Форма жизни

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Я в спешке уехал после того, как сфотографировал эту штуку на юге Нового Южного Уэльса. Я не уверен, собираюсь ли я снова разбить здесь лагерь, ведь я даже не знаю, на что смотрел, она исчезла вскоре после того, как я сделал фотографию. .

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  1. Would it be possible to get the coordinates for the location picture was taken and match it up with a LIGO event? I mean it really wouldn’t correlate as far as being conclusive but what if an anomaly was picked up also in that same spot on LIGO?

  2. Fucking this. I had this exact-looking «light» appear in Louisiana, USA. Whatever it is behaves intelligently.
    this was last year before any grusch stuff, so it never clicked until the morning after that hearing what i saw was anomalous.

    Story: me and a friend are outside smoking cigarettes, I notice in the treeline, not even 10 ft away, a green dot I can tell is ‘looking’ out toward the East. It is hard to explain the way I know it wasn’t looking at me, and the best way I can explain it is that the light was occluded on the right, and brighter on the left, so it seemed to be ‘looking’ that way. After a moment, I realized it was looking at me! The soft green light, which I am assuming to be an IR painter, had become more intense and centered, the brightness was now dead center with no occlusions, just a «glowing» green, soft, light. At this point, I am amused, thinking it to be a neighbor’s drone, and said to my friend, «what the fuck is that? is that a drone?» he aligned and looked precisely where i was pointing, said, «that?» pointed awkwardly off to the side, i said «no, THAT», and then he, realizing and seeing what I meant, said, «Oh, that thing?… I have no idea what that is.» All the while this light is moving almost imperceptibly slow to my right. After a moment, it disappears! I think «huh thats weird», take a step forward and realize it had only placed a thin tree between me and it, breaking line of sight. So I took a step forward and could see it again. And again it broke line of sight by placing another tree between us. At this point, I am laughing, not thinking of anything but that it is a neighbor’s drone, literally laughing out loud and saying, «It is hiding from me!» with a smile on my face. Continuously, slowly, it keeps moving to the right until it has an enormous tree to hide behind, and at that moment, I realized a second light had appeared, directly to my left 5 feet, and maybe 10 ft in the air, looking DEADASS at me. As soon as the second light appeared, fear kicked in, because I inherently knew, «That isn’t a drone…», and so I snuffed my cigarette and promptly ran inside, friend in tow.

    Completely gone from my mind that it happend, fast forward a year and it is the morning after the july 27 th grusch hearing, im talking aloud about it, and it suddenly «clicks» in my head about this experience, and I knew then what I know now. Those lights were anomalous, and not man made. If it were man made, or a government device, it would have never allowed its presence to be seen by a person. The way it was ‘looking’ east when I noticed it, it was like it hadn’t a single care in the world for people, almost as if it completely didnt register that humans present a danger to operation, and was so close.

    This is the only picture I’ve seen that is highly similar in nature to what I experienced. The light was in the woods, it was solid green and never flickered, it behaved intelligently and flew.

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