in a mass extinction, temperature is rising rapidly, Covid happened, and no one seems to care.

    I don’t think “they/them” give a damn either. If they wanted to help, they would.

  8. I think the planet will be just fine, it’s only us that we’re killing…the earth has recovered from floods, quakes, pole shifts, ice ages, who knows how many times and will continue to do so with it without us. I don’t think we’re damaging the planet as much as killing ourselves.

  9. Ufos are just us in the future. I’ll prove it soon. When you die, you become god and can choose to go back or forward to any point in space and time. I know this because I died 2 weeks ago. Fear is now gone. I’m gonna get you all here in heaven with me. Because I am god, and I’m gonna convince you that you are too, and together we’re gonna fuckin level up yallll

  10. They’re probably scoping out beachfront property and islands near the equatorial zone. They obviously can control our nuclear weapons as well as our weather if need be. We’re just «meat sacks» to them to be consumed at will.

  11. I’ve believed this for a while now. Every time human bad behavior hits an extremely high scale, they seem to show themselves more, possible as a simple «flex» for the humans in charge to take notice.

    After humans started blowing up nukes in the 40s and 50s, UFO and alien stories/sightings were high. Now again in the 2010s and 2020s, UFO stories and sighting are up again, and I do believe it’s probably because our careless never ending use of burning fossile fuels was starting to really mess up our atmosphere.

  12. The answer is who knows… I could make up sensationalized reasons too:

    more cellphones with cameras, better surveillance, too much marine life in the oceans, too little marine life, too many fishing boats, too many shipping lanes, their base got flooded, their crafts can’t handle salt water.

  13. If you think Earth is the unique and rare, you are wrong.

    Mathematically, given the size of this universe alone, there would be literally billions of billions of stars out there and mathematically, finding one similar to Earth would be easy given the size of the universe. And we know for a fact that the aliens can bend space (tic tacs) and can travel any distance because of their antigravity crafts.

    To say Earth is somehow unique or rare given this mathematical fact is simply wrong.

    They probably do not want humans catching up with them or are observing us due to the nuclear weapons we have or are just curious. Or maybe they have a stake in our timeline and wanted to ensure nothing goes wrong in our timeline — they could be time travelers somehow linked to us in time.

    If Earth is so precious to them, they would have wiped us out already.

    Don’t think too highly of yourself or humans generally — we are scums.

    If I were an alien desperate for Earth and possess vastly superior tech, I would hunt down every human and annihilate them from the face of this planet immediately, without awaiting for the Earth to cook itself to a boil.

  14. I think the ufo’s bear a substantial responsibility for a considerable portion of the Earth’s global warming.Just envision the magnitude of energy consumption in their undersea factories or to cool/power their ships. (might pollute like our machines)

    I think they don’t expose themself to us because then we can fine them for their impact on our planet.

    When they activate their warp engines and effortlessly soar through the atmosphere, leaving behind gaping holes in the clouds and space,reminiscent of the reported UFO sighting at the Chicago airport.

  15. Global warming is a none issue, I hardly think UAP would care. The planet can not be killed because of it, some poor countries will struggle slightly more than now but in reality they dont seem to care about human suffering.

    Ultimately AI will either kill us all or solve climate change in the next couple of decades. Either outcomes “saves” the planet from warming.

    Also, the article states it is likely temporary and only a 2/3rds chance, when you take out the alarm added to secure science funding you will probably find it is less likely to happen.

  16. Sounds like a bunch of nonsense to me. We have no reason to think these beings care whatsoever about our welfare except for the wild claims of some abductees. The same sort of abductees who claim to have been flown to Venus and Mars and the like. This is wishful thinking at best. They might be interested in our world destroying Nukes for the same reason I am. I don’t want to be blown up by a bunch of barbarians. We presently have two nuclear powers playing chicken withy each other and it’s not even a concern for 99% of the population. In fact, everybody seem to want to escalate the conflict. Why would outsiders care more than us?

  17. Bill Gates funds the BBC, therefor i dont trust anything they put out. Its all fearmongering and straight up lies. I would say the correlating factor is not the enviorment but our abillity to destroy our civilization with nukes or that down the nuclear path is another invention which will make traversing space and visiting them an option, and they are worried about angry monkeys with nukes visiting their part of the neighborhood.

  18. Climate change always was and always will be going on on this planet. Whether we speed it up or not is irrelevant for the big picture. What’s the difference between climate changing right now, or climate changing in 500 years? NOTHING!

    Only massive narcissists believe they can stop climate from changing. Typical human delusions of grandeur.

  19. Global warming is the biggest myth it’s unreal to think we could have the slightest effect on the earths temperature. It’s been going up and down for almost 5 billion years and most of the biggest temperature swings were when humans we not even around…

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