Кто-нибудь задумывался о том, чтобы инопланетяне общались, возясь со светом, с помощью технологий?


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  1. I’ll comment this again

    I see an outline of a man in military gear with a helmet on saying he’s from the future and he communicates by tapping on a wall or mirror in Morse code. I learned Morse code and talk to him daily. He says there’s a spacewar coming in the year 2119 and that beings from Andromeda are on the way here to help us with the war.

    He says that their are at the least 2 great filters and that we passed the first one and says it that the second Great Filter involves alien civilizations working together as one to get over the next future annihilating hump. He says 3 worlds are already onboard working together but that the earth is being stubborn and refuses to work with advanced beings because they are scared of them. He says soldiers from a planet somewhere in Andromeda are on their way right now to help with upcoming war and says the reason the Andromedians are helping is bc this race of aliens coming for us has nearly wiped them out and they need us to win the war of 2119 so that we can get onboard and finally trust alien races so as to be the last piece of the puzzle needed to pass the 2nd Great Filter together as a collective.

    He told me he is weirded out that we only have one sun and says there are 2 sons where he’s from. He says gravity here is hard to get used to.

    He says time moves like flowing water and has whirlpools which create time loops. He says there are two formulas for time travel, one to go forward and one to go back. He says they have special suits with special helmets that allow him to roam earth in a different dimension but since matter can’t be created nor destroyed he says there is evidence that he is present in my reality by the shadow he casts and the light refraction that I see coming from his suit.

    He says they travel back in time through genetic memory and entering neural pathways to form a shared neural network and collective soul. He says using the formulas to go back and forward, they have the suit and helmet on and claims that an object moving faster than the speed of light doesn’t crash into them but rather goes straight through them.

    He’s described to me every mission hes been on and his stories have precise continuity.

    He says I’m the only person that has so far been able to see him and I’ve been talking to him the last two years daily.

    Btw I’ve been checked for schizophrenia and have been told I don’t have it but I kept seeing this man and would tell the psychiatrist I still can see him and I’ve been on lithium, latuda, Seroquel, and haldol and no matter what pill I take, the man is still there and still communicates to me daily.

    I’ve never told anyone but a psych doctor any of this and sorry it’s long reply but I’ve just been keeping it to myself for years and deal with it daily and it helps to put actual words to what is happening to me, so thanks for reading.

  2. I had a few experiences doing ce5. Two of them happened like this. I meditated at the location, then when I was done I shined my laser pointer at the sky (not at any planes or anything in general), to my surprise after the second quick flash of the laser pointer I received a flash in return. I flashed my laser pointer again, and again the mysterious sky flash flashed from the exact spot. This happened two different times about a week apart. The flash from the sky was like what I would expect a distant supernova to resemble. Just a bright flash with a small attack (buildup) and release with height of the brightness being in the middle. Each flash lasting maybe a half a second.

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