Что ученик мог бы сказать о внеземной жизни.

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Если мы когда-нибудь соприкоснемся с живыми инопланетянами, особенно с разумными живыми инопланетянами, тогда важно посмотреть на их зрачков, многие сообщения об инопланетянах показывают, что у них черные глаза, это могут быть какие-то очки для защиты их глаз.

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  1. Every animal that has evolved on this planet has evolved to kill or avoid being killed. It is possible that alien life could ha e developed without scarcity of resources and without natural predators. It is also possible that they have been advanced for so long that they no longer resemble what they originally evolved from.

  2. The evolution of eyes is fascinating. Every niche, sometimes separated by millions of years, developed a skin cell that sensed light.

    This eventually mutated into a lens, cornea, etc…

    Multiple times on Earth, eyes developed in different environments, with different conditions, independent of each other.

  3. «The human eye has to be one of the cruelest tricks nature ever pulled. We can see a tiny, cone-shaped area of light right in front of our faces, restricted to a very narrow band of the electromagnetic spectrum. We can’t see around walls, we can’t see heat or cold, we can’t see electricity or radio signals, we can’t see at a distance. It is a sense so limited that we might as well not have it, yet we have evolved to depend so heavily on it as a species that all other perception has atrophied. We have wound up with the utterly mad and often fatal delusion that if we can’t see something, it doesn’t exist. Virtually all of civilization’s failures can be traced back to that one ominous sentence: ‘I’ll believe it when I see it.’

    -Albert Marconi, This Book Is Full of Spiders: Seriously, Dude, Don’t Touch It

  4. I’ve been looking everywhere since I saw this post for something that can replicate images of these different eyes’ perspectives. Whether that be different colors, FOV, etc. I cannot find a picture chart anywhere, does anyone else have a source for that by any chance? I’m so curious to SEE what they see!

  5. Fascinating. Breaking down and reverse engineer evolution of spieces like that basically can give us a whole set of imprints how et life can evolve on other planets, just need to set different variables to the equation cause earth is great example that this equation is more or less the same — survival under given circumstances. Still, this gray alien thing, I cannot believe these are the actual aliens, that they come up with this technology, being on that level you use drones and ai to do all the work, actual aliens are sipping drinks on hawai like scenery without worrying about 9to5 routines, money, gas prices and shit like that which is all fake but it is also a point in evolution to that point.

  6. Anything that’s closest related to Octopi is the closest we can get to alien life on this planet. It’s all because Earth was comprised of a cephalopod bacterial world and a mammal bacterial world which clashed together to make Earth way back before life started growing legs on what we call Earth now.

  7. The ones with the big black or red eyes evolved in a place with little light, presumably underground, and are sensitive to light.

    There’s a reason they seem to prefer the night.

  8. Saw the video on cats being Arcturian entities that bond and protect you from things. Just havin a nice micro dose staring at the cat. Eyes are wild. Eye contact now tells me too much, I gotta be like hello floor I’m tism.

  9. It’s important to look at their eyes? What if their eyes are vestigial wads of flesh that don’t even work? It’s a little *specist* to assume they’ll even have eyes.

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