Что вы думаете об этом?

Что вы думаете об этом?

What’s y’all’s take on this?
byu/Otherwise-Dot3650 inaliens

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  1. look at the way they open the box. they don’t want you to see the shine of the hinges.


    its just propaganda. someone messing with people because they can. 10 second video?

    why not more? if its «proof» you would be unboxing every detail of that shit.

  2. Bullshit anime wanna be scroll
    Looks fake AF. Especially the female figure w wings is a modern interpretation that is a common tattoo in every tattoo parlor everywhere. So you seriously think this is legit? Or is this your fake AF video and you’re trying to pass it off ?
    If it was so ancient why is it being manhandled like that? Why isn’t it falling apart as most accident payout paper does when it hits the fresh air?

    The vamprilla with her wings out. That’s the female drawing on that so called » ancient» scroll. So pathic …

    [add her wings. ](https://www.previewsworld.com/SiteImage/MainImage/STL151534.jpg)

  3. If the guys’ hand was darker then I might’ve been fooled.. but you have a pastey white guy with an «ancient» scroll and not wearing gloves… yeah, nice try dude. 😄

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